A Few Drops of Christmas Cheer…

Weekend after Thanksgiving = Christmas Decor! Am I right? By that time I am done or mostly done with my Christmas shopping and ready to jump into making the house festive. This year I was feeling pregnant, overwhelmed with work, and more eager to get to baby prep mode (which I told myself was fine to wait until after the holiday season and heavy workload ended). So I looked at this Christmas decor with a simple eye. I wanted to pull out favorite things but not to get too crazy. So here are a few drops of Christmas Cheer!

Remember those gold floral things from last year’s Christmas mantle? I just dropped them in these three ceramic jars for an easy dining room centerpiece.

cmas dec 6

On the dining room room shelves a few of the breakable items found their home higher than toddler fingers can reach. Down lower, Isaac’s Little People Nativity Set that he got for Christmas last year. At one point we had lost Baby Jesus and his mom and dad. Mom and baby have made it back the manger, but Joseph is still MIA. cmas dec 7In the kitchen is a spattering of some more favorites…
cmas collage 1And the memo board turned into the perfect display for all our picture holiday cards. Isaac loved receiving each one as much as I. He will point to his friends and say their names and even says to himself in our picture “I like your bow tie!” We also hung up his crafts from school and home. Look at those big boy mistletoes!  cmas dec 2

cmas collage 2In the Living Room, I set up my Nativity set. I was surprised Isaac was not interested in it all. He liked his much better and that was fine by me. 
cmas dec 9Stockings from the mantel, some Christmas stories at his reading spot, and a Santa hat. cmas dec 18

On the mantle this year, my nutcrackers, lights, and sleigh. cmas collage 3

I love the ambiance of the lights. Yes, fire nights are simply glorious!
cmas decor 17Last but not least is our tree! Isaac got to help decorate it this year. It actually ended up being a great way to do it. I could hang 4 ornaments to his 1. He would reach as high as he could, meaning I knew where the “line” was. All the sentimental ones went higher than his line. The first few days he was interested in taking the ones he could reach on and off until he found his favorite – the plastic magenta ball. Then he just went for that one each time – on and off, and on and off. He assured me it was purple and his “fay-ber-it” and who am I to argue?! I think we only had one minor casualty when a trolley who lost it’s ladder.

cmas dec 10

There is just something about a Christmas tree at night… am I right? You don’t have to answer. I am right. (Well worth the two trips to Target to get replacement lights).

cmas dec 12

New Year’s day all the decor but the tree came down. The tree got to hang out a few more days. Isaac adored the lights as much as I and we had a sick house. The poor kid is still asking for “more presents” days after the parties ended. I couldn’t take his “Kiss-mas” tree away too soon.


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