Accidental Hoarder

I love to watch the hoarding shows. A team comes in and clears a house and organizes it back to life. It is probably my dream job. Most of us are not hoarders to that extreme, but we all have tendencies. Anybody else have an “I’m going to make something out of that” pile? Intentions are good, the items may even be valuable, but too much of a good thing still has the potential to get out of hand.

I noticed I was hoarding an unlikely little collection. Gift cards. As much as I love them, I had accumulated so many that they were getting lost in my wallet. In fact, between loyalty cards and gift cards, my wallet was starting to look like the back pocket of a working man’s jeans. Can you see the rectangle in the leather? Poor, sweet, red Hobo… you do not deserve that.
wallet 1The cards inside were actually doubling the size and of my wallet. They were taking over. Too much plastic and I don’t even have credit cards.
wallet collage 1Ultimately, I just need to spend these gift cards! Problem was I didn’t even know what I had to spend. So, I sorted the cards (gift and loyalty) and bound them with rubber bands. That would keep them separated, and my wallet thin. I purged some of the loyalty cards and kept the ones I use. Sidenote….I am thinking of trying this  Key Ring App where you scan all your loyalty cards to the app on your phone so you don’t have to carry the actual cards! Sounds fabulous, right? That would get rid of a whole stack!
wallet collage 2Time to make a list! You saw that coming right? I used one of my oversized, lined notecards and cut it to size. I laid out all the gift cards and simply made a list of what I had, and the amount of money on each of them. There were a few I had forgotten about and others that I can’t remember the amount left. The amount totaled over $500. Wow. Hoarders cannot even use quality stuff they have because they don’t remember what they have it! Lesson learned.
wallet collage 3My little mess is now tidied up and gift cards are ready to be spent. And, look how much better my wallet is looking! “Ahhh, organization.”
wallet collage 4So, maybe I am not really a hoarder. Maybe my wallet is no where near the disasters airing on TV. Still, a little bit of life change happened here, people. Sometimes a simple solution can save a lot of frustration. Why didn’t do this months ago? Now it’s time to spend those cards!

One thought on “Accidental Hoarder

  1. Megan

    I use the Card Star app for my loyalty cards and it was so freeing to leave those cards at home! Many stores can scan the barcode and others just manually type the number. A bonus is that the data is stored on the web, so the app on Scott’s phone accesses our info, too.


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