Adventure, Affection, and Ascension – Isaac at 18 months

18 months Likes:
Trains or things that resemble trains. He says “choo choo” and motions pulling the train whistle.
Chocolate pudding. Sharing with mom at the museum.
Showing his tummy and being naked.
Finding your belly button and tickling (scratching) it.
His knees and our knees. He holds up his pants and laughs about it.
Singing “head, shoulders, knees & toes” with Dad.
Curious George on netflix. Says “Ooh ooh ooh” as his monkey sound.
Books: Easter flap book, Go Dog Go (we found it finally), Curious George, Tub People.
Going to the parks! Loved Lunken, squealing and running down the sidewalk.
Big slides! Loves the adventure. No fear at all.
Brushing his teeth on the changing table.
Saying “um, um, ummm” when something tastes good.
Putting on his shoes and jacket, because he knows that means leaving we’re leaving.
Kissing Judah, Liv and all his friends.
Singing wheels on the bus, saying “round and round” sound to start it.
Singing Happy Birthday.
Dancing to his tape at Grandma’s.
Pointing to things on out car: “wheel”, “door”, “door”.
Pointing to “car”, “car”, “car”… in parking lots.
Giving real hugs and saying “awww”.
Food: blueberries, pretzels, hershey kisses, homemade carrot-apple juice, pepperoni.
Baths! Kicking, splashing, letting the water run, blowing bubbles. 

18 mo. collage 3Dislikes:
Being told “no”.
The sound of the garbage disposal or vacuum.
Being woken up from nap.
When his toys dont cooperate with him.
When he’s not allowed to climb on side tables in living room.
Cold chicken nuggets, banana, food from Mom’s fork.

18 mo collage 2Memories:
Saying “no” but not always meaning it
Haircut at Cookie Cutters, watching Superwhy while in the car
Hitting Great Grandma in the face then hugging her and saying “awww”.
Falling asleep at co-op the day after Easter while being read to.
Drinking a milkshake and saying “brrr”.
Taking a head-dive from truck. Mom is officially done with it in the house.
Saying “two” for two cookies or two crackers instead of one.
Dipping ketchup! (usually refuses to dip.)
Saying “Hi” to people and waving.
Climbing out of pack n’ play at nap at Grandma’s. Saying “Hi” and waving when she came in
Climbing/falling from his crib because he wanted his golf clubs.
Going and getting his towel for bath.
Finding a single M&M hiding in each Easter eggs around the house.
Taking a liking to a bear names Benny at Pottery Barn Outlet. Grandma bought it.

18 mo Collage 1Accomplishments:
All the shapes into his shape sorter
Completing his 2 year old puzzles – vehicles and animals.
Going down the steps to the garage.
Using spoon alone for oatmeal and yogurt. (Still messy)
Poking some with fork.
Coloring and stickering well. Sits at the table for long periods of time with his “table time” boxes.
Reaching the lights to turn them on and off. Saying “on” and “off” both sound like “aw”.

Tooth #10 (his right lower middle) is in.
Tooth #11 (left upper middle) has broken the skin.
Tooth #12 (left front) not far behind.
Taking good solid naps, 2-3 hours
Day light savings time making bedtime about 7:30 now. Up between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m.
Takes longer to go to sleep at night, we think because it’s still light out.
18 mos. shirts sleeves getting short. 24 mos. clothes some fit, some still big.

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