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DIY Friends Gift

diy friends gift bannerThis year, I set out to make a friends gift for some of my favorite girls (who are all mommies). We do not really exchange gifts at Christmas, but after seeing this “One A Day” Prayer Book, I knew I wanted one for myself and thought it would be great to give to them too. Basically, each day has a character quality and a verse. I want to use it to pray over my kids, but you could use them to pray for anyone including yourself.

I printed the document onto card stock. Then I used our office paper cutter to cut into squares. Measuring and cutting was probably the most tedious part of creating the prayer book, so it was helpful that the cutter had a ruler along the edge.

friends gift 3Next, I added Washi Tape for a little color and decor to each page. This part was really fun! I did it over a few nights while watching TV. I punched a hole in the corner of each card. Using a 3-hole punch allowed me to get the hole in the same location on each card. I slipped an o-ring in the corner to hold the book together. friends gift 2Each book had 36 pages. So I used my 9 Washi Tape patterns, repeating each tape 4 times. I changed up the location of the strip on each page. Each of the books had a different order to keep it fun. friends gift 1In addition to the Prayer Book, I added a Worship CD with some of my favorites. I have heard a lot about how friends and their kids have loved Isaac’s Greatest Hits from his birthday party, so I thought I would throw in another mix too. I printed labels, and embellished them a little with colored sharpies. CDI wrapped them in a cellophane party bag and tied with string. For both the Prayer Book and Mix CD I ended up spending a total of $0. I had all the supplies floating around and the music was already on my playlist. I have to say, it was probably my favorite gift to give this season. And, I think my mommy-girlfriends liked it too.


I’m Seeing Stars.

Remember that song? “Oh my starry-eeyed surprise, sun down to sun rise. Dance all night, we gonna dance all night, dance all night to this DJ…” OK, thad to get that out. Sometimes I feel like I live in a musical because everything reminds me of a song, even this event decor. I hosted a National Nanny Recognition Week celebration few months back for our local professional nannies in Cincinnati. They are stars.

Theme: VIP (Very Important People). Colors: white, black, gold, and silver. And, what says VIP, like glitter stars? Nothin.
star2 I borrowed a star punch from a crafty friend of mine. I almost purchased this same one at Michael’s but my gut told me that I  could save my wallet and I texted her. star3 It was a good thing that I did not have to cut them out by hand with scissors, because this Martha Stewart glitter paper was a mess! A beautiful mess, of course. I sorted them by color and put into envelopes to take to the party venue. star4 After I was done I had all these leftover sheets with star cut-outs. They were just as gorgeous as the actual stars. So, I decided to use them as the pretty on the hand-written notes for each of the nannies. A little spray adhesive and cardstck was all I needed for this quick design. card1 Pretty, right? Plus.. I love it when things all tie in together. card2

The stars were used as confetti on the banquet table between the DIY Gold-dipped Vases. An inexpensive, quick and easy decor. Sometimes simple says classy.


DIY Gold-dipped Vases on the Cheap

Each year I host a celebration during National Nanny Recognition Week. The goal of the event is to celebrate our local nannies. I love for them to leave with something, but since anything extra comes out of pocket I try to come up with an inexpensive but thoughtful gift. This year, after seeing this on Pinterest, I thought a simple vase and rose would be nice. vase6 I picked up some frappuchinos (on sale with coupon) and emptied them into a pitcher.  I cleaned, peeled and scraped the labels and glue off. It was pretty easy after they soaked in the sink for an hour. vase1 I bought this Liquid Leaf from Micheal’s along with a foam brush. I thought it would be easier to just throw it away afterwards rather than use a good paintbrush. vase2 I had planned on actually dipping the glass into the  paint in a bowl, but I would have had to use (and waste) the whole jar of the Liquid Leaf. So, first I tried just painting it on to give the “dipped” look. It worked well and was super fast to paint and dry. vase4 I did put 2 coats on to make sure that it completely covered. One thin coat would leave the glass looking like this (below). Which is fine if that is the look that you are going for. vase3 Here sit all the vases after painting. I did the “dipping” at different heights. I thought that it would look nice on the table. They were each unique. vase5I am super happy with how they turned out!

DIY Gold-dipped VasesI cannot wait to try the Leaf Liquid with some other projects. I have some Christmas present ideas up my sleeve! Stay tuned.

Change on the Go!

A while back some friends gave us an extra pack ‘n play. We used it on occasion, but it broke and would no longer fold up. After sitting in our garage, unused and unneeded, I decided it was time to donate it. However, Isaac became a fan of it because of the large Sesame Street characters on the inside. We have only watched bits and pieces of Sesame Street a few of times, but Isaac has an Elmo Potty doll and Cookie Monster puppet. They are buds. So just as I started to donate, Isaac grew an attachment to this thing, pointing to his friends every time we passed through the garage. I tried again to fix it with no luck. pad 1

Then I got an idea. Over the summer we would often change Isaac’s diaper in the back of the SUV. Sometimes it was just easier then using one of those plastic bathroom stations. Plus, we had more room for Isaac’s long legs. So I thought, hmm… I could re-purpose the nice, padded, panel that sits on the bottom of the pack ‘n play as a changing pad for our car. At least then, the whole pack ‘n play wasn’t a complete loss. pad 2 The size is nice and long, and the material is nylon so it’s easy to wipe clean. And even though I am a fan of less intentional kid products, Isaac adores the faces on it. pad 3 The pad easily folds in half and tucks in between the floor and the 2nd row seating. Doug thinks it’s kinda silly. But, I’m thinking ahead to next year… It will be nice to have this for baby #2 as well. He/she will be 4-7 months through the summer.pad 4What do you think? Have you re-purposed anything lately?

pad collage 2

Labels for My Labels!

After posting this picture on instagram and twitter, a freind of mine mentioned…”you have labels for your labels!” Ha ha!! I didn’t even notice. But, yes as I organized the closet acting as my office, I reserved a whole drawer for labels.labels1

The washi love continues to beat in my heart. To celebrate my victory of the Done, Done Done Dining Room Closet,  I thought it was the perfect time to get my label on.  Super easy… but here are the pics to prove it.

I simply taped right on top of the inserts that came with the containers. Lucky for me the tape was exactly the same size, so no double taping and cutting had to happen. I used a few tape colors to give contrast to the different colors and patterns of the containers.

They I used a label maker to print out the text. Are you addicted to the label maker like I am? It is a good kind of addiction. Don’t worry.
labels5So here are a few that are finished…

Some of my old boxes had lost their label inserts so I had to create new ones. Instead of using mailing labels (1 X 2 5/8) with just the sticky back, I simply cut them out backing and all. That made them more sturdy.  You could use card stock too, I just had lotsa these labels.

labels3I used three colors of washi tape for the labels in the closet. I liked the way the blue popped off of the orange and white items. The orange looked great on the grey and white. And, the grey washi was good to tone down the already bright red boxes.
labels2closet collage labelsIt isn’t rocket science, people. It took 20 minutes and made a huge difference! Label your stuff and then be super proud of yourself. Do it! Then post pics on the Project Momma Facebook Page for all of us to see! 

Happy Easter (Basket)

Just hopping in quickly to wish you a Happy Easter and show you Isaac’s Easter basket. You might remember this basket that I picked up a few months ago for the Young House Love Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge. I have just laid some fabric inside, but hope to make a liner for next year.
easter3In his basket are just a few things that I knew he’d love.

  1. A replacement ball for the Little Tykes basketball hoop that was given to us. (Amazon)
  2. A Veggie Tales book about saying thank you. It sings too. I might regret this one. (Sam’s)
  3. Little Blue Truck book. He has book number two and loves it, so when I saw book number one I snatched it. (TJMaxx)
  4. Burts Bees Bubble Bath. I have heard great things about this for kids with sensitive skin. (Amazon) 
  5. Cheapy plastic boats for bathtime. Target dollar bins are dangerous! (Target)

I am really excited for tomorrow. I think Isaac is going to love looking for eggs around the house…especially when he realizes there is an M&M inside. He will likely call them balls because anything kinda circular is a ball to him these days.


Holidays are so much more fun with kids. We ran into the Easter Bunny at the park and Isaac starred with squinty eyes while holding my hand tightly. I took his cue didn’t force a picture. I can’t handle the crying baby pictures with a costumed character. I look forward to teaching him about the true meaning of Easter, but at 18 months I think colored eggs will do just fine. 

March Madness Arrangement

mm banner
It’s March Madness time, friends! And though I am not a super sports entusiast, I am all about the college basketball tourney and filling out my bracket! It must the part in me that loves to complete a worksheet. This project was designed for a work party that I helped throw for 120 volunteers. The goal was for our volunteers to feel appreciated and loved.My goal was to hit the “basketball team” theme without it looking kiddish, stay on budget, be pretty but masculine and of course have the “wow”-factor.

mm1Step 1: Basketballs
I purchased 3 large bags of cutie oranges. I planned to use about 5-6 basketballs for 12 centerpieces. I googled basketball images to make sure I knew how to draw the lines correctly.  I used a regular black sharpie. The sharpie did rub off on my hands but stayed on the oranges well. I let them sit overnight before putting them in water.  The lines aren’t perfect, but the water is very forgiving.


Step 2: Daisies
I had a florist deliver this bulk order of 60 stems. I used about 5 stems for each arrangement.  After filling the glass fish bowls half full I dropped in the basketball. I cut the daisies to sit right above the rim of the bowl. I tried to leave the daisies attached in clusters to help the bouquet look full. I aimed the daisy stems to the middle of the floating cuties.

Here is another view fo the arrangement from the side:mm4 with .comThis arrangement would be fabulous for a March Madness party! Make a cluster of multiple glass vases for a large dining table.  Use a tall cylinder vase with long-stemmed Gerbera daisies for a more extravagant display. One fun surprise is the citrus fragrance the oranges expel in the air after a little time in the water!

Have you ever made a bouquet with fruit or veggies? Limes and lemons are next up in my house this spring!

My Recent Obsession

So, I have tried not to get all worked up about it, but I just.can’ I want to scream it from the rooftops…. I LOVE WASHI! Washi tape, that is. I kept coming across bloggers and crafters with this colored tape and finally I was like “what is this stuff and what do you need it for?” I actually googled it, because nobody uses the dictionary any more. Well, except my husband. He actually made his baby name list from a 1970′s dictionary. But anyway…


Washi tape is basically pretty masking tape. It’s not super sticky, so you can use it for decor and crafting and change your mind! You can stick it to pictures and walls and not feel like you have to marry every decision you make with it. And since I like to be able to change my mind to an updated look or a better system, I have quickly become all about the Washi tape.

1 week ago I bought 5 rolls, thanks to the Michael’s 25% off sale. I have already taped many things around the house. The possibilities are endless and I have barely touched my 10 yards per roll. MWAH-ah-ah!! I have used it for…

Hanging lists inside the kitchen cabinet:
cabinet door

Attaching a temporary picture to the outside of frame:

Binder label:

DIY Planner (covering the brand on a notebook):tape7

Clothes storage label:tape3

Cute-ify a list:

…and I am just getting started.

There you have it cyber friends, proof of my obsession. I cannot deny it. And, I have been hungering for more. In fact, by the time you read this post I would have rolled myself back to the tape aisle at Michael’s for some more, thanks to this week’s 50% off one item coupon. And, this time I plan to share! Tomorrow. Giveaway. Free stuff. Don’t miss it!

Pinterest Challenge – My Long Awaited Memo Board

winter-challengeIt’s Pinterest Challenge Time! I am joining with bloggers all over the country who are taking the challenge to actually DO WATCHA PIN! Welcome new friends and thanks for stopping by! And, don’t forget to give all of our hosts some love: Young House Love, Bower Power, The Modeled Life, &  Decor and the Dog.

org5For almost 4 years this wall behind our table in the kitchen has been blank, empty and just sad. The wall has a plug in the middle and a vent at the top, so I haven’t been able to decide what I wanted to put there. I almost hung a few small shelves but changed my mind.  I knew I wanted something artistic and functional, but not too busy for our small kitchen. It has stayed empty for far too long!!!

In true Pinterest-addict form, I had been pinning some DIY options for this space. I loved the idea of art that could be switched out depending on the season, or my mood. Here some pins that I had been contemplating:

7c14ff52434a5b091ec99ad70d2c5af5 93dd7c8cfed077c52b3d9e412544b21f 6e4fc3291f6ab0427f83974ac31c6f2c



…… and at my last thrift shop outing, that I told you about here, I found this old framed picture for $6.25. I knew at first sight that the frame was a great size for the bare wall. It sat on the kitchen table for a few weeks waiting for it’s reincarnation…and my butt to find the other supplies I needed.

memo0Then, last Wednesday, Young House Love posted their Pinterest Challenge which was just the push I needed to get this project in gear. I had waited 4 years for this wall to find it’s destiny, and now I had one week to make it happen.

I stopped at Lowe’s on my way home from work, THAT day. I knew that I needed spray paint and chicken wire. The paint was easy, but I wasn’t sure of the measurements of my frame. The chicken wire ranged in price from: $8 to $41! I was nervous that the 24 inch wasn’t going to be wide enough and the 48 inch way too wide. I had not actually measured the frame, so I thought I would wait to do that before purchasing. I snapped some pictures for reference. I also hoped that maybe Doug, my construction-carpenter husband had some laying around. Fingers crossed.


The frame turned out to me 28in X 36in. So bad news was Doug did not have any, AND I needed at least 26 inches to make it across the width. Ugh. I couldn’t to spend $41 on a huge roll of chicken wire that I wouldn’t need. My blogging friend, Lindsey (hildagotrocks) suggested posting an ask on Facebook. She is genius! A crafting friend said come on over and pick it up. Yes! Free! She was familiar with chicken wire and said that her 24 inch width would stretch just enough to fit my frame; it would actually be good to have it stretched tight. Total score on the free chicken wire and the tip! Woo to the hoo!

Later that night it was time to get started, finally. I was super giddy about it. First, I removed the backing and the picture with mat. I was thinking about trying to leave the wire across the back, because it was so old it had frayed pretty badly. But, the glass was too hard to get out with it still attached, so I removed that. I ever so carefully pulled the glass out. Picture me with oven mits shimmy-ing this thing back and forth. The glass was really thin and I was super scared I was going to shatter it. Whew, that was the hardest part of the project. memo1Next, I laid out some newspaper in our garage (with the door open and light on). Isn’t this what all my neighbors are doing at 9:00 p.m. on a Saturday night? Hey, I gotta project when I can (Can project be a verb?). Husband was at a hockey game and my baby was snoozing, so it was the perfect opportunity to spread some paint fumes into the winter air.

memo2I used Rustoleum Universal (for any surface) in flat black. I have to say that I have a new affection for spray paint. It provides such a fast transformation, it really is exhilarating (and I am only kinda exaggerating). I am not yet as daring as my friends at Young House Love, but maybe one day I will spray something bright red.


After an hour, my first coat was dry to the touch. I was able to move the frame before Doug came home. Can’t you just see him backing over this beauty? I often set the oven timer to remind myself of these kinda things. The next day, I applied a second coat, making sure I got the inside lip of the frame.

Once the frame was dry and I had to make a decision on whether I would hang it horizontal or vertical. The air vent could not be covered, but frame would fit both directions. It is just a matter pf preference.  I decided horizontal was the way to go. Of course it would be hung, not just leaning.
memo5 memo4

Evening number two with my project…time for chicken wire! This time I had the Oscars, my husband’s tools, and an extra hand to help me out.
memo6Doug helped me pull the chicken wire tight as we could and I used a staple gun to staple each of the sides to the frame. His hands were a little stronger than mine, so he did the last side. It was pretty easy, just had to watch out for the sharp edges of the wire. I only had one minor flesh wound.

Here is a close up of the back of the frame, you can see that we folded the edges of the cut wire so that it wouldn’t poke out and scratch the walls or my hands.
memo8I did have to get 2 more things. These mini clothes pins were $2.99 at Michaels but with a 50% off coupon they were only $1.50. I may spray paint these black like the frame sometime in the future… maybe not.  I used Sawtooth Hangers ($1.89) attached to the back of the frame, to hang it.

bought clipsNext it was time to hang this baby. Usually Doug does the hammering in this house, but I was anxious to get this baby up for some styling. So, I used my measure with newspaper method. I simply laid the newspaper on top of the frame and taped it together, then measured and drew a large dot with a sharpie where the nail would go.

I hung it up the template doing just a little measuring to make sure that it was centered. Then I hammered the nails into my markings. And, I didn’t even wake the baby!
paper upAnd after a little styling, here we have it…
close upClipped to the board are a few inspirational quotes, some pictures, our meal list, a Charley Harper art piece called “Lovey Dovey”, and a 4 year olds art piece. Just a few things that I love and make me smile. I know that I will be changing these out and updating this often! Another spot to put a hints of holidays.

done 2I am so happy with how it turned out! No more blank wall.

If you are stopping by from Young House Love, you may be interested in the first challenge I participated in – The Macklemore Thriftshop Challenge. Speaking of that, my little pokey pineapple that sits on the tray on the kitchen table has found his purpose. He is secretly holding the mini clothes pins for the memo board! Perfect correlation.

clips homeOnly 2 days until the official launch of this Project Momma Blog! 

Stop back on Friday when I’ll be giving away FIVE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!

DIY memo board - banner

Quick Tip: DIY Thank You Notes

After Isaac’s first birthday party, I needed to write thank you notes. I was going to print something up with a photo program online, but ended up feeling rushed to get them out.  So I ordered some Walmart prints from Isaac’s one-year photoshoot. I created my own card, using 4 X 6 white notecards with a lined back. These notecards are a great mulit-use item so I just had laying around… ahem, free!  I used tape to attach the picture to the card, so that family could keep the picture and put in a frame if they choose.

thank youOn the back I wrote a short note about how Isaac was enjoying his gift, and I wrote it as if he was talking. I used a few sharpies to add some color to the notes. I slipped the cards in some large envelopes and mailed them out the next day. Cute. Personal. Easy. Done.

thank you 2

Solving the ‘Drop Zone’ Problem (Part 1)

Our kitchen has many problems. For now, let’s ignore the fact that our fridge is avacado green, our cabinets are laminate, and the floor is….well, dingy. We hope to gut it someday in the future. But the problem functionally, is that it’s so small! We have limited storage, it’s awkwardly shaped, and like many homes it is the entry, exit and hub of the house.

I specifically bought a high-top kitchen table so that it could act as another counter while cooking. But, instead, it has become the ‘drop zone’. And, really… it is my fault. We have with no mudroom and limited space in the garage. As I walk in from a busy day I usually unload my work bag, Isaac’s bag, lunch bags, coats, shoes, mail, the paper, groceries, and whatever else I have in my hands.  So the challenge: get my kitchen table back.

Here is a real-life picture of what it looks like on a bad day:

Part 1 of this project is to clear the clutter and assess what is piling up. Each item needs a home and a system to get it home on a regular basis. I’ve learned that just cleaning the table is not enough. The pile reappears as soon as a busy work week starts up again.

While Isaac was napping one Friday afternoon, I moved each item to the dining room table and organized like items with each other. I wanted to visually critique my mess. WHAT is there and WHY is there instead of someplace else? Here’s what had accumulated…

org1Let’s take a closer look…


Left side of the table:
2 bowls
red card box
seatbelt for highchair (project)
grocery list & coupons
candle tarts (gift)
dirty bottle
screws (project)
picture CD
Isaac’s bath toys
Isaac’s book
food drive list (project)
reminder note to buy bins
small group book
Isaac’s shoes

None of these items belong on the kitchen table. They are either on their way out of the house, on their way back in or waiting for time to do a project.  Isaac’s things can go to his room, dishes and lunchbag can be put away in the kitchen. The card box belongs in the dining room closet (which is like my misc spot/office). From looking at these items,  I think I need an “in process” container and a “projects” container somewhere, so those items don’t sit on the kitchen table for weeks until I have time to do them.


Middle of the table: 
blank paper
mug of pens
post-it pad
loaf of party rye (project)
iphone accessories
Isaac’s log (blue)
coupon organizer (black)
bill organizer
paper clips
packing tape

Keys belong in a tray on the microwave. Chapstick and phone accessories go in my purse. Nail polish goes to the bathroom. Office supplies to the Dining Room closet. Beyond that, these items, mostly paper or organizers with papers in them are constantly hanging out on the table. They need places to live.  I do not want to see them! I also need to be able to easily grab office supplies and easily put them away.

org4Right side of the table:
Misc bags
Misc papers to be filed
Diaper changing pouch
Mommy hook
Wipes pack

Gloves hang out in my purse. The large Mommy Hook, changing pad and wipes go to the car. Bags go in the garage. The misc. papers need to be filed in the dining room closet.

Have you noticed a pattern here?

OK, so I have been holding back on you. I do have a clue as to why these items, a lot of them paper, are accumulating on the table. My closet in the dining room is worse than this table. It is my misc spot and it is out-of control!!! So, there you go all you people that think that my house is perfectly organized. I have monsters in the closet just like you. The reason they are literally in the closet, has to do with a certain 17 month old. Now that he can get into everything on the bottom part of the house, I’ve had to move, hide and store things differently. The dining room closet has become the misc. safe place for alot these items. Ready for the scary picture?

closetItems falling out as I open the door. Paper piles that are growing. More projects in a bag, I cannot even see the files! Oh, it is time!! 

So, there will be a Part 2 of this project. It is contingent on creating some space in that closet. Assessing what was landing in the ‘drop zone’ has prepared me to create some thought-out, systematic, and organized zones in the closet. Ooh, it gives me chills just thinking about it. Again, my goal is to create new habits and maintain a clean kitchen table.

Oh, let’s at least enjoy the picture of the clean kitchen table…ahhhhh.

MY LIST of Items that need homes:
1. Misc. project items  — > in the closet, bigger items to the basement
2. In process items – like mail, bills, etc. —> in the closet
3. Location for coats, shoes, purse, diaper bag, and work misc. —> closet and other?

Hang in there. There are a lot more nap times of work in my future. I will fill you in soon.

Quick Tip: DIY Flashcards

So, I accidentally fell into a quick project today. Isaac as coloring (err, playing with crayons) at the table while I was cleaning out and organizing the dining room closet. In a trash pile I had some checkbook backing which I had ripped all the deposits slips off of. I always save those to shred them because I am too afraid to just throw them away with our account number on them. Isaac loves letters, and the thought just came to me… I should give him these cards with letters… flashcards! photoSo I simply wrote the letters in his name and gave them to him. He loved them! The thick edge gave him something to hold onto and the cardboard was thick enough that he didn’t crush them like paper. He loved to look at them and say the “alphabet”, which sounds the same every time, no matter what letters are in front of him… “Ay, Eye, Ay, Ooo, Eye”. For some reason he likes those vowel sounds. Even thought he is a little young to be learning letters, he is intrigued by them! I guess that comes from his book obsession.


When you can…. USE WHATCHA GOT!

banner val final

Free and Easy Valentine Banner

Valentine’s day… such a quick little holiday. To decorate or not? To be honest in the past I have put out a little candy dish and that’s about all. Now that I have a kid in the house, I want to be more festive, but I don’t really want to spend a lot of money. Ok, I never want to spend a lot of money.

So as I was Pinteresting the other day… (I can use that as a verb right? Even though only my two fingers are moving as I scroll down through the pins?) Anyway, here are the pins that were inspiring me. (Click here for the links: 1, 2, 3, 4)banner CollageI loved the natural colors and deep red. Also oved the burlap and especially the sewn hearts! But, let’s be honest, I don’t have a sewing machine and I was trying NOT to buy supplies. The book pages were so clever, and they had me wishing I had picked up some old books while at St. Vincent DePaul for the Young House Love Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge. I was not about to rip up my books for Valentine’s Day. We heart books here at Schraeradise (#seewhatididthere). So, to stay on my budget of $0, I thought I might try to fashion something similar.

I started with newspaper. photoI cut out a shape that I thought would work for the banner.  I really just eye-balled it, figuring that I had a whole paper to work with if I messed it up. 
photoI did check the size with my mantle, tried to picture what it would look like… It had to hang high enough – higher than toddler hands could reach. The banner would stand no chnace against my Isaac George.

photoLooked good for me, so I cut out about 10 of these pennants and punched holes in them.


Now, I just needed to figure out how to hang them. I had 2 options: A white ribbed ribbon leftover from gift wrap and a plastic pearly-ball chain like thing. I have no idea where I got the pearly chain, I have had it for years. After trying them both through the holes, I went for the pearls. It is like they found their Valentine Destiny (#friendsreference). I thought they added a little bling to the newspaper and some texture against our painted wood mantel.


I strung up 8 of the pennants and this is how it looked!

photoNot bad at all. So this is where real life happens and  the baby wakes up; I have to pause. It did give me a little time to contemplate what I would put on the banner. My first thought was X’s and O’s maybe mixed in with hearts. Then I thought of Isaac… at 17 months I thought hearts would be best. So later that night, after he was tucked in and hubby was asleep in the Lazyboy at 8:30 on a Friday night, I finished her up. I did have plans with my galfriend, but we decided to cancel, and I was challenged to do some things for myself. (Read about that here). So, I enjoyed a decaf and biscotti, then back to the banner!

I originally was going to paint my hearts the newspaper, but because the paper was super thin, I thought it might make the paper buckle when it dried. So, I opted for the super easy answer!


I had a few colors to chose from and ended up choosing the red crayon and magenta marker for the colors of the hearts. I layed the banner on the floor and used a cookie cutter to make some perfect hearts. I thought the exact same heart might make the banner a little nicer.


Have I mentioned how easy this was? Time to hang it up.

photoCute right? I was please with how this little thing turned out. I thought the pearls were a great compliment to the paper. The colors on the hearts blended well with the other decor in the living room. I placed a few colorful books on the mantel to help the colors stand out.

I liked it and thought I would use the newspaper in a couple other frames that were empty. Why not? This large frame is in our living room and needs our latest family pics. I added a simple love quote. True.

photoAnd, in our kitchen I used my crayon and marker again to draw an XO on newspaper in put in this frame. There sits my pineapple and hiding in the back is my next DIY adventure #photobomb. So excited about that one. photoAnd since we are talking decor, here is some decor that I already had, so that was free to. This “love” sign I found at TJMaxx a few years back for $.70! That has to be the cheapest item I have ever bought there. 

In the dining room, some fabric from Isaac’s weekly pictures sits under a glass heart-shaped bowl. I’ve had the bowl for years; it was also a TJMaxx find. 


On the bookshelf in this room are some items that I let Isaac get his hands on. He likes to carry the pig around and hug him saying “Awww”. I guess I say that when he hugs me. The “A You’re Adorable” book was a gift from his Philly friends. He LOVES this book, I actually can quote it form memory and I recite it to him in tune.


We are more festive this Valentine week than we ever have been before. Lots of love to celebrate I guess. And, I have to admit I LOVE my banner. It is cute and it was free! Double win for sure. What are you DIYing for Valentine’s Day?

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Just a little crooked…

Isaac had his first haircut back in October (3 months ago). His hair was starting to look straggaley (is that a word?). It was falling in his eyes and hanging over his ears, so I thought that I might try to give him a little haircut. Nothing major, just a trim. Hmm, Doug has the scissors, but I have absolutely no idea what I am doing.  

So, I googled it. Yep, that’s what you do in 2013 when you want to learn something fast. 

I came across a few videos: How To Cut Toddler Hair at Home, watched a few, then felt a little more confident. One video suggested looking at the back of his hair in three sections. Bottom, cut at one finger length, middle at two finger length and next section 3 finger lengths. That really helped me to envision how long the back should be.

My strategy was this:

  • Cut his hair during a prime happy time – morning!
  • Distract him with his current favorite thing – PBS show called Super Why.
  • Use 2 bibs (one of them backwards) to keep the hair off his neck.
  • Cut the bangs first, trim around the ears next, and if then trim the back. That way if he only let me complete one thing, his hair would be out of his eyes.

photoI had all the items ready to go, so as soon as his show started, I buckled him in his highchair.photoHere are the BEFORE PICS: (Notice the I love this show face?)

photo  photophoto

AFTER PICS: (Still liking the show… quietest 25 minutes of the day!)


photo photo

Overall I was pretty happy with how it turned out. A few of his bangs are too long and I might try to fix them up so they aren’t crooked. But, his hair is usually messy from playing and most of the time it’s pretty hard to tell.

Go Momma!

Anybody else tried to cut their kid’s hair? Go for it.