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Isaac 2.75

isaac 2.75 with textMy boy. My tall, smart, fun boy! His newest shoes we bought in spring are already getting small. This kid is as tall or taller than his 3 year old friends. He is super strong too.

He continues to surprise me. He is such a fun little person and certainly has his own mind. He is challenging, sensitive, loud, and authentic. He loves his friends, family, and life. This kid doesn’t slow down much. He  bounces from toy to toy, but then will sit and read with me for a half. What a joy he is.

What has surprised me most about him in these last few months is how well he adjusted to his little brother coming into the world. He simply acts like he has always been. He likes him around. He likes Luke to watch him and so desires to communicate and play with him. Some day.

isaac 2.75 collage 1LIKES:
Sandwiches cut into shapes
Running ahead and waiting between the door
Hiding from us – me at the kitchen table, dad under moms dress.
Flirting, hugging and occasionally kissing girls
Ice cream at dairy whip
Picnics at the park
Kings Island with his friends. He rides all the rides he is tall enough to.
Playing outside.
Swinging and spinning, but getting too big for the baby swing.
Riding his quad through the yard. Down and around the tree.
Singing – loving 123s CD
Roaring: at his friends, at Luke. Says he is a lion or spiderman.
Dancing. downtown Cincinnati
Entertrainment junction
His light up Pumas the mailman brought him.
Puzzles, coloring with marker, stickers, bubbles, cars, blocks, TRAINS.

isaac 2.75 collage 2

Easter egg hunt in our yard
Milkshakes at UDF
Beginning time outs in his room

MILK! donuts, grapes, yogurt, popcicles, cheetos, choc chip mini muffins, cheese and pepperoni, orange juice.

isaac 2.75 collage 3WITH HIS BROTHER:
Calls him “Yuke”
Has a baby yuke song
Says “I want to hold him on my tummy” and pulls up his shirt.
Putting toys in his mouth and trying to play with him.
Sings for him.
Luke is starting to get more used to him.


Isaac 2.5

isaac 2.5 collage 1Isaac has definitely hit a growth spurt in these last few months. At 2 and a half he weighs 36 lbs and 4 oz. He has shot up in height too, moving into 3T pants! He is really looking like a little boy, older than 2 and half… he tells everyone he is 5. Is really into birthday parties now. So I had a little half-birthday “purple party” for him at Chick-fil-a. Purple beads, balloons and brownies.

Trains are still his favorite thing to play with. He added several to his collection at Christmas and got a train table the week after Luke was born. Rosie and Thomas are still his favorite but he doesn’t carry them everywhere with him like he used to. He will build “cities” on the floor with his blocks and cars or trains and tracks and “bidges” (bridges). He will find all the vehicles he can. Loves the street signs and has been recognizing them as we drive: railroad crossing, people crossing, and do not enter!

He likes to play “truck playdoh” (always with dad), Hide and Seek, Ring Around the Rosie, and Hokey Pokey. He loves markers and will sit and color pictures for long periods of time. Scribbles and forceful dots. Sometimes he adds stickers by the dozen. At Gama & Papa’s he like to listen to his music and run around the table while singing and stomping. He is very intense about this.  He can sing all the ABCs with a few slurrs and knows most all of the Thomas theme song. He actually knows lots of words to lots of songs and surprises us daily. He likes his musical toys, even the old baby ones that play songs and wants me to tell him the words. I have had to google some of the old nursery rhymes to teach him. He also has a Thomas book with about 8 songs and we ALL know ALL the words. He likes to make an “I”  with pretzels and recognizes his name. He counts to twelve perfectly then mixes up the teens. His favorite number is 5.

isaac 2.5 collage 2Around Christmas he loved the tree and lights as well as his manger scene. We managed to lose Mary and Joseph for most of the holiday but they turned up. He has a blast with the decor styrofoam wrapping and shredded it all over the floor and called it snow. Later that day it did snow. We had a very cold and snowy winter and he kept asking for purple snow (his favorite color). One day he came out snow boots on when he saw the snow at 7:00 a.m. and wanted to build a purple snowman.

He transitioned to his big boy bed after the holidays. He helped pick it out at Sam’s. We mostly read books on it for the first 3 weeks before he was interested in it. He’s say “No, my Kib (crib)”. Then he started napping in it. Finally the first night he said he wanted to sleep there he rolled out of bed. I had rolled up my long pillow under the sheet to keep him in but I saw him on the monitor sit up in bed then head dive right over the side. We got a bedguard right after that and had no other problems.

Isaac 2.5 collage 5Potty training has been going well and he is about 95%! Started going #2 on the potty consistently the week Luke was born (no regression!). We did/do give him suckers for going #2 which was the winning strategy (FINALLY). He still wears a diaper at night, and will move up to size 6 once we are out of the 5′s. Doug taught him to stand up and pee with him but I make him sit. He points out port-a-potties and we drive by asks to go to the bathroom when he sees UDF.

Isaac is more and more independent. Can put on his own underwear and pants if they are layed out. Is working on socks and shoes. Likes to brush his teeth himself, put on his sunglasses, and go to the bathroom alone. He will tell us to “stay here”, and we do… for a minute.

Isaac is still infatuated with Curious George. He knows all the characters and talks about them often. He loves Hundley (dog), Jumpy(squirrel), Compass (bird), and Gnocci (Cat). This has been a great distraction while I nurse, but we are looking forward to getting outside and reducing his TV intake. He wants to do things Curious George does – go camping, to the beach, fly a kite, build a sand castle. I can’t wait for him to experience this stuff in real life.

isaac 2.5 collage 3

Isaac likes group hugs, he will pull you close. He will get jealous when I hug Doug and want to get involved. He thinks it’s fun to Skype with Mama and Papa in Florida and Facetime Mom. He will tell Siri on my phone to “Show me Rosie”. He likes to go to Home Depot with Dad. Krogers, Target and Chickfila with Mom. He is still pretty picky with food but loves milkshakes, donuts, muffins, cheese, and of course his milk. He loves kids and especially older girls. Follows them and will say “Hey geh-yul”.

He cracks us up with the things he says: “oh my goodness”, “oh my goodness sakes”, “blow my nose”, “my fay-ber-ite” (favorite), “xylophone”, “beach”, and counting with misses-hippies. He asked me to “sing a song about mommy”. I said, “well how does it go?” to which he sang a tune… “song about mommy, a song about mommy”. He will also call me mommy honey or mommy dear.
isaac 2.5 collage 6 We began preparing for baby to arrive and Daddy is more involved with bath and bedtime. We really thought he would be missing his mommy time and jealous of the baby. He totally surprised us and loved his baby brother from the start. Though at first sight he tried to take his blanket because it was similar to his. He loves to hold him, give him kisses, eskimo kisses, and loves to be in his face and talk to him. He ‘s tried to pick him up a few times and is learning how to be gentle. He calls him “Yuke” since he cannot say his “L”s very well. Daily he asks him to “Play trains, baby yuke, play trains?” We wants to make sure Luke is with us at all times and included. Not one bit jealous of his new baby brother. It is so sweet.

Homemade Ornaments 2013

It has become a little tradition that Isaac and I make ornaments as Christmas gifts for the grandparents. We also make one for our family and one for Isaac. I have mommy fantasies of giving him a box of ornaments that he has made or helped with as he’s grown…. to start his own tree. Not that I want to think about him ever leaving me :) He may not always want to make the ornaments, but why not while he is interested!?

It started when Isaac was only 3 months and I saw this Pinterest idea to press a painted baby hand on a glass ornament. Adorable in theory, not so perfect in reality. Still, I treasure it as his “Baby’s 1st Christmas” ornament.

orn 2011 collage

Last year, I saw this idea and since we had just had some black and white professional pics taken, I modge-podged an ornament. These were really easy and turned out super cute. (I guess I should make a little tutorial on that one at some point).

orn 2012

So this year was the first year I knew Isaac could actually help in the process. I pinned a bunch of ideas, but landed on the felt Christmas trees with button ornaments. This has been one of his favorite things about Christmas… “the Kiss-mas tree!” He even sings “O Kissmas tee, oh Kissmas tee, …I love you branches.” Which, as you can imagine is pretty adorable.

So I bought the supplies: A few sheets of green felt, and 2 packs of buttons. I had the twine and glue from other projects. I prepped the trees for him, by drawing a tree as my stencil then cutting out 5 tree shapes. 
orn 1
Then I sat him down with bowls of buttons by colors. He decided one bowl was enough and dumped them all together. I would put a few glue dots and let him pick the colors and place them as he wished.orn 2 He took the whole process very seriously. See his “concentration-face”? orn 3 orn 4 I wasn’t sure how long he would last on this project but before I knew it we had all 5 trees done. You can see them here before the glue had dried (It did dry clear). Cute right? I love the imperfection that show them as his. orn 5The ornaments were done, but Isaac (and Rosie) were not. So I quickly cut out a triangle and let him do a “Big Tree”! He has discovered that bigger is better…big cheese, big cookie, etc.  I figure that I could trim and frame this one with some type of Christmas quote in the future, but as for now we added it to the kitchen memo board so Isaac can see his masterpiece.
orn 7

orn 6

I added a loop of twine to each ornament. I like the rough texture and additional color. I took a needle to start a hole at the top of the tree. Because the twine was so thick, I had to expand the hole a bit bigger with a fork prong. I laced it through and tied a knot. I wrote his name, the year, and his age on the back with a black sharpie. Isaac was excited to hang ours on our tree. Below, you see the finished product in a gift box to be passed on to grandma and grandpa. Once they each opened the gift, Isaac insisted on taking the ornament to the tree in the room and hang it up. That meant that Great Grandpa and Great Grandma’s went onto Uncle Paul’s tree for a minute, since that was the house we were at. Made sense to Isaac!
orn  bannerI think next year I will end up doing two, as I want to make the “Baby’s 1st Christmas” ornament for the baby in a different color. We will see what Isaac is in to next year. From there on out, I see us just making the same ornaments.

It’s a fun little family tradition! I will be back this week with a few of our favorite holiday moments After all, this is my digital scrapbook.

Isaac 2.25

bow tie collage

Isaac is now 27 months… two and a quarter years! He is such a fun boy.

Isaac loves to be with his friends. He asks daily if he can play with “Anna-Ellie” or “Kaden-Korbin”. He enjoys seeing pictures of people he knows and saying their names. He asks to see Michelle (his teacher) and names all his friends when we say prayers. He remembers some that I forget as we don’t see them every day. He watches and learns things from them like how to go potty. He will climb and stand on some thing, throw his arms in the air, and shout “Ta-Daaa!” He picked this up from his buddies. He includes his toy trains as friends too, asks them “How you do-wing?” and even says goodnight to each one by name.

He really enjoys his life every day. He laughs out loud at Curious George. He loves to wrestle, climb, jump, etc. He is still not very afraid or cautious… walks into walls, falls off the ottoman and laughs, and runs full speed ahead into a dark room. He has a strong will and at times it is hard to get him to get his attention. Still other times he is super responsive and follows directions accurately and completely. He can be very helpful. He cleans up his toys, pulls up his underwear and pants, and carries handfuls of items he needs with him. He likes doing things on his own and says “Isaac do it”. He does like to be around people and though he can play alone he prefers to be in the room with someone. “Play trains, mommy, play trains?” That is what I hear each morning as I make breakfast.

He has been singing a lot lately. He knows most of the ABC’s song and is quickly learning the wordy Thomas theme song. Other favorites are: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle. Also all the songs from his Bday CD are still favorites. He cracks us up as he dances and tries to sing along. We sing before bed each night after prayers as it helps him lay still rather than get extra wild in his bed. Tired = wild. He even has me sing what he calls the “Anna-Ellie” song which is to the tune of “are you sleeping”.

At bedtime he likes to hug daddy and then mommy and back and forth. We play-argue about who he should hug and they we give group-family-hugs at the end. He thinks this is really funny. He always says “Awww” when he gives hugs. He also like to “Give kisses?” between the rails of his crib. It is hard to resist.

He is still a whiz at puzzles and likes to put things in a line or order. One day he hung his underwear the knobs of his dresser. He did not stop until each knob was covered, then sat back and looked at what he had done and laughed. Another time he lined up matchbox cars with a friends – like 25 to 30 in a row. He was on a mission!

He loves books, especially his Thomas books. We read multiples times a day and he remembers things that happen on the pages. We have a lot of books and his memory impresses us.

Isaac is still a great sleeper. Still sleeping from 7:30/8:00 p.m. – 7:00/7:30 a.m. He naps daily 1:30/2:00 – 3:00/4:00. He will get more wild the more tired he gets. We have let him stay up a little later for some holiday events and it throws him off. He is much happier when we stick to his normal schedule. He is a picky eater right now. Loves certain foods: yogurt, cheese, strawberries, applesauce, cookies, crackers/goldfish, milk. He still will not eat pasta, mashed potatoes, most meat and veggies. We continue to offer his what we eat along with one food we know he likes at meals.

He loves going in the car and Krogers. He likes being out and about and seeing new people. He will usually request “my gasses” (sunglasses) no matter what the weather is like. He will take Rosie and Thomas trains in the car, hold them in his hands or tuck them under each leg in his car seat.

The boy still loves his trains. Rosie is his favorites and calls her “Wosie, wosie, wosie.” Talking Thomas is his 2nd favorite. He takes them everywhere we will let him, even to the potty! He tucks them in his chair at night. He grabs them first thing in the morning. He loves to watch Thomas episodes and his favorite is called “Splish, splash, splosh” where Rosie and Thomas splash each other with mud. He reenacts it on his tracks with the two engines.

As Christmas has approached his little eyes have lit up. He enjoys the Christmas Tree (her pronounces it Kiss-mas) and especially the ornaments on the tree. He got to help decorate the bottom and has only broken one. He loves the lights on our house. He has no clue who Santa is. He loves to sing Jingle Bells. Loves his manger scene and when he holds baby Jesus he makes fake crying sounds. The song “Away in the Manger” comes on and he sings along. I think that he thinks Christmas is the actual tree. He likes to look at the snow but not a fan of walking in it. He was a big fan of opening presents and for days after he requested “More presents?”

Isaac loves people and especially his Mommy. We try to talk about the baby and change coming, but he does not quite understand. He insists the baby is a girl or as he would say “gah-yul”. He loves to play any game where you say “Noo….” He likes to take daddy’s chair, or turn on and off the lights with grandpa. He loves the reaction and laughs and keeps going. He did give baby Maggie a sweet head rub and kiss without being prompted. That made me feel a little at ease, that he may like this baby. He also loves to watch baby Janie at daycare as she crawls around.

Isaac is affectionate, fun, smart, inquisitive and outgoing.  He is active, strong, and is sure of what he wants. He is an all around great kid and he makes each day full!

Isaac’s Nursery

Isaac’s Nursery was really fun to design. We did not find out our baby’s gender until he was born, so a majority of the room was gender neutral until… “it’s a boy!”. Of course I did have a boy concept and girl concept in mind. So below, were fabric options I found from It is a fabulous website where you can order bits and pieces of bedding, and yards of fabric if you wish. I ordered samples of the fabrics I was interested in so I could see the coloring and feel the texture in person before purchase.  I loved mixing and matching fabrics instead of buying a crib set with items I would not use – baby comforter and bumper. I love the site.

We bought 3 yards of the white and green polka dot for curtains, 2 changing table covers in the greens, a white dust ruffle, and one sheet in the green circles, with plans to buy another. After Isaac was born I added in the animal print fabric with the blues, since he was a boy. I ordered a crib sheet the week after his birth. If Isaac would have been Isabel, that would have been a pink, red, black and white bird themed fabric. 
nursery coll 2So, I played of those blue colors, especially the navy, to add the accents to this mostly lime and white room.
nurs8The crib was a gift from the family I used to nanny for. We have had it for years in the basement and it brought me great joy to share it. I spent a lot of sweet moments with their cribs and I loved passing on to my own boy. We bought a new firm mattress. I hand-painted these animal silhouettes after pencil drawing them on. I simply printed out some pictures then used a table lamp to shine/enlarge the image on the the canvas. Then I painted. They still need a 2nd coat… maybe I will get there. Maybe.nurs7 The adorable curtains were made by our friend and fabulous seamstress as a gift. I LOVE LOVE them. The only major piece of furniture bought new was the Ikea Hemmes dresser. It was a gift from my dad. We did buy the matching night table figuring it would be good by the chair and eventually as a night table. Both will grow with Isaac and could easily be in a kid, tween and young adult room. Besides storage, the main function for the dresser was as a changing table. I like a longer dresser to work with. After a kid is 12-18 months their feet start to hang over… I wanted room to grow and room to work: lay supplies, clothes, etc on the dresser. nurs1 nurs13 I used a basket (I think we got it as a gift basket years ago) to organize some basic stuff I wanted easily accessible. Everything else lives in the drawers. nurs14 I made simple art out of things we had. I bought some frames from Ikea. The “loved” art is actually cut out from a gift bag. Under that, Isaac’s hospital wristband with a fabric sample behind it. I framed some of the cards I liked from showers. The hooks are from Pier One, bought 12+ years ago. For the locals it was way back when the Panera on Beechmont was a Pier One! Not sure how much I paid for it, but I remember loving it and wanting it so I probably did not get a great deal. This is another item that never had the perfect home. It very functional to hang clothes for the next day, Isaac’s wet towel, a jacket, etc. It is right next to the changing table, again, for function! nurs4 The bookshelf was an old goodwill find. It used to be black and sit in my apartment before Doug and I were married, circa 2003. I certainly got my $15 out of that bookshelf. Doug gave it a fresh coat of white paint for the baby. nurs2 The angel music box is one of the few things I have that was my grandmothers’ and I had to put something of nanny’s in the room. More fabric, cards, newspaper from Isaac’s birthday on the wall. The navy lamp is a cheapie from Target. nurs3 A friend made this sweet owl, and my aunt made the blanket behind. The lamp I have had for over 15 years. It was given to me and never really matched anything. But in this room, It finally goes! On the side table: a clock, ipod with baby music, a bible and some toys and puzzles. It was so nice and neat before Isaac was mobile! murse9Over the chair is a framed onesie. Since we did not know the gender we had family and friends guess and write their names on a boy’s or girl’s onesie. This represents everyone who was right.

Overall, I am happy with how the nursery turned out. We spent very little and repurposed many items. A few additions (not that noticeable in pictures) were extremely important to us. Those were an overhead fan with lights and blackout shades. Temperature and light are very important for little babes!

photo 3

One thing we were missing back then was a rug. Once Isaac was using the floor we added a navy rug, another free item! It definitely toned down the green. If I had one thing I would go back and change…it would be buying a bigger more comfortable chair for this room. We now spend lots of time reading and the glider is just not that great. Note the messy side table now filled with books? It is well used.

This room will definitely go through some changes as baby #2 comes along. I will keep you posted. Here is what I foresee:

  • Add a twin size bed for Isaac, maybe on the floor at first.
  • Buy twin bed linens that coordinate with the room.
  • Get rid of the chair to make more space available. We will have room to read on the bed! 
  • Change layout to make sense for 2 beds. Thinking and planning as we speak!
  • Clear a side of the closet for Baby Boy’s clothes and gear.
  • Change out the art and pictures, maybe add their names somewhere.
  • Add a mobile for the baby? I never got to this one for Isaac.
  • Put a 2nd coat on the animal canvases, if they get to stay (I might lose the animal them all together).

Isaac 2.0

2 party isacIsaac turned 2 in September. And, even though I have yet to get his 2 year pics done, I do have some favorites and stats that I want to keep for memories (I’ll update pics later). I’d  like to interview him these questions each year in the future. Probably start next year, but this is what I think he would answer at 2.

Favorite Food: Yogurt. Cheese. Milk. Juice.
Favorite Sport: Swinging and Somersaults
Best Show on TV: Thomas the Train
The Coolest Person on Earth: Mommy
My Favorite Thing about School: Playing at the train table with the big boys
My Favorite Thing to Learn About is: ABCs
My Favorite Thing I Have is: My new Rosie the Train and 2nd to that is Thomas.
The Thing I Do Most Awesomely is: Puzzles. Climb. Make life fun.
If I could go anywhere in the world it would be: Krogers or Chick-fil-a
My Favorite Color is: Pink
The Way I Sleep is: In my crib with an adult pillow, Daddy’s warm blanket, a baby blanket to snuggle and my buddies Elmo, Benny Bear and Meow the Cat.
When I grow up I am going to be: Daddy
My Current Favorite Song is: Thomas the Train or You Are My Sunshine
The Book I Am Loving Right Now Is: Curious George’s Big Book of Curiosity
The Words That Describe Me Are: Happy, Determined, and Funny
When I Was Little I used to: Be in the Baby Room.
Favorite Season of the Year: Summer b/c I get to play with the neighbors.
The Snack I like best is: Goldfish (or “Dolfish”)
One Food I dislike is: Pasta, Mashed Potatoes, & Most Vegetables
My Best Friend is: Judah
If I had One Wish it would be: To see Anna-Ellie a lot.
Best Memory is: Playing the Sock Game with Dad and yelling “Hey!”

33.6 lbs
38.25 inches tall
Wearing size 2T clothes, size 5 diapers, and 7.5 shoes

Summer and Stay-cation

ss2I know I have been a little MIA on the blog recently. Would you believe I have been here, but just a little invisible? Yep, I have like 8 drafts of blog posts that haven’t made it out into the real world yet. May and June sorta jumped up in my face and told me who was boss. Yeah, I think that I will have to make a google calendar reminder to myself for next year. It will read “Greta, just when work starts to slow down, life is gonna pick up: showers, weddings, grad parties, engagement parties, work retreat, mother and fathers day, family birthdays and cookouts. Be ready for it. Be ready for IT ALL!” Ha. Is it REALLY the Fourth of July already? So I have been doing (probably what you all have been doing too) hanging on, enjoying the moments and well, not blogging (or finishing my blogs). Sorry ’bout that.

So here is a little catch-up…

Isaac has loved being outside. Fun Fridays are just hat they sound like. A trip to the pool, the park, or a walk/ride on the bike trail. He LOVES it, can you tell?

ss1 ss7 ss4 ss3 I enjoy the being out in the air too. I loved visiting the Christian Moerlein House with some good friends for girl’s night. I learned a valuable lesson that night. Do not try to find parking while a Friday night Red’s game is starting. Ha. ss8 But OH the view, it made all worth the effort to get there. From dusk until dark we watched and heard the sounds of our city. Goregous. Cannot wait to go back.

ss9Any event that we don’t take Isaac along Doug and I have been calling a date. Lotsa summer date nights!! Dancing (at weddings) dinner (at parties) and romance (we bring that along ourselves). After almost 8 years together I still love alone time with this Schraer bear.
ss18Speaking of romance let’s talk my husband’s love language: FOOD! And even though our shish kabobs were a total grill failure… I am loving pasta salad for days.

Milkshakes. This was Isaac’s first celebrating his 1 and 3/4ths birthday. ss16

And, you cannot beat the fresh fruit like these berries! Yummmmm. ss11Isaac’s new addictions: goggles and high heels. Let’s hope it is just a phase. Or else his world will always look blue, and well, heels are hard to walk in… may slow him down on the basketball court or soccer field.


ss17My hair is getting super long which the honey likes.But on hot days, you will likely find it pulled to the side in a messy side bun thing. It’s easy, it works, and it’s out of the way.

ss15Even summer on this rainy July 4th I can appreciate a good summer storm. ss12 Today marks the first of a 10 day stay-cation for Isaac and I. Doug still has to work as he just started a new job. On the agenda? Only 2 things: (1) Pool time including the start if my little man’s swim lessons and (2) Bring the basement back to life. Yep. I am going to steal away nap times and make goodwill drops as often as needed. I am going to purge so much it hurts – not physically, though. It is going to be fun and productive. Not just anyone’s vacation: Project Momma’s! So you better believe I am concocting the plan, taking before pics, and measuring to buy my favorite things ever… CONTAINERS! Oh and if you are worried about me not getting a real vacation this year, have no fear I still have a week and half left. I am sure someone will share their ocean-side house with me sooner or later.

So that is where my mind is at today. Work “away message” on. Let’s do this.

Two, Shoe, & Judah – Isaac at 19 months

19 monthsLikes:
Elbows, thinks they are really funny!
Food: Chicken sticks, blueberries, pepperoni,
Wrestling and being tickled.
Looking out the window – tree, car, etc.
Putting on his shoes, “two shoes”! Even trying on shoes while shopping with mom.
Giving kisses and hugs to us and his friends.
Books: The Little Engine that Could, Little Blue Truck, Are you My Mother, Curious George
Show: Curious George
Music: Anything with a solid beat makes him dance. Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker (“Heyyy”) , Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars (“Uhh!”)
Taking a bath, splashing, drinking the water from the faucet.
Sitting in his rocking chair reading books.
Toys: Doggie piano, sound vehicle and animal puzzles,
Being outside! Swinging.
Words: Tress, Judah, keys, some more letters, two

19months 1

Not going outside, when he says “Door!”
Coming inside.
Turning off the monkey show (Curious George)

19 months 2Memories:
Biting into the unfrozen flavor ice packets in the basement with Dad.
Caliou – asking for it.
Being shy when he goes into co-op.
Fake crying and fake laughing – one after another.
Singing “Heyyyy” to the Wagon Wheel song and then signing more when it ends.
Riding on the mower with Dad, but still a little nervous about it.
Saying “Judah, Judah, Judah…” when he is with him and without.
Squealing with excitement when he sees his buddy Judah
Bringing a book to 10 month old Cassie to get her to stop crying.
Falling asleep sitting up in his crib after not napping at grandmas.

19 months 3Accomplishments:
Cleaning up his magnets by himself, putting away in the cabinet.
Points to himself when you say Isaac, also saying his name.
Getting on a school bus!
First story time at JoBeth’s with Livvi.
Helping dad with the broom and rake. Pushing his tractor.
Helping mom with the vacuum, using rag to clean, picking up toys, etc.
Saying 2 word phrases more often, like “Bue shoes”, “Bye Dadda”.

New Crocs size 6-7
Tooth Number 12, upper right middle coming in.
3rd haircut. His hair is growing fast
18 month clothes mostly outgrown. 24 months fit well or big.
Outgrowing size 4 diapers. Next box is size 5.

Good and Grateful.

Life is good. Not always how I planned it. Not always easy or fun. But I have so much to be grateful for. So why not stop a minute and account for some of those things. To remind myself that I have it good.

I am grateful for a long-overdue date night with my favorite man on earth. We have so much to toast: my birthday, his birthday, a new job, and even a new loved wine. 
good1I am grateful for conversations with my husband. That after 8 years together I still have much to learn about him and with him. I love that he knows me and I am my complete self with him. We still have fun, romance, and dreams.

I am grateful for a son that is easy-going. He loves an adventure and is thrilled with a loud room. He is comfortable sleeping in other’s houses so long as he has a blankie and a good story. 
good9I am grateful for Tuesday mornings off from work. That I get to experience Mommy things with my son, rather than working every day of the week. Working part-time reminds me to appreciate every story time, museum trip and playground moment with Isaac. 
good10I am grateful for a great house with a huge yard. Isaac is safe to run and play and push his truck to his hearts content. And though I sometimes complain about living in “the country”, our home is perfect for our family right now.

I am grateful for a good family. So many people that support us and love us….and ADORE Isaac. He will grow up with good people who treat him well and teach him well. Family that love God and follow Him.


I am grateful for new rhythms and moments of rest. Like sweet tea on a warm spring day while my car gets washed. Where the sun beams and reminds me that a hot summer is on it’s way. I take a moment to close my eyes an think about sitting in the water as Isaac plays and laughs. Good times are ahead.
good7I am grateful for Sunday family day where time seems to stand still. And, even thought I do get jealous when Doug gets the baby cuddles, my heart also explodes. The fact that my boys love each other as much as I love each of them. It is a gift.
good8I am grateful for every new experience with Isaac. I often say things like “this is his first picnic!” I love to watch him get excited about everything. The awe of bubbles, the confusion over loud rain, and the humor of talking while his head is under the bath water. His zest for life is pure joy and it is addictive.
good5I am grateful for roses. Especialy when they come with love. A symbol of thought and beauty and also the brevity of life. A gentle reminder to enjoy the beauty while you can, because moments pass.

Beyond all else, I am grateful to be a mom and wife. It is the greatest calling…to be part of this family team – to follow and lead with purpose and love.
good12I have so much to be grateful for…big and small things. God has been so faithful to me and so gracious.


Adventure, Affection, and Ascension – Isaac at 18 months

18 months Likes:
Trains or things that resemble trains. He says “choo choo” and motions pulling the train whistle.
Chocolate pudding. Sharing with mom at the museum.
Showing his tummy and being naked.
Finding your belly button and tickling (scratching) it.
His knees and our knees. He holds up his pants and laughs about it.
Singing “head, shoulders, knees & toes” with Dad.
Curious George on netflix. Says “Ooh ooh ooh” as his monkey sound.
Books: Easter flap book, Go Dog Go (we found it finally), Curious George, Tub People.
Going to the parks! Loved Lunken, squealing and running down the sidewalk.
Big slides! Loves the adventure. No fear at all.
Brushing his teeth on the changing table.
Saying “um, um, ummm” when something tastes good.
Putting on his shoes and jacket, because he knows that means leaving we’re leaving.
Kissing Judah, Liv and all his friends.
Singing wheels on the bus, saying “round and round” sound to start it.
Singing Happy Birthday.
Dancing to his tape at Grandma’s.
Pointing to things on out car: “wheel”, “door”, “door”.
Pointing to “car”, “car”, “car”… in parking lots.
Giving real hugs and saying “awww”.
Food: blueberries, pretzels, hershey kisses, homemade carrot-apple juice, pepperoni.
Baths! Kicking, splashing, letting the water run, blowing bubbles. 

18 mo. collage 3Dislikes:
Being told “no”.
The sound of the garbage disposal or vacuum.
Being woken up from nap.
When his toys dont cooperate with him.
When he’s not allowed to climb on side tables in living room.
Cold chicken nuggets, banana, food from Mom’s fork.

18 mo collage 2Memories:
Saying “no” but not always meaning it
Haircut at Cookie Cutters, watching Superwhy while in the car
Hitting Great Grandma in the face then hugging her and saying “awww”.
Falling asleep at co-op the day after Easter while being read to.
Drinking a milkshake and saying “brrr”.
Taking a head-dive from truck. Mom is officially done with it in the house.
Saying “two” for two cookies or two crackers instead of one.
Dipping ketchup! (usually refuses to dip.)
Saying “Hi” to people and waving.
Climbing out of pack n’ play at nap at Grandma’s. Saying “Hi” and waving when she came in
Climbing/falling from his crib because he wanted his golf clubs.
Going and getting his towel for bath.
Finding a single M&M hiding in each Easter eggs around the house.
Taking a liking to a bear names Benny at Pottery Barn Outlet. Grandma bought it.

18 mo Collage 1Accomplishments:
All the shapes into his shape sorter
Completing his 2 year old puzzles – vehicles and animals.
Going down the steps to the garage.
Using spoon alone for oatmeal and yogurt. (Still messy)
Poking some with fork.
Coloring and stickering well. Sits at the table for long periods of time with his “table time” boxes.
Reaching the lights to turn them on and off. Saying “on” and “off” both sound like “aw”.

Tooth #10 (his right lower middle) is in.
Tooth #11 (left upper middle) has broken the skin.
Tooth #12 (left front) not far behind.
Taking good solid naps, 2-3 hours
Day light savings time making bedtime about 7:30 now. Up between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m.
Takes longer to go to sleep at night, we think because it’s still light out.
18 mos. shirts sleeves getting short. 24 mos. clothes some fit, some still big.

Happy Easter (Basket)

Just hopping in quickly to wish you a Happy Easter and show you Isaac’s Easter basket. You might remember this basket that I picked up a few months ago for the Young House Love Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge. I have just laid some fabric inside, but hope to make a liner for next year.
easter3In his basket are just a few things that I knew he’d love.

  1. A replacement ball for the Little Tykes basketball hoop that was given to us. (Amazon)
  2. A Veggie Tales book about saying thank you. It sings too. I might regret this one. (Sam’s)
  3. Little Blue Truck book. He has book number two and loves it, so when I saw book number one I snatched it. (TJMaxx)
  4. Burts Bees Bubble Bath. I have heard great things about this for kids with sensitive skin. (Amazon) 
  5. Cheapy plastic boats for bathtime. Target dollar bins are dangerous! (Target)

I am really excited for tomorrow. I think Isaac is going to love looking for eggs around the house…especially when he realizes there is an M&M inside. He will likely call them balls because anything kinda circular is a ball to him these days.


Holidays are so much more fun with kids. We ran into the Easter Bunny at the park and Isaac starred with squinty eyes while holding my hand tightly. I took his cue didn’t force a picture. I can’t handle the crying baby pictures with a costumed character. I look forward to teaching him about the true meaning of Easter, but at 18 months I think colored eggs will do just fine. 

Soccer ball, Stickers, and Superwhy – Isaac at 17 months

17months Likes:
Basketball, soccer ball, tennis balls, racquetballs. Holding them in his car seat while we drive.
Superwhy! OMG. He dances like a fool and puts his arm in when they say “put your arm in”.
Cheese, Nutella on toast, grapes, Oreos, anything Dad is snacking on.
Standing on his toys.
Playing hide and seek with Dad while Mom is cooking.
Dipping head and face in and under water in the bathtub.
Being naked.
Letters. They are all “E”s and “I”s right now.
Books: Curious George, Little People Flap book (still!!)
Getting in the dining room closet and shutting the door.
Giving kisses, open-mouthed.
Running down the hall to co-op.
Riding the fussy bus at co-op.
His thin blankets, all of them out at the same time.
To bock-bock like a chicken. Hilarious when mom does it.
Climbing on us while we lay on the floor.
Playing peekaboo and chase when mom stomps really loud.
Holding a wipe or tissue and carrying it around with him.

The sound of the vacuum.
When he cannot go to the basement with you.
Mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, macaroni (aren’t these toddler staples?)
When mom leaves on Thursday nights. He is usually fine at other times.
Taking a long time on the changing table.

Putting toys and balls away to the clean-up song
Stacking 4 blocks with grandma.
Enjoying Grandpa Larry and Grandma Shirley while visiting. Stuck to them.
Saying “cheese” when I took his picture.
Saying “Uhh” like the Bruno Mars song.
Trying to say Superwhy. Because he is obsessed.
Saying phrases: “Bye, TV”, “No way”, “Woah”, and “Uh-ooooooh”.
Friend Judah hugs and kisses Isaac. Isaac finally hugs back.
Mornings, looking out the window for cars and school buses.
Making the “Ooh” face over and over like Grandpa at the Feedmill
I found him sitting on the middle of the dining room table… just once.
Doug telling him to go get his towel, and he took it in the bathroom.

Working On: 
Coloring – making lines and dots. Rather than eating the crayons.
Peeling and sticking stickers.
Walking and holding hands. He likes to not and run.
Spoon & fork.
Straw water cup.

Transitioned officially to 1 nap! Usually 1.5-3 hours long.
Growing out of some 18 mo. clothes and wearing a few 24 month.
12-24 mo. socks getting small.
Sleeping about 7:15 or 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
Tooth number 10, upper left in the middle starting to come in.

Quick Tip: DIY Thank You Notes

After Isaac’s first birthday party, I needed to write thank you notes. I was going to print something up with a photo program online, but ended up feeling rushed to get them out.  So I ordered some Walmart prints from Isaac’s one-year photoshoot. I created my own card, using 4 X 6 white notecards with a lined back. These notecards are a great mulit-use item so I just had laying around… ahem, free!  I used tape to attach the picture to the card, so that family could keep the picture and put in a frame if they choose.

thank youOn the back I wrote a short note about how Isaac was enjoying his gift, and I wrote it as if he was talking. I used a few sharpies to add some color to the notes. I slipped the cards in some large envelopes and mailed them out the next day. Cute. Personal. Easy. Done.

thank you 2

Quick Tip: DIY Flashcards

So, I accidentally fell into a quick project today. Isaac as coloring (err, playing with crayons) at the table while I was cleaning out and organizing the dining room closet. In a trash pile I had some checkbook backing which I had ripped all the deposits slips off of. I always save those to shred them because I am too afraid to just throw them away with our account number on them. Isaac loves letters, and the thought just came to me… I should give him these cards with letters… flashcards! photoSo I simply wrote the letters in his name and gave them to him. He loved them! The thick edge gave him something to hold onto and the cardboard was thick enough that he didn’t crush them like paper. He loved to look at them and say the “alphabet”, which sounds the same every time, no matter what letters are in front of him… “Ay, Eye, Ay, Ooo, Eye”. For some reason he likes those vowel sounds. Even thought he is a little young to be learning letters, he is intrigued by them! I guess that comes from his book obsession.


When you can…. USE WHATCHA GOT!