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Fall Sale Time!

fall sale banner

I love an opportunity to get a deal, especially on “necessities” like clothes. I love quality and cute clothes for Isaac, but it is really hard to pay full price for kids clothes knowing how quickly he goes through them. So each fall and spring I head out to a few sales put on by local twin and multiples groups in our city. Back in the spring I detailed my process (here and here). In short, I always have a list and plan and budget. I like to spend under $100 for both sales combined, though I may increase that a bit as I start buying for the baby too.

This year I hoped to find some baby “gear” so I went to both sales as they opened.

Sale #1 was the Twin Sale put on by EHMOTC held a the Nagel Middle School in Anderson. I walked around pretty quickly, picked up some items then found a spot to take a closer look at each item. I look for stains, think of outfits, and decide if the the item is worth the cost.

fallsale1 Here is what I ended up with after the first sale:

For Isaac:

  • 3T Gap zip-up sweatshirt jacket
  • 3T lined plaid jacket (really warm!)
  • 3T Addidas track outfit
  • 3T long-sleeved shirt
  • 2T rust corduroy button up – Thanksgiving shirt!


For baby:

  • 3-6 mo. BabyGap sleeper (Similar to favorite of mine for Isaac as a baby. Super soft!)
  • 0-3 mo. “All I Need is Love” long-sleeved onesie
  • 3-6 mo. tie-die sleeper (looks never worn)

fallsale3 Misc:

  • Duck towel (I had been looking for this last spring before pool season) 
  • Car organizer for Isaac’s books and a few toys we leave in the car ($8.00 is a little pricey for a sale, but I had planned to buy something just like this! It was brand new.) 
  • Crib sheet in Navy


Total for Sale #1: $31.00 for 11 items.

Sale #2 was the following week across town at the Princeton Middle School put on by the Tristate Multiples Club. I was in line while it was still dark as I was hoping to find a bassinet/crib/pack ‘n play. Something for baby to sleep in until he is sleeping through the night. I did find some cute things, but didn’t manage to find gear. Boo.

For Isaac:

  • 3T Gap zip-up jacket. (I guess I really liked this item, I did not realize I jut bought one in a different color the week before!)
  • 2T and 3T dressy button up (1 for Christmas outfit!)
  • 3T PJs
  • 4T PJs
  • 4T polo (brand new!)


For baby:

  • 3-6 mo. Aden and Anais sleep sac
  • 2 pair pants – 3 mos, 6 mos,
  • 2 onesies – 3-6 mos
  • 4 sleepers – 0-3 and 3-6 mos. (all long-sleeved for baby born in Feb)



  • Rain boots – size 8. Isaac loves trying on my rain boots, I knew he would love to wear these around the house even if it doesn’t rain all that much.
  • Fleece hat and gloves for Isaac
  • 3 pairs of shoes for baby/toddler
  • 3T winter coat for Isaac (a little big, but leaves room for winter clothes underneath)

fall accessories

 I could not turn down this Thomas the Train carrying case for all my little man’s best buddies. I do not see us really carrying this out of the house, but for $3.50 I thought it was worth Isaac’s joy.

sale train

Total for Sale #2: $52.00 for 22 items.

So, I was disappointed that I did not find one piece of gear at either of the sales, but still very happy with everything that I got!

Grand total: $83 for 33 items.
Well under budget this season! Success.

*Looking for more info. on these two sales? Here are EHMOTC Website and Tristate Multiples Website. Both have an email mailing list and will notify you about a month prior to their sales. 

Five Classic Gal Gifts // Giveaway

[Giveaway has ended. For results, please scroll to the end of this post.]

Hey Hey! It’ my birthday! I thought I would celebrate by giving one of my followers a gift! But here is the fun part, you get to “Pick Your Own Gift(away)!” See what I did there? 

I really like to receive and give gifts. Whether it’s a dinner or brunch date or a card with thoughtful words, it is just nice to be thought of on your birthday or any day. Some of my favorite gifts have been jewelry from my husband; he most recently got me a ring with Isaac’s birthstone. I also have loved my Keurig coffee maker, Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses, and my Tretorn rain boots…all things that I thought were to extravagant too buy for myself. As much as I’ve enjoyed those, some of the more classic gifts are the things have become staples in my life.

I’ve realized that giving gifts you love yourself is the best way to go. So if I’ve used, loved, and repurchased a gift, I figure, others would enjoy too. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be quality. While there are many more items I love to gift, here are FIVE CLASSIC GAL GIFTS. Which one would you choose?

Five Classic Gal Gifts

ONE. Bath & Body Hand Soap Lotion in Eucaplyputs Speariment
The luxorious smell and feel of these products has had them sitting side by side in our bathroom for over 5 years. You can often find them on sale, which is when I buy them in bulk. I have purchased many of the products in this line including the candles, but these are my two favorites. (Values: $5.50 and $13.00)

TWO. Vera Bradley Medium Cosmetic Bag
I have to admit it took me many years to jump on the Vera band wagon. I am just not a floral purse kinda girl. But, I received a cosmetic bag and after 18 months it is still in great shape. I have given solid fabrics and floral to a few of my lady family members. (Value: $26 or less depending on pattern) 

THREE. Clinique Long Last Glosswear
Though I have tried to be, I am just not a lipstick girl. I do love some lip gloss, though. I think Whisper (shown) is a great everyday gloss and works with different skin and clothing colorings. I save a pop of pink for being a little fancy. (Choose your shade, $15 value)

FOUR. Crate & Barrel Eliza Picture Frames 
I love the simple lines on these frames. They are heavy but elegant. Classic. They’ve seemed to multiple on my mantle…whoops. A picture frame with a personal picture or encouraging quote is a great way to give a sentimental gift. (Shown: 5X7 and 4X6, values $14.95 and $9.95)

FIVE. iTunes Gift Card
The gift of music is one that just keeps on giving! This ia great gift to personalize and send in the mail or grab on the way to a party. Everyone likes music, right? (Value $20)

Whatdaya think? Will you add some of these your classic gifts list?

projmom giveaway bannerSo, here a few ways to enter. Each item below is worth 1 entry, up to 3 entries total per person. If you have already followed, comment and share for up to 3 entries. Giveaway closes on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 12:00 midnight EST. 

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Don’t forget to share what item you’d choose and why! 

The giveaway is open to friends, family, and followers in the continental United States (sorry Alaska and Hawaii). Project Momma was not paid or perked for any of these items. Coupons may be utilized but not harmed in the purchasing of this giveaway.

[UPDATE: Congrats to Julie K. winner of "Pick Your Gift(away)".]

Spring Sale Spoils (Part 2)

sale 2 final bannerI’m back with round two of my spring kids’ clothes shopping! Since I went into great detail about my methods last week I’ll keep this post brief. I’ll share some grand totals at the end of the post.

This week’s sale was at Nagel Middle School in Anderson. My plan was to be early, but I arrived late. I had great intentions all week, but sometimes you just have to roll with life. Husband and I ended up being out until all hours the night before. I was a big winner at Dave & Busters, and had an embarrassing bundle of tickets in my hands. Over 3000. It was fun though and the baby was at Doug’s parents. Saturday morning came too quickly! Since I was not eagerly hunting items… I slept in. Ahhh! I slept in, got coffee, took my time and got to the sale 40 minutes before it closed. Just enough time.
sale2When I arrived the room was eerily empty. In the past this has been my favorite sale because they usually take 50% off all the clothes in the last hour. Totally a steal! Well, I guess the twin mommies thought so too because they didn’t offer that this year. Bum-mer! I’m hoping they bring it back though, because the sale was pretty dead at the end with lots of clothes still left.

sale 2 collage bannerBeing baby-free, I was super fast with my process. Shop, throw items in my bag, sort by size, check my lists, and decide what to buy – just as I did at Sale #1.  I did spend a little more money at this sale than I normally. With previous half-off deal I don’t think that I ever spent over $30. However, I found some higher end brands and was happy to pay for them. I walked out with 19 items for $49.75.
dress3Actually, I bought 20. Look at this sweetness of a dress. The wide ribbon belt with detailed flowers made me want to pop out a girl or two just so they could wear them. Oh, yeah, there were actually 2 of these dresses… normal at a twin sale. I couldn’t resist one of them. Adorable, right?  But, no, I did not buy this in hopes of a daughter, I’m way too cheap for that. I did text my friend to see if she wanted it for her daughter. Brand new with the $44 tag still attached. She said to grab it, and I have to tell you at $8 (my highest priced item) it was the find of the day.

But on to the boys clothes!  Remember the sweater I found last week for Easter? Here are pants to go with them. Super score!! I will likely have the roll the waist band, but they shouldn’t be too huge on Isaac.

sale2 easter bannerI brought home a bunch of Gap clothing including the super soft pirate ship PJs, and some perfect little man jeans. I love how Gap baby and kid clothes feel and they last really long. So I snag ‘em often at these sales. sale2 2t banner sale 2 3t bannerOff my starred items list, I found Sperry gym shoe/sandal things. Whenever I buy used shoes they have to be practically new. I checked the inner soles to make sure there was no foot impression. I want Isaac to be comfortable in his shoes, so I mostly pay for brand new shoes for that reason.

I also scored a bunch of swimwear: 18 mos, 2T, and 3T. The 3T navy board shorts and swim shirt are Lands End and look like they have not been worn.

sale 2 starred 2

Overall I am really happy with my finds this week and last.

Here are the final numbers from both sales: 
7 long-sleeve T’s
12 short sleeve T’s
7 pants
4 shorts
3 pair of shoes
3 pair of PJs
4 swim items
1 easter sweater
1 easter pants
1 jacket
43 items for $97.00  (sale 1 = $47.25 and sale #2 = $49.75)

WOW! I love that math. That is about $2.25 per item. I will take that! And, remember those lists? I got all the clothing items off my starred list. Still looking for a climber and wagon. Overall, I am under budget and spent cash.
2 listsNow it is time to wash and store those clothes, and of course I gotta update my penciled lists that I made when I was going through the piles a few weeks back. Gotta keep those bins organized!

Spring Sale Spoils (Part 1)

pile banner Saturday morning Isaac and I ventured off the the Tri-state Multiple Clothing and Equipment Sale at the Princeton Middle School. A few weeks back I sorted, organized and stored all the kids clothes that had been piling up in the basement (read all the details here). So, I had my lists ready to go for the sale along with a list of “starred” items. These are items that I was REALLY on the lookout for: Crocs (size 7, 8, or 9), outdoor toddler climber/slide, pjs, jacket (2T), Easter outfit (this year), and a wagon for Doug’s mom.

2 lists

For most of sales I am in line when the door opens, without baby, cash in hand. This day I decided to take the day slow. I wanted to find some stuff, but really didn’t need to fight the masses. Isaac was tagging along for the fun. When I finally arrived (after realizing I had left my debit card for cash at home) the room was quiet. Usually I am sweating fighting the crowds and that was without baby! I was actually excited to calmly shop this time. Pickings were definitely slim though, in comparison. Usually the tables are mountains and volcanoes of clothes erupting to the benches and floors. (It’s awesome!!!)

I gave myself $100 budget to spend at the sales this week and next. Whatever cash was left would go for items Isaac did need but couldn’t find like swim trunks and summer shoes.

sale1  I visited the boy tables – 24 months, 2T, 3T and 4T. I also perused the hanging clothes racks which are nicer holiday items as well as jackets, coats, costumes, etc. The shoes line the bleachers along the wall in the gym by size. Isaac ate his lunch and drank his milk while flirting with the triplet (and quad and quint) moms. After about 30 minutes I had a grocery bag full of items.
sale2I always go through my items a second time before purchasing. I want to make sure that I am not buying 3 of the same things, check for stains, and look closer at the pricing compared to other items I picked up. Maybe I have 2 pair of jeans in the same size and one is $1.50 and the other is $4.00.  Usually I am doing this while waiting in the forever long line to pay. Today there was no line, so I found us a little spot to break. I laid them out by size and compared the items. I pulled out my lists of what I already had at home and compared to decide what I’d buy.
sale sizes

The grand total was $47.25 for 24 items. The clothing I purchase was all $.50 – $2.50 per item, shoes and holiday items a little more. Before I get into what I got, let me take you on a little tour of the ‘Toys & Equipment Room’. Here are a few items I found interesting but did not need:

sale 4 deals 2We have a restaurant highchair that Doug’s dad built for us because I could not find one of these for sale. I would have bought this a few years back. The Cozy Coupe for $15 was a great deal and thought of buying it for Grandma’s house. If I was pregnant I would have bought the baby scale. I wanted one of these so bad while I was nursing Isaac. And, some mom really didn’t want to take home this highchair it say by the door and register and had been lowered to $2! 

I wasn’t planning on buying anything in here unless I found a climber, but Isaac pointed to this truck and called out “carrrrrr”. For $.50, I thought my rockstar shopper deserved a little treat. Besides, it’s a cement mixer. Daddy pours footers and finishes concrete at work and pretty soon he is going to love passing these on the roads. We spent $4.50 in the toy room. Details on the other impulse buys below.

By the way, I love knowing that my money is going to a good cause. 50% of group profits go to assist higher order multiples families experiencing financial hardship. Learn more about TSM here.


Drum roll please…. Here we have the clothes I purchased by size. I cannot give you exact prices for each item because the mommies pull the tags when I pay. It is how they know which mom gets the mula (that is where the other 50% goes).

24mos banner2T banner3T banner4T bannerAnd, off my “starred” really wants list: A Gymboree sweater for Isaac’s Easter outfit. A pair of 8/9 navy Crocs and black skater shoes in perfect condition. Also, this 2T jacket that will remind me of the triplet boys I nannied for because all 3 had the same one. In fact it is very possible this was one of theirs and it has been passed around to triplet moms a few times since they were 2. Could be!?
sweater & more

And, my $4.50 impulse buys were fun things for Isaac. A carry along school house with jumbo figurines inside, cement mixer truck and Melissa and Doug magnet board with misc letters. As you can see, Isaac was very pleased that I brought these toys home. #picturebomb

2 pic toysThat is it for Part 1! The EHMOTC twin sale is close by in Anderson this Saturday. I usually go late to this sale but I found out that they are no longer doing half-off items the last hour. So, I think I am going to do this one early and without baby! No more impulse buys, Isaac. I will be back next week to share Spring Sale Spoils (Part 2). I’m looking forward to it!

Window Shopping: Pottery Barn Spring ’13

pb8I often shop at Pottery Barn, or should I say walk through Pottery Barn. I do love their stuff, but to be honest I can’t pay the price tag. I always feel good while I am there. The colors and textures feel warm and cozy. It feels like home to me.  So, even though I rarely make a purchase, it is a great place to get inspired. (And, the outlet is only an hour drive.)

As I approached the store, I saw beautifully hung baskets and words that practically called me by name…
pb7Why, yes, I think that I will come in! Thank your for the kind and personal welcome! Here are some items that caught my eye as Isaac and I took a stroll through the store.

1. Golden Side Table
I loved the size and shape of this table. The gold color was warm and would fit nicely in our living room. I could keep my eyes open for a goodwill find and work my spray paint magic again. I have been dying to get into another spray paint project.
2. Burlap-backed Banner
Though it’s not for sale, this happy simple banner would look fabulous in our house. Pastels just don’t work with our color scheme. It feel’s very festive with the crisp white and faint green being grounded in the dark tan color of the burlap.
3. Simple Clocks
Isaac was a little inspired, himself. We spent a few minutes looking at the clocks, watching the hands move and looking at the numbers. “Clock” was one of his first words and he still points them out often. So, I was inspired to put a clock in his room. Why I have not done this before? The clock itself should be simple, with clear numbers and maybe large. Isaac would enjoy that. Maybe I can add it into his framed art wall, like I saw a few weeks back on a blog I love.
4. Accordian Hooks

I fell in love with this item. It did spark a memory of seeing an inexpensive and lighter-weight piece made of birch wood. Now I just have to remember where I saw it. Maybe at a craft store? I could utilize this in my bedroom closet for scarves and accessories. I think that I will be on the lookout for something similar. I have black paint leftover from my Memo Board project. This is also one of those items that may just make it to the outlet. Let me know if you see it there.
5. Fancy Bookends

I have noticed a trend of brightly painted bookends, and I secretly desire to have some hot pink animal heads supporting my books. But, alas, that is another trend that won’t work in our house. Though, now that I am thinking about it, it may be a fun prank to play on Doug! This bookshelf with the dark, bronze globes and horses gave me the idea to go dark with the idea that trend that I am fond of.  Add bookends to the thrift shop shopping list!
6. Chunky Faux Plant

Hi, my name is Greta, and I am a plant killer. Yeah, even those plants that people say, “you cannot kill this plant”… I killed one of those too. I like plants. I really do. I love the deep and dark colors of the leaves of this faux plant. It looked so real that I had to reach out and touch it. Totally fake. I cannot remember the price, but it was more that I would pay. I was, however, intrigued with this real looking, fake plant.

7. Floor Lamps with Textured Shades
Our floor lamp in the living room broke about 8 months ago. Though we’ve needed a replacement we have kinda been OK to put it off not sure how Isaac would treat the new one. Did I mention that he shook the last one and that’s why it stopped working? Our cute little baby, barely standing at that point went all King Kong on it. There was some total ‘daddy-regret’ for teaching him that he could tap it and make it turn on. I really like the look of both of these lamps for our living room space.

Thanks for window shopping with me. I don’t get out to the stores too often, but I promise I will take you along when I am inspired.