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Sellin’ My Stuff for Vacation Funds

Hey! Thanks for stopping by to look at my stuff. I have been wanting to put this on Craigslist forever. I am finally motivated because Doug and I are trying to do a trip in Aug or Sept to celebrate A DECADE OF MARRIAGE! Woah. Funds are tight but hoping this will add to the cash we have saved!

Please email me if you are interested in an item or have a question. Pick up in Oakley or Batavia, may even drop off some of the larger priced items. Will ship also, but charge you shipping rate.


This was my first Coach purse. Sits comfortably under your arm. Leather is in great shape. Too small for my needs, now but a really cute purse. IMG_4959 IMG_4961IMG_4958 IMG_4960

This was a gift, still in the box. Silver lining through the mesh is so cute! Great for Spring – Fall.
IMG_4931 IMG_4932

This was a gift from Italy. The leather is super strength. Unique divider inside. Very rarely used.IMG_4949 IMG_4942IMG_4940

Brown suede, brown leather, gold accents, with lime interior. Adorable and in excellent condition since I don’t wear brown as much as I do black.

IMG_4928 IMG_4927WINE DECANTER – $10
Never been used. Glass. From Bed, bath, & beyond. Sitcker price still on it for $24.99

Black leather, used/good condition. Size “pocket”. Just buy your inserts on Sells for $59.95 new (link here)
IMG_4963LAPTOP & IPOD SWEATER COVERS – $5 laptop (have 1), $2 ipod (have 6 left).
These were so cool back in the day! They don’t fit today’s size perfectly, but still do the job.
I have had many backpacks from LLBean and they hold up so well! If this weren’t pink I would save for my boys! Perfect condition. Regular price $39.95, link here.
These backpacks hold up so well. This one is unisex.
Great gift idea. Still in the box. Tried it out because it’s just funny. Never actually used. Sells new on Amazon for $39.95, link hereIMG_4964 IMG_4965 WONDER WOMAN T-SHIRT – $10
Large T-shirt with cape, and headband. Runs small, size says XL, but actually a L. Bought online and couldn’t return in-time. Never worn, never washed. 
Full size comforter. Navy & white bedskirt, red & white curtain, 2 Euro pillow case covers. Full size quilt, regular size sailboat pillowcase, mini whale pillow case. No sheets. A few imperfections but awesome condition. So soft and cute. Wrinkly from being in storage. They no longer make this, but here is a link to something similar. Quilts up to $199. IMG_4971 IMG_4976 FullSizeRender IMG_4977MOSES BASKET  - $35
Basket with removable shade, thin mattress, 2 new sheets still in package. Used for 2 weeks with each of my boys without the lining and hood. Basket is in good shape, but not perfect. Some pulling apart on the hood, see picture. Sells new for $69.95, link here. You can also buy new linens for it online.
IMG_4944 IMG_4947 IMG_4946 IMG_4948 IMG_4945

Seasons 1,2,3,4,5, 6 part 1, and 6 part 2. Some DVDs are brand new, some barely used. Seasons 4,5, 6 part 1 and 6 part 2 have never been opened, still in package. The others have only been watched once. Complete series sells new for $106 on amazon, link here.
IMG_4973 IMG_4975

Thanks so much!

Isaac 3.0

isaac 3 yoHow did this happen. How is he 3? I could weep thinking about how quickly the time is going. Still I love to see him grow and mature. He is learning new things everyday. Such a little sponge excited about life. I just try to keep up.

Favorite Food: Cheese. Pickles. Muffins. Reese Cups. Milk.
Favorite Sport: Swinging and riding his quad through the yard.
Best Show on TV: Curious George, Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
The Coolest Person on Earth: Mommy. Luke as a close 2nd.
My Favorite Thing about School: Climbing in adventure club and playing outside
My Favorite Thing to Learn About is: Numbers and counting. Memorizing prayers.
My Favorite Thing I Have is: Rosie & Thomas trains are still favorites. Train table with tunnels, & bridges. Lighting McQueen.
The Thing I Do Most Awesomely is: Thomas matching game on iPad.
If I could go anywhere in the world it would be: Kings Island or Coney Island (he gets them mixed up).
My Favorite Color is: Purple
The Way I Sleep is: In my big boy bed with Thomas Blanket, pillows all around and Monkey.
When I grow up I am going to be: Batman
My Current Favorite Song is: Do You Love Me. No More Monkeys.
The Book I Am Loving Right Now Is: Curious George Favorites (Red Book)
The Words That Describe Me Are: Happy. Determined. Loud. Sensitive.
When I Was Little I used to: Wear Diapers
Favorite Season of the Year: Summer to play outside and swim.
The Snack I like best is: Popcorn like Daddy.
One Food I dislike is: Pasta, Mashed Potatoes, & Most Vegetables
My Best Friend is: Luke
If I had One Wish it would be:
Best Memory is: Potty training, sleeping in a big boy bed, meeting Luke, Luke moving in the bedroom. (Big year!)

41 lbs.  (in the 98%)
41 3/4 tall (in the 100%)
Wearing size 3T/4T clothes, 10.5 shoes, & underwear (pull-ups at night)

Sushi Makers!

A couple of friends in our small group took a Sushi class and threw us a Sushi party to pass on their new skills. I was kinda nervous because even when I’m NOT pregnant, I don’t eat raw fish. But Megan promised me there would be cooked fish and even chicken to choose from. sushi1First we prepped the food. You can see the fish, chicken and shrimp on the left and sliced cucumber, carrot and cream cheese on the right. I love that they had traditional items but some items that were not so scary for newbies like Doug and I. 
sushi collage
We all sat around the table with a cutting board and gloves on. The cutting board to help up move and maneuver our roll, and later to cut one. The gloves helped to keep the rice from sticking to our hands.sushi10

Megan took us through the process, giving us the step by step and helpful hints. sushi collage 2 1. Lay out your seaweed.
2. Add the rice and press to the edge of the seaweed.
3. Sprinkle sesame seeds on the rice, this keeps it from sticking to the cutting board when you flip it over.

sushi collage 3

4. Carefully flip it over. Choose 3 items for your roll. I choose chicken, cucumber, and cream cheese. (Yes I am totally safe!)
5. Roll up by hand.
6. Use a wooden placement sheet covered with saran wrap to get the roll super tight. You can see my friend Dawn pulling towards her while holding tight to the other end of the mat.

sushi14Once you have the roll, you use a knife to slice into bite size pieces. It helps to dip the knife in water before each cut to keep the food from sticking. It keeps the rolls nice and clean cut. sushi7

Doug’s first roll had way too much rice. He said it was his size.

sushi13Isaac enjoyed watching and chasing the dogs around the house. We were all having so much fun I lost track of time and kept him up later than we ever have. He got wild and we finally headed out.

Here is my first finished roll. We had several sauces to dip into. Doug surprisingly like the wasabi  mayo mix and I stuck to the classic soy sauce. Yummy!sushi collage 4

Also, Doug got to use chopsticks for the first time.

Overall, it was such a blast. We have fun friends! And, I guess I like Sushi! Is it still Sushi with chicken? I think I will have to try out the new place in Hyde Park, Fusian. They have chicken too!
sushi logo

**Disclaimer: There is a lot to know about eating raw fish. You cannot just go to Kroger and pick up fish for sushi. Please do your homework about sushi-grade fish before trying it at home.


8 years married.

It’s been 8 years with this man. Wow. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s been that long, then I look back at how our lives have changed individually and together, and I guess I can see the time. We’ve had 2 homes, a 2 year old son, 19 weeks away from our 2nd boy, 5 job changes, 4 vehicle changes, amongst all the new friends, new church, new challenges and boring days. I am thankful to have had him by my side through it all.  
pri 9Back when we were newly married we dined out a lot. At least once a week, a lot of times after church on Saturday nights. But these days, a nice slow meal is a luxury. The Primavista was our treat this year. It overlooks the city from the westside. Some of our family loves this place. I had been only once for a rehearsal dinner and Doug had never been.

anniversary collage

The food was divine. We started with the Bruschetta which may have been one of the best things I have ever eaten. What you cannot see in the picture are the blends and spices in each of the basil and sundried tomato pestos, caponata and prosciutto. I have thought of this plate many times since and even thought of driving there to pick up on for lunch someday. (Not sure they are even open at lunch… but a girl can dream.)

pri 11

The salads were fabulous as well. I got a Caesar with flavorful dressing and just the right amount. Doug got the special of the night, can’t recall what it was. It was good as well. pri 1 For dinner, Doug’s meal was EXTRAordinary! It was the Scampi Rigano -  shrimp with mushrooms and onion in sherry garlic butter sauce over angel hair pasta. Oh it was soooo good. I was surprised he didn’t get veal because they are known for their veal. He will often order what a restaurant specializes in. I love that about him! For someone so picky about food, he is also daring. And, then I get to try it. If we go back I would definitely order his meal!

pri 2I safely picked the filet. My stomach had been bothering me that day.. (thanks baby). It was good, but just satisfactory, not blow your mind best filet in the city. That was our anniversary a few years back at The Precinct. pri 3 For dessert they brought us a little sundae with a candle. Sweet, huh? This is Doug’s “Are you seriously still taking pictures of our food” face. pri 4 Overall we had a great time. We went home early and went to bed. Crazy kids, I know. But, totally a luxury. And, I slept in the next day. Celebrate good times, COME ON! pri 14I love this man. We are good together. Not perfect, but really good. We are friends, teammates, in addition to the love we share. We have a lot to be thankful for and it is nice to spend time remembering that.

Isaac’s Train-themed Party

Isaac is 2 and loving life. Loving life with trains, I should say…

A few months back I started thinking about his party. I thought maybe we’d do Curious George since he loves”Ooh-Ooh-Ah-Ah” as he calls him. Then he met the train table in the toddler room at daycare and he was all about trains. Thomas, you know “The Train”, slowly rolled into this Schraer station. So, I moved from the monkey ideas to a thought of a vintage train party. Cute, right? I began pinning all these sweet ideas. I could easily do trains and leave the whole Thomas theme out. I made an Evite and sent it out.

evite- isaac's partyBut as the party got closer, Isaac’s love for Thomas (and his friends) got very passionate. So much, that we took him to meet said train as part of his birthday present. So, I embraced Thomas and invited him to the party (sigh)… for Isaac. Sadly, I ditched all the vintage ideas, except the cute train T-shirt that I already ordered from Etsy. 2 party isacI approached this birthday party much differently from the last. Year one, I felt like most of the party was about how to host the large quantity of people invited to our house. Preparation was mostly in taking care them, fitting them, feeding them, etc. We had a great time but it was a lot of work! This year, I wanted to focus on the simple things that Isaac loved with the people that love him. So we hosted a casual party on a Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. = Isaac’s prime time. We had it outdoors at a shelter within one of his favorite parks, complete with train to climb. decor 7We had his favorite foods… strawberries, grapes, apples, pretzels, cookies and juice boxes. I picked them up from Sam’s the day before. Easy. decor 5Also from Sam’s, a train-themed cookie cake! We did a cookie cake simply because we knew Isaac would like it better; he is not a big cake, cupcake, or ice cream fan. Sam’s did not have a train theme decor cake, so I asked them to tweak the Cars-themed cake. They made the road into a track and left the Cars figures off. I added my own little train; I had already bought Percy as a gift. He is the green engine below, if you aren’t as immersed in the Island of Sodor and it’s inhabitants. He was brand new and clean, so he made the cake. Sorry, Thomas. decor 4Thomas did leave his mark as the high-maintenance balloon I chased through the park a few times. He is supposed to hover the ground and I thought Isaac would love that. I finally had to tie him up since he would not behave. Isaac loves balloons right now and relates them to a birthday party, because of his Curious George book. One page has a party with balloons and he always skips to it and sings “Happy to you… happy to you.” I knew I had to have balloons for him this year. decor 9I like the thought of the kids leaving with a simple goody bag, so I put together a small sample of some of Isaac’s favorite things. decor 8Look familiar? I stole the idea from my work party snack bag. Inside a sucker, M&Ms, stickers, Curious George fruit snacks, a Thomas temporary tattoo, and a mix CD of Isaac’s Greatest hits. See the label? I copied that logo from the Evite using the an application called Grab. I basically took a screenshot of just the train picture with little man riding inside. So cute and easy!

decor 2The CD had songs that were memorable from Isaac’s first two years. Some songs Doug and I sing/sang to him. Some songs he danced to as a baby, while others he heard on the radio and picked up some words. We love music in our family, and there were memories attached to each of these songs. It is a fun gift idea for kids and their parents, especially since they are not all kiddy songs. You can buy burnable CDs, sleeves, and printable labels at any office supply store. But, I already had these at home because I bought in bulk when they were on sale a few years back. decor 3 I made a few extra CDs for the grandparents and adults without kids who may want one. We played the CD in the background at the party. I set out the goody bags on the gift table along with some leftover party hats from last year.decor 6Overall, I think this party was casual, fun, and still themed without too much work. It was a party for Isaac and the little details were all about him. The weather was great! It was nice to keep it simple and hang out with the people Isaac loves and those that love him!

train theme 2I’ll be back later in the week with some pictures from his party and the rest of his birthday week. Yep, he got a whole week!

Pool, Piggyback & Picnics – Isaac at 20 months

isaac at 20 monthsLikes:
Playing music sticks and shakers at storytime. Playing Dad’s recorder
Giving long, sloppy kisses.
Saying “Hi” to everyone in Krogers
Putting his fingers up his nose
Picnics in the front yard.
Playing with his cousins.
Older kids!
Playing cars and under the table at co-op with Judah.
Wearing sunglasses, points to eyes when asking for them.
Choo-choo show = Thomas the Train. (new obsession!)
Laying down in the bathtub
Milkshakes and drinking juice boxes with a straw a the pool.
Food: Strawberries, grapes, cheese, nutella toast, chicken sticks, hot dog, cookies!
Sharing cereal with mom.
Cuddling with mom on the couch!
Climbing on anyone
Piggyback rides.
Song: You are my sunshine, Itsy Bitsy Spider (kinda does some motions), Twenty- two
Toys: Train puzzle (difficult), LIttle cars parking in the LIttle People Farm, Driving cars on funiture & our legs. ABC bug in the car – it sings the Alaphabet.
Books: Seven Silly Eaters, Curious George,
Playing outside and at parks. Very aggressive and not scared.
Carrying items from pantry to table when we are downstairs.
Messing up mom’s laundry.
Sitting in the blue garbge bowl.

When he cannot play with everyone’s toys at coney
When Mom leaves. Crying hard at times.
When we say no to TV.
Running out of milk.

Falling asleep at co-op on the floor and under the jumper
Trying on moms shoes in the mornings
Opening grandma & grandpa’s pantry and saying “cookie?”
Going to coney, nervous in the pool, cuddling into mom.
Making faces in the camera with Mom.
LIttle sprinkler at grandma & grandpa’s
Calling out from crib in the morning.. “Mom? Judah? Mom? Judah? Mom?”
Some new words: Bible, toast, pool, raccoon, bubbles, thank you, one, cool, obey.
Talking to man at Krogers about his “car?”
Pulling Doug’s fleece around his neck on the long drive home from Feedmill.
Running to the back door and saying all his words associated with going outside: “shoes! car! door! outside!”

Using fork really well, much more patient.
Drinking from water bottle, with assistance.
Matching correct shoes in Moms closet.
Walking (and running) on the Bike Trail with Mom for the first time.
Learned to play Ring Around The Rosie.

Out of all his 18 month clothes; 24 month onesie fitting tight.
Wearing 24 months & 2T.
Sleeping about: 8:00 p.m.- 7:00 a.m.
Long naps at 1:00 for 2-3 hours
Probably has 50+ words but doesn’t offer them up all the time.
Size 5 diapers
Wearing new shoes, size 7, still al little big.

13 for 2013

It’s hard for me to grasp that it is about to be 2013. My baby will be 2 this year, I will be 35 and my husband and I will celebrate 10 years together as an us (9 years married). Wow. 2013, what will you bring?

I like resolutions, kinda. I really actually like goals. Goals get you moving but are open to change. These goals are not really new but as a new year begins, it is a great time to focus.

Here are my ’13 for 2013′…

1. Balance my time correctly between work with family.

2. Create new healthy habits, one small habit each week.

3. Spend and save money wisely and intentionally.

4. Quality, planned time with my main man.

5. Learn to sew.

6. Enjoy being creative often.

7. Teach Isaac to play, pray, and obey.

8. Read more books for pleasure.

9. Try at least one new recipe a month.

10.  Accomplish at least one home project each month.

11. More family-ness.

12. Invest in friendships that are worth it.

13. Listen to the Holy Spirit more often.

First Year Baby Items – What I loved, and what I didn’t need!

I was recently asked by an acquaintance if I had a list of items that I registered for when I had Isaac. Being a nanny, I knew that there were some items that I must use; they were tried and true and worth the cost.I am pretty particular on some items, but I am also a minimalist. I circulate toys, hide them in storage bins and put away when outgrown.   Some essentials are worth investment while others could be DIY-ed, purchased on sale, or sought out hand-me-downs from friends. This list goes beyond your typical registry, but encompasses items I liked during the first year. I had 5 showers, and amassed a majority of what is listed here, but if you don’t have crazy friends that insist on too many showers this list will still be helpful. Please, remember that your baby will grow very quickly! Don’t just register for younf baby items, but big baby items too! I though it might be helpful to have a group of items that I felt were not important to buy or can be thought of differently and even items that I returned. Some baby items just get in the way and are ugly in my opinion. Some items were just not useful to our family and our house. As, I write this, Isaac is 15 months. So, we are through the baby items and into the toddler. I will have to continue to update you on toddler stuff in the future.  As I was messaging her, I thought this info was valuable enough for a blog posting… And now I have one!  Ha Ha. These are just my opinions and experiences :)

One quick note… All the items that we registered were gender neutral, we waited until the baby was born to find out the sex. That ended up being a blessing because we didn’t get as many cute outfits as I have seen my friends get. People bought us the STUFF that we needed and could use for many babies to come! And, after Isaac was born people bought and gave us more clothes than we needed. I did buy a few bedroom items that were boy focused once Isaac was born – more for fun and for his nursery decor. They were things like 2 fitted sheets, blue bunny for a “lovie”, blue lamp, boy clothes, etc. We will not need to buy a bunch of different items if we have a girl in the future; we are set for a long time. I did register smart, returned items through the year as Isaac didn’t use them…Buy Buy Baby was great for that. I will have to post sometime in the future “How to Register Smart” because I did get it down to a science.

But back to the blog. My friend wanted help, so here was is list…

Baby Registry List – What I loved, and what I didn’t need! 

Invest in:

  • Stroller that will last and grow with you. I love my Britax B-ready. It also turns into a double for next kid. Do your research on this item! Read reviews, watch youtube videos, etc.
  • Car seat that works with your stroller – I love the Britax Marathon. Do your research on safety and function! (The last 2 years they’ve had sales in June – like buy a stroller get the car seat free.)
  • Baby carrier – love my Ergo sport.
  • Video Baby monitor!! Best invention ever. Love my Summer.
  • Medala Breast Pump. I went threw a few that I borrowed. Wished i would have invested in a new one.

Don’t buy:

  • Huge high-chair. Use a portable but nice seat that fits on a chair. Easy to clean, less bulky, tray fits in dishwasher.
  • Matchy & expensive Crib Sets. Buy some cute sheets that you love and sleep sacs and thin cozy blankets. (See “brand specific” for what I love).
  • Baby towels, they only last a bit. Just use a soft warm towel that you would like.
  • Baby traditional tub
  • Separate changing table – use a long dresser add pad that has room for items in reach and will last into childhood.
  • Baby food maker…waste of money! I did love to make baby food, but my cuisinart food processor worked perfectly.
  • Stuffed animals – people will buy these for you like crazy! And, you won’t want them.
  • New books.
  • Shopping cart protector – I carried Isaac in my Ergo until he was big enough to sit up.   I used a blanket occasionally.
  • Clothes 0-3 months. They will come in droves and baby won’t get to wear them all. When possible ask gift giver ahead of time to buy bigger sizes or even exchange some for larger sizes.

Things that I returned: 

  • Boon Bath Scoop. I adore Boon, and this scoop was so cute! I found though that it hogged too much of out shower space and since we all share a bathroom it was out. I will likely get it again when we have another bathroom.
  • Eddie Bauer portable crib. I actually got 3 of these and initially kept 1. I just never used it so I exchanged it for some items I needed.
  • Moby Wrap. Isaac was a big baby and I enjoyed the Ergo more.

Brand specific things that I love: 

  • Aden and Anaias swaddle blankets – We have 8! Very multi-function. blanket, nursing cover, burp cloth.
  • Sleepsacs by Halo (they zip down!)
  • Dr. brown bottles (only need 2 of the 4 oz, 12-16 8 oz)
  • Skip hop diaper bag
  • Skip hop bottle bag
  • Skip hop changing pad – - love this!
  • Skip hop play mat (it’s just so cute, we splurged and I loved)
  • Puj Bath tub – for the sink
  • Nuk bowls with lids  (12+)
  • Beaba spoons (mommy fed)
  • Nuk spoons (baby fed)
  • Nuk sippies – new ones are spill-proof
  • Munchkin -suction bowl set of 3
  • Exergen Temperal Thermometer – best!
  • Bundle Me cover for car seat in winter. No baby coats!
  • Desitin
  • Aquafor
  • Diaper Genie & refills
  • Pampers wipes – no other!
  • Pampers diapers until about 1.
  • Huggies diapers seemed to fit better after 1.
  • Okie Dokie Baby socks – they stay on!
  • Oshkosh toddler socks with non-slip tread – they stay on until baby pulls them off :)
  • Target Toddler soft shoe slip-ons
  • Carter onesies – white! So great for under things. Ask for them in short/long sleeved depending on season and in sizes up to 24 months.
  • Baby Bjorn potty seat (we aren’t training yet, but I registered for it since it is $30 and I already know that I love it. Yes, I love a potty seat.)
  • One Step Ahead shampoo rinse cup.
  • Scout by Leap Frog – talking/singin Dog. Isaac has adored this thing since 3 months old.
  • Wubbanub pacis – Isaac did not take a paci but this is what I bought him. Triplets boys I nannies LOVED them. Easy to find in the dark, and great transition is to cut paci off.
  • Linens and fabric that coordinate (not match!). You can get fabric samples in the mail for cheap then buy a la carte! my best idea!
  • Tide Free and Clear laundry detergent – wash family laundry together? Yes!
  • Ikea drawer organizers
  • Umbrella stroller – It is nice to have a slimfit stroller for travel, quick runs, etc. We love the Chicco Fit because the handles are higher than most others. My tall husband does not have to lean over.
  • Groegg room thermometer. I cannot believe how much I rely on this thing! It also doubles as a nightlight.
  • Boppy pillow with plush cover and extra linens. I originally first borrowed this item. But since I breastfed Isaac I found that the used one did not give enough support. I ended up replacing with a nice new one. Worth it! (If not nursing, a hand-me-down is totally fine.

Hand-me downs &/or baby sales: 

  • Pack’n play – we got 2, one for us, one for grandmas
  • Bumbo seat – great for outside or the beach as well as inside. We did not actually use ours as much and as long as I thought we would, that is why it’s a great item to borrow.
  • Swing – we got a small one that was easy to move from room to room. You may be wondering why this is not on my essential list. Isaac hated his swing. He much preferred his vibrating bouncy seat. We regretted this being a new, expensive item on our registry.
  • Vibrating bouncy seat – - must! We called this the $1000 chair, because that is what we would have paid. Brought ease to his gas and our ears.
  • Exersaucer or jumper, really don’t need both
  • Push/riding toy
  • Books
  • Tent and tunnel w/balls
  • Toys
  • Melissa and Doug puzzles and wooden toys
  • Links
  • Baby Einstein DVD set.
  • Clothes – 6 mo. and over. Look for your local twin and multiples club sales. Here they frequent all over the city in the spring & fall. I buy up for the next couple sizes.

Things that you might not think of: 

  • Back pack & matching lunch bag- we have an LL Bean which will last forever. Use it all the time.
  • Baby hangers – pants and regular.
  • ihome and ipod
  • Cool mist humidifier
  • Baby meds
  • Lovies that you can go back and buy more of once you know they do love them.
  • Washable pads for changing table, so you dont have to change the cover all the time.
  • Restaurant style toddler wooden seat for table.
  • Nursing supplies – nipple cream, steam bags, breast milk storage bags, nursing comfort bras, etc. You will want this early on, so don’t wait to buy. You can always return unopened items if you end up not nursing.
  • Pack of white wash cloths for misc. baby clean-up. I got 20 from Sam’s club for something like $12.
  • Baby bath therometer
  • Baby grooming kit, training toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Picnic blanket – waterproof, zip-up. Great for the park with baby/toddler/kids! Skip hop makes one, but got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond for $20. Worth every penny.


  • Baby log (I used a small 3 ring binder and would empty the sheets but keep for reference)
  • Baby line-a-day journal (you can buy them too). Makes a great gift!
  • Baby food cookbook.
  • Diaper organizer – I used a basket to hold diaper, just prettier.
  • Bathroom organizers – I chose a navy and white trash can, cotton ball holder, soap dispenser and tooth brush holder organize Isaac’s grooming, lotions, and put sanitizer in the soap dispenser. It is cute, not babyish, and added color and organization to the room. I thought it was genius!
  • Wall art – white frames & cards, canvases, frame clothes, etc. – See Pinterest!
  • Wooden blocks – See Etsy!
  • Music playlist of soft songs you enjoy too – See iTunes!
  • Crib Mobile – See Pinterest!
  • Burp cloths from cloth diapers – See Pinterest!

A few books that are awesome for letting you know what stuff to buy is Baby 411 and Toddler 411. You can get them cheap on Amazon and I used these a ton when deciding on what to buy.

I am sure there is more, but that is what comes to mind. Here are a few blog posts that may have some additional info:

Regarding Nannies – Favorite Things Nursery Tour

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Regarding Nannies – Stroller Review – Britax B-Ready 


Christmas Fun 2012

Christmas is a busy season for me. Yah, I know it is for everyone, but my job literally doubles in capacity during December. So in efforts to keep life balanced, I created this drawing to remind myself of what I wanted to do, enjoy and remember about this season. It is hanging in my kitchen where I will see it multiples times a day. Feliz navidad.


Meeting Young House Love

yhl1I got it! Finally got my Young House Love book! I have been following this blog for a few years now, so Lindsey and I went to John and Sherry’s  book signing this weekend at the Books at the Banks event here in Cincinnati. It was their first stop on their first tour with their first book! I was super excited to meet what feels like friends in person and support them in their success. I got there early saved seats in the room they were going to present in, then popped in line. So glad I did, because they sold out of books super fast.


Linds and I got to chat with them briefly while getting our books signed and got a few pictures. Sherry mentioned that she loved my name. I cannot remember what I said, something about just loving them. Lindsey I think talked about how she likes Eminem too. It was awkward and great. They were very sweet and just how the seem as they write on their blog.

yhl4A little later they gave a talk and answered some questions. Again, they were very much themselves. We sat in the 2nd row, only because I didn’t want to seem like the ultimate blog stalker… even though I am. I was impressed at the full house; they had a lot of people that came out to see them!

yhl5Very fun day! Love them more than ever!!!