Eat the Frog

How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.

How do you eat a frog?
I don’t know…you just eat it?


A friend mentioned a book that he read with the terminology “Eat the Frog.” (*Note this is not the book depicted above. ) If you think about eating a frog, literally, you’d probably look at it, contemplate it, and justify why it should wait for another time. It is awkward, those legs and head. And, that nasty belly. Yeah, I would put that off.

So sometimes that’s what people do with projects – you know the ones that are too huge to accomplish in a day or just boring. I always say, ” I need to do that” and, well, I don’t. Then I feel bad because I know that one thing has been there for so long and I STILL have not done it. Am I the only one?

As a project manager, I have a system to how I work. (Oh and I made this usp, so feel free to use it, tweak it, whatever).┬áIt’s as easy as A,B,C. Well, how about A,B,C, and D?

(A) Analyze
Make sure that I understand the project.Decide what the objectives are and write them all down. Decide what this project will look like when it is finished and sustainable.

(B) Blueprint
Take the objectives and set them to time – realistic time. Have a start date, and a deadline. Chunk the items into manageable tasks. (Cut up that frog into bite-sized pieces!) For some this looks like a check list, for others it may be a calendar, for the creative types it might help to draw up an artistic goal sheet with pictures. Whatever your method have a specific plan on paper!

(C) Complete
Now we do the work, one step at a time. Do each item in the plan, while adhering to the schedule. Do it all. Eat that Frog, one bite at a time.

(D) Debrief
Look back at all you’ve done. Note what worked and what could change for next project, and document anything that would help. Call that baby done!

Yes, this seems like a detailed plan for a project right? But, remember this is not for some quick DIY ornament with a baby handprint that I made on the fly in 15 minutes. This is creating a system to accomplish that hard task that has been looming in your closet for too long! I know that there are some things, I must prepare myself for it I will never get to them and do them correctly.

So I introduce to you, my frog…. The Dining Room Closet…dun, dun, dun!

Dining Closet – needing some attention!

I literally have worked on this closet for years, reorganizing, trashing, but it never gets better. And, I have decided, I just need to EAT THE FROG. Stay tuned.

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