Good Afternoon, Goodwill.

I had a rare afternoon with an hour to myself. And, like anyone would, I thought… “I will stop by Goodwill”. Ha! Maybe it was a nudge from the heavenlies because I happen to walk into a 50% off Moonlight Madness sale. Yep… everything 50 PERCENT OFF.

And, look-ie what I found. A treasure!  I have been looking for an over-sized frame for a project and this baby was it!
memo0After only 15 minutes of perusing, I felt like I got the best of the best. Here is what else I took home…
photoMy Loot: 
A garbage truck toy – $.50
2 bottles of my favorite hair sprunch – $2 each
New black frame – $1
‘Made in Ohio’ kids shirt for Isaac (FUNNY, right?) – $2.89
Framed picture – $12.50
= $20.89 —> or $10.45 at half-price!!! 

Oh, I now love a good Moonlight Madness! Check your goodwill schedule people.

Stop back Wednesday to see what I do with the frame :)

3 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, Goodwill.

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  2. emily.b

    Yay for goodwill finds and for your new blog….one more thing making it hard to get of this computer!;) i like the shirt best!!so cute


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