Here I Am.

You may be wondering where I have been hiding all summer…. well, I mean to explain. Italy. No, I wish. Let me first remind you (and me) about when I started this blog. I vowed that it would be for me. That deadlines were not part of the agenda. This would be a creative space for me to share my life and my projects. So where am I? Here I am. Still here. I have actually been working on a secret project all summer. So I wanted to tell you about it; it’s entitled “Project Momma”. A 17 weeks Momma… yep, pregnant! Schraer baby #2 is on the way. We are pretty excited ¬†Well, except for the whole nausea – sick- mucus filled – smell affected – not wanting meat – sometimes not wanting to eat anything… days. Just like with my first, I have not been quite myself. I hope I am getting closer to the end of the sickness; with Isaac is wasn’t until 22-24 weeks but eased between 18-20 weeks. It is all worth it, and we feel honored to have another baby to raise, love, support and enjoy.

So yeah, my priorities have shifted a bit.¬†This summer has been super full of… resting on the couch at nights, going to bed early, playing a little longer with my boy, and telling myself it is OK to not accomplish everything. It has been good for me.

But, know, I have just as many projects swimming around in my mind. In fact, a few weeks back I updated my master project list with hope to accomplish much before the baby arrives mid-february. Tasks like finish the basement purge, sort through Isaac’s clothes to give away, figure out where this baby will sleep and dwell, hang something on the walls of our bedroom, re-organize our fridge and pantry, etc. Plus, I have 2 fall kid clothing sales coming up. I need to inventory and list needs for Isaac. But, this week… Isaac’s birthday week is underway. My baby is 2! So all that will wait. Well, wait even longer. It is amazing how much you can NOT accomplish with a kiddo sometimes:) But would I trade it? No way. In fact, I think I am willing to give up some more time and energy for another little bundle to love. Stay tuned.

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