Isaac 2.25

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Isaac is now 27 months… two and a quarter years! He is such a fun boy.

Isaac loves to be with his friends. He asks daily if he can play with “Anna-Ellie” or “Kaden-Korbin”. He enjoys seeing pictures of people he knows and saying their names. He asks to see Michelle (his teacher) and names all his friends when we say prayers. He remembers some that I forget as we don’t see them every day. He watches and learns things from them like how to go potty. He will climb and stand on some thing, throw his arms in the air, and shout “Ta-Daaa!” He picked this up from his buddies. He includes his toy trains as friends too, asks them “How you do-wing?” and even says goodnight to each one by name.

He really enjoys his life every day. He laughs out loud at Curious George. He loves to wrestle, climb, jump, etc. He is still not very afraid or cautious… walks into walls, falls off the ottoman and laughs, and runs full speed ahead into a dark room. He has a strong will and at times it is hard to get him to get his attention. Still other times he is super responsive and follows directions accurately and completely. He can be very helpful. He cleans up his toys, pulls up his underwear and pants, and carries handfuls of items he needs with him. He likes doing things on his own and says “Isaac do it”. He does like to be around people and though he can play alone he prefers to be in the room with someone. “Play trains, mommy, play trains?” That is what I hear each morning as I make breakfast.

He has been singing a lot lately. He knows most of the ABC’s song and is quickly learning the wordy Thomas theme song. Other favorites are: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle. Also all the songs from his Bday CD are still favorites. He cracks us up as he dances and tries to sing along. We sing before bed each night after prayers as it helps him lay still rather than get extra wild in his bed. Tired = wild. He even has me sing what he calls the “Anna-Ellie” song which is to the tune of “are you sleeping”.

At bedtime he likes to hug daddy and then mommy and back and forth. We play-argue about who he should hug and they we give group-family-hugs at the end. He thinks this is really funny. He always says “Awww” when he gives hugs. He also like to “Give kisses?” between the rails of his crib. It is hard to resist.

He is still a whiz at puzzles and likes to put things in a line or order. One day he hung his underwear the knobs of his dresser. He did not stop until each knob was covered, then sat back and looked at what he had done and laughed. Another time he lined up matchbox cars with a friends – like 25 to 30 in a row. He was on a mission!

He loves books, especially his Thomas books. We read multiples times a day and he remembers things that happen on the pages. We have a lot of books and his memory impresses us.

Isaac is still a great sleeper. Still sleeping from 7:30/8:00 p.m. – 7:00/7:30 a.m. He naps daily 1:30/2:00 – 3:00/4:00. He will get more wild the more tired he gets. We have let him stay up a little later for some holiday events and it throws him off. He is much happier when we stick to his normal schedule. He is a picky eater right now. Loves certain foods: yogurt, cheese, strawberries, applesauce, cookies, crackers/goldfish, milk. He still will not eat pasta, mashed potatoes, most meat and veggies. We continue to offer his what we eat along with one food we know he likes at meals.

He loves going in the car and Krogers. He likes being out and about and seeing new people. He will usually request “my gasses” (sunglasses) no matter what the weather is like. He will take Rosie and Thomas trains in the car, hold them in his hands or tuck them under each leg in his car seat.

The boy still loves his trains. Rosie is his favorites and calls her “Wosie, wosie, wosie.” Talking Thomas is his 2nd favorite. He takes them everywhere we will let him, even to the potty! He tucks them in his chair at night. He grabs them first thing in the morning. He loves to watch Thomas episodes and his favorite is called “Splish, splash, splosh” where Rosie and Thomas splash each other with mud. He reenacts it on his tracks with the two engines.

As Christmas has approached his little eyes have lit up. He enjoys the Christmas Tree (her pronounces it Kiss-mas) and especially the ornaments on the tree. He got to help decorate the bottom and has only broken one. He loves the lights on our house. He has no clue who Santa is. He loves to sing Jingle Bells. Loves his manger scene and when he holds baby Jesus he makes fake crying sounds. The song “Away in the Manger” comes on and he sings along. I think that he thinks Christmas is the actual tree. He likes to look at the snow but not a fan of walking in it. He was a big fan of opening presents and for days after he requested “More presents?”

Isaac loves people and especially his Mommy. We try to talk about the baby and change coming, but he does not quite understand. He insists the baby is a girl or as he would say “gah-yul”. He loves to play any game where you say “Noo….” He likes to take daddy’s chair, or turn on and off the lights with grandpa. He loves the reaction and laughs and keeps going. He did give baby Maggie a sweet head rub and kiss without being prompted. That made me feel a little at ease, that he may like this baby. He also loves to watch baby Janie at daycare as she crawls around.

Isaac is affectionate, fun, smart, inquisitive and outgoing.  He is active, strong, and is sure of what he wants. He is an all around great kid and he makes each day full!

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