Isaac 3.0

isaac 3 yoHow did this happen. How is he 3? I could weep thinking about how quickly the time is going. Still I love to see him grow and mature. He is learning new things everyday. Such a little sponge excited about life. I just try to keep up.

Favorite Food: Cheese. Pickles. Muffins. Reese Cups. Milk.
Favorite Sport: Swinging and riding his quad through the yard.
Best Show on TV: Curious George, Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
The Coolest Person on Earth: Mommy. Luke as a close 2nd.
My Favorite Thing about School: Climbing in adventure club and playing outside
My Favorite Thing to Learn About is: Numbers and counting. Memorizing prayers.
My Favorite Thing I Have is: Rosie & Thomas trains are still favorites. Train table with tunnels, & bridges. Lighting McQueen.
The Thing I Do Most Awesomely is: Thomas matching game on iPad.
If I could go anywhere in the world it would be: Kings Island or Coney Island (he gets them mixed up).
My Favorite Color is: Purple
The Way I Sleep is: In my big boy bed with Thomas Blanket, pillows all around and Monkey.
When I grow up I am going to be: Batman
My Current Favorite Song is: Do You Love Me. No More Monkeys.
The Book I Am Loving Right Now Is: Curious George Favorites (Red Book)
The Words That Describe Me Are: Happy. Determined. Loud. Sensitive.
When I Was Little I used to: Wear Diapers
Favorite Season of the Year: Summer to play outside and swim.
The Snack I like best is: Popcorn like Daddy.
One Food I dislike is: Pasta, Mashed Potatoes, & Most Vegetables
My Best Friend is: Luke
If I had One Wish it would be:
Best Memory is: Potty training, sleeping in a big boy bed, meeting Luke, Luke moving in the bedroom. (Big year!)

41 lbs.  (in the 98%)
41 3/4 tall (in the 100%)
Wearing size 3T/4T clothes, 10.5 shoes, & underwear (pull-ups at night)

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