Meeting Young House Love

yhl1I got it! Finally got my Young House Love book! I have been following this blog for a few years now, so Lindsey and I went to John and Sherry’s ¬†book signing this weekend at the Books at the Banks event here in Cincinnati. It was their first stop on their first tour with their first book! I was super excited to meet what feels like friends in person and support them in their success. I got there early saved seats in the room they were going to present in, then popped in line. So glad I did, because they sold out of books super fast.


Linds and I got to chat with them briefly while getting our books signed and got a few pictures. Sherry mentioned that she loved my name. I cannot remember what I said, something about just loving them. Lindsey I think talked about how she likes Eminem too. It was awkward and great. They were very sweet and just how the seem as they write on their blog.

yhl4A little later they gave a talk and answered some questions. Again, they were very much themselves. We sat in the 2nd row, only because I didn’t want to seem like the ultimate blog stalker… even though I am. I was impressed at the full house; they had a lot of people that came out to see them!

yhl5Very fun day! Love them more than ever!!!

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