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Thanks for checking out my blog! Let me tell you a little about myself and why I write.

I am a Mom, or as my son calls me “Momma”. I am learning what that means and finding out it encompasses far more than just caring for a child. A Momma is the glue of the home. She keeps life flowing and given a special ability to be able to do so. Over the last year, I have realized that even though I have 20+ years of experience caring for kids (babysitter, lifeguard, nanny, youth minister) being a mom is a whole new ballgame. Oh, and it has been one awesome journey so far!

I desire like all moms for my son to be healthy, happy and safe. But, beyond that I want to teach him to live a full life. I want to know his identity in Christ and that he was created for a purpose. I want him to teach him to pray, to give, and to love. I cannot wait to see him live out his story and support him.

tunnel love

I am married to the best guy on earth. He is my little secret. People think they know how great he is, but he is like an onion and inside those outside layers that he shows the world is the softest heart. He brings to our partnership spontaneity, strong work-ethic, deep family values, wild sense of humor, passion for integrity, and love for food. He is also a pretty easy on the eyes. He is a gift.

I desire to show my husband love in the language that he understands it. I know that my prayers strengthen him and my encouragement empowers him. Most days I feel in love with him, and on the days where I don’t feel love I choose to love. Marriage is a commitment and it is one of my greatest life goals.

familyI work as a Project Manager part-time at a large church. I love to bring my project-mind, organization and creativity to my job and I also gain ideas from work to bring into my home-life. I love to bargain-shop, read, cook, dance, and diy. Organization brings me joy. Simple-living is a stress reliever. We live just outside Cincinnati, Ohio in a 1950′s solid brick ranch that we are slowly making our own.


I certainly hope that you enjoy reading, but ultimately this blog is for me. Here are some reasons why I decided to write it.

1. To document memories.
I do not have a great memory. I take pictures like crazy to try to hold onto the moments of life. So this is my virtual scrapbook. As I learn life lessons – momma lessons & project lessons – I will write to remember.

2. To develop creativity and accomplish projects
Writing about my latest decor idea, time-saving tip and organization tactics is holding me accountible to completing things around my own house. It is challenging me to add fun to holidays and excellent meals to our average week.

3. To give what I got
When it comes to projects and organization, people have often told me “you have a gift” . While I am sure there are others with these skills, why not share what I have. I have a knack for creating systems and and process in work and life. Above all else I love being a wife and mom. Since, I enjoy writing and taking pictures  a blog seems the best way to combine the things that I love in one place.

Hey, have any questions for me? Let me know.

Thanks again for stopping by!

One thought on “Meet Momma

  1. Jeannine

    I love following your life, seeing you grow into such a beautiful Mother/Wife and it tickles me to see pictures of Doug in action. I really didn’t know he had it, but he sure does. We knew he had a soft heart, you can see it through his smile. I share your passion for organization as you know and I can’t wait to learn somethings. You are a blessing to me.


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