Merry Christmas!

photoI am super excited that Christmas is here. My busy work season has come to a halt – 9 days off in a row! Reserved time for family gatherings, celebrating Jesus’ birth, and appreciating all the blessings God has graced upon us.

I plan to be back this week and next with lots of projects I’ve completed: next phases of The Basement Project, holiday decor, our annual homemade Christmas ornaments, this year’s homemade gifts, how I completed my Christmas shopping before December, Isaac updates and much more! And next up on the project agenda: preparing for this baby!! Yep we are down to 7 weeks people, which means time to pack the hospital bag, wash those baby clothes, install the car seat, finish paperwork, and weighing most on my mind….finalize the bed/crib plans! I plan to share it all as we countdown to baby boy #2. Did I mention we are still nowhere near a name?

But, this is no time for planning and lists, it is time to enjoy today and the next. The Christmas music is on and presents are wrapped. So, let’s get the fire started and warm the ham! Merry Christmas, friends!

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