Pool, Piggyback & Picnics – Isaac at 20 months

isaac at 20 monthsLikes:
Playing music sticks and shakers at storytime. Playing Dad’s recorder
Giving long, sloppy kisses.
Saying “Hi” to everyone in Krogers
Putting his fingers up his nose
Picnics in the front yard.
Playing with his cousins.
Older kids!
Playing cars and under the table at co-op with Judah.
Wearing sunglasses, points to eyes when asking for them.
Choo-choo show = Thomas the Train. (new obsession!)
Laying down in the bathtub
Milkshakes and drinking juice boxes with a straw a the pool.
Food: Strawberries, grapes, cheese, nutella toast, chicken sticks, hot dog, cookies!
Sharing cereal with mom.
Cuddling with mom on the couch!
Climbing on anyone
Piggyback rides.
Song: You are my sunshine, Itsy Bitsy Spider (kinda does some motions), Twenty- two
Toys: Train puzzle (difficult), LIttle cars parking in the LIttle People Farm, Driving cars on funiture & our legs. ABC bug in the car – it sings the Alaphabet.
Books: Seven Silly Eaters, Curious George,
Playing outside and at parks. Very aggressive and not scared.
Carrying items from pantry to table when we are downstairs.
Messing up mom’s laundry.
Sitting in the blue garbge bowl.

When he cannot play with everyone’s toys at coney
When Mom leaves. Crying hard at times.
When we say no to TV.
Running out of milk.

Falling asleep at co-op on the floor and under the jumper
Trying on moms shoes in the mornings
Opening grandma & grandpa’s pantry and saying “cookie?”
Going to coney, nervous in the pool, cuddling into mom.
Making faces in the camera with Mom.
LIttle sprinkler at grandma & grandpa’s
Calling out from crib in the morning.. “Mom? Judah? Mom? Judah? Mom?”
Some new words: Bible, toast, pool, raccoon, bubbles, thank you, one, cool, obey.
Talking to man at Krogers about his “car?”
Pulling Doug’s fleece around his neck on the long drive home from Feedmill.
Running to the back door and saying all his words associated with going outside: “shoes! car! door! outside!”

Using fork really well, much more patient.
Drinking from water bottle, with assistance.
Matching correct shoes in Moms closet.
Walking (and running) on the Bike Trail with Mom for the first time.
Learned to play Ring Around The Rosie.

Out of all his 18 month clothes; 24 month onesie fitting tight.
Wearing 24 months & 2T.
Sleeping about: 8:00 p.m.- 7:00 a.m.
Long naps at 1:00 for 2-3 hours
Probably has 50+ words but doesn’t offer them up all the time.
Size 5 diapers
Wearing new shoes, size 7, still al little big.

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