Spring Sale Spoils (Part 2)

sale 2 final bannerI’m back with round two of my spring kids’ clothes shopping! Since I went into great detail about my methods last week I’ll keep this post brief. I’ll share some grand totals at the end of the post.

This week’s sale was at Nagel Middle School in Anderson. My plan was to be early, but I arrived late. I had great intentions all week, but sometimes you just have to roll with life. Husband and I ended up being out until all hours the night before. I was a big winner at Dave & Busters, and had an embarrassing bundle of tickets in my hands. Over 3000. It was fun though and the baby was at Doug’s parents. Saturday morning came too quickly! Since I was not eagerly hunting items… I slept in. Ahhh! I slept in, got coffee, took my time and got to the sale 40 minutes before it closed. Just enough time.
sale2When I arrived the room was eerily empty. In the past this has been my favorite sale because they usually take 50% off all the clothes in the last hour. Totally a steal! Well, I guess the twin mommies thought so too because they didn’t offer that this year. Bum-mer! I’m hoping they bring it back though, because the sale was pretty dead at the end with lots of clothes still left.

sale 2 collage bannerBeing baby-free, I was super fast with my process. Shop, throw items in my bag, sort by size, check my lists, and decide what to buy – just as I did at Sale #1.  I did spend a little more money at this sale than I normally. With previous half-off deal I don’t think that I ever spent over $30. However, I found some higher end brands and was happy to pay for them. I walked out with 19 items for $49.75.
dress3Actually, I bought 20. Look at this sweetness of a dress. The wide ribbon belt with detailed flowers made me want to pop out a girl or two just so they could wear them. Oh, yeah, there were actually 2 of these dresses… normal at a twin sale. I couldn’t resist one of them. Adorable, right?  But, no, I did not buy this in hopes of a daughter, I’m way too cheap for that. I did text my friend to see if she wanted it for her daughter. Brand new with the $44 tag still attached. She said to grab it, and I have to tell you at $8 (my highest priced item) it was the find of the day.

But on to the boys clothes!  Remember the sweater I found last week for Easter? Here are pants to go with them. Super score!! I will likely have the roll the waist band, but they shouldn’t be too huge on Isaac.

sale2 easter bannerI brought home a bunch of Gap clothing including the super soft pirate ship PJs, and some perfect little man jeans. I love how Gap baby and kid clothes feel and they last really long. So I snag ‘em often at these sales. sale2 2t banner sale 2 3t bannerOff my starred items list, I found Sperry gym shoe/sandal things. Whenever I buy used shoes they have to be practically new. I checked the inner soles to make sure there was no foot impression. I want Isaac to be comfortable in his shoes, so I mostly pay for brand new shoes for that reason.

I also scored a bunch of swimwear: 18 mos, 2T, and 3T. The 3T navy board shorts and swim shirt are Lands End and look like they have not been worn.

sale 2 starred 2

Overall I am really happy with my finds this week and last.

Here are the final numbers from both sales: 
7 long-sleeve T’s
12 short sleeve T’s
7 pants
4 shorts
3 pair of shoes
3 pair of PJs
4 swim items
1 easter sweater
1 easter pants
1 jacket
43 items for $97.00  (sale 1 = $47.25 and sale #2 = $49.75)

WOW! I love that math. That is about $2.25 per item. I will take that! And, remember those lists? I got all the clothing items off my starred list. Still looking for a climber and wagon. Overall, I am under budget and spent cash.
2 listsNow it is time to wash and store those clothes, and of course I gotta update my penciled lists that I made when I was going through the piles a few weeks back. Gotta keep those bins organized!

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