Soccer ball, Stickers, and Superwhy – Isaac at 17 months

17months Likes:
Basketball, soccer ball, tennis balls, racquetballs. Holding them in his car seat while we drive.
Superwhy! OMG. He dances like a fool and puts his arm in when they say “put your arm in”.
Cheese, Nutella on toast, grapes, Oreos, anything Dad is snacking on.
Standing on his toys.
Playing hide and seek with Dad while Mom is cooking.
Dipping head and face in and under water in the bathtub.
Being naked.
Letters. They are all “E”s and “I”s right now.
Books: Curious George, Little People Flap book (still!!)
Getting in the dining room closet and shutting the door.
Giving kisses, open-mouthed.
Running down the hall to co-op.
Riding the fussy bus at co-op.
His thin blankets, all of them out at the same time.
To bock-bock like a chicken. Hilarious when mom does it.
Climbing on us while we lay on the floor.
Playing peekaboo and chase when mom stomps really loud.
Holding a wipe or tissue and carrying it around with him.

The sound of the vacuum.
When he cannot go to the basement with you.
Mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, macaroni (aren’t these toddler staples?)
When mom leaves on Thursday nights. He is usually fine at other times.
Taking a long time on the changing table.

Putting toys and balls away to the clean-up song
Stacking 4 blocks with grandma.
Enjoying Grandpa Larry and Grandma Shirley while visiting. Stuck to them.
Saying “cheese” when I took his picture.
Saying “Uhh” like the Bruno Mars song.
Trying to say Superwhy. Because he is obsessed.
Saying phrases: “Bye, TV”, “No way”, “Woah”, and “Uh-ooooooh”.
Friend Judah hugs and kisses Isaac. Isaac finally hugs back.
Mornings, looking out the window for cars and school buses.
Making the “Ooh” face over and over like Grandpa at the Feedmill
I found him sitting on the middle of the dining room table… just once.
Doug telling him to go get his towel, and he took it in the bathroom.

Working On: 
Coloring – making lines and dots. Rather than eating the crayons.
Peeling and sticking stickers.
Walking and holding hands. He likes to not and run.
Spoon & fork.
Straw water cup.

Transitioned officially to 1 nap! Usually 1.5-3 hours long.
Growing out of some 18 mo. clothes and wearing a few 24 month.
12-24 mo. socks getting small.
Sleeping about 7:15 or 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
Tooth number 10, upper left in the middle starting to come in.

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