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Thoughts on my Pregnancy (26 weeks)

belly 26 weeksSo, I definitely FEEL pregnant now. There is no hiding the belly. It is there in every outfit, in every hug and every dance. It definitely gets in the way and makes me grunt as I bend or lift sometimes. A few weeks ago Doug said I was just starting to show. Ha. I think he felt like he was now in the safe zone to make a comment. Smart man. I finally broke down and bought a few maternity clothes since I wasn’t really pregnant in the winter last time. Loving the full panel jeans and leggings. Revolutionary.

As of my last appointment at 24 weeks, I am still 11 lbs. less than my starting weight. Yep, still been sick, though it is less. Still filled with mucus, bleh. Eating chicken sushi multiple times a week and craving Cherry Coke. Not craving milk like I did with Isaac. Drinking a decaf coffee most nights as a nightcap. Not really hungry all the time. I loved bagels and cream cheese for a few weeks, but done with that.

I have been having some horrible back pain. - dehabilitating even. My right SI joint in my lower back is apparently out of balance. Seeing a Chiropractor is helping but kinda scary to hear and feel the pop. My pain was terrible for weeks but has been way less since my appointments started. That makes it worth it. I am sure that lifting and caring for a 33 lb. toddler is not helping. I am trying to be smart, but it is impossible to stop doing some things.

I’ve had 2 ultrasounds at my last 2 appointments. Baby was being shy and hiding the first one. All is well though and he showed his little profile and spine this time. He did put his hands up in front of his face. Maybe this one is an introvert like Doug. He his measuring in the 62% for his age.

The c-section is scheduled, which seems like a weird thing months in advance. It is a “if you don’t go into labor by this date” kinda thing. It’s with my doctor so that is exciting. Already thinking about maternity leave and getting my job ready for a volunteer as well as thinking about the help I will need once the baby is here.

I think that I have felt more frustration and stress with this pregnancy – work and home. A lot of changes and preparation. The back pain. Potty training. Just a lot going on and it is hard to rest with a toddler. Could be the hormones too… I did get some pampering this past week. A massage, a haircut and a mani/pedi. Luxury helps.

Baby boy has been moving a lot. Not at the same times each day. Isaac moved a lot when I rested on the couch in the evenings. This boy is random. He feels strong. He will kick or bump and totally roll over. I love to feel him move especially when Isaac is with us, reading a bedtime book or some thing. It’s like they are already fighting for the good seat. I love feeling him move. It is really one of the best things in the world and the best thing about being pregnant.

Isaac does talk about the baby more. He has a joke of calling him a girl to get me to react and say “It’s not a girl, but a boy!” He will say… “A GAY-UL, mommy!” and smile. We saw some small babies while shopping the other day and he was really intrigued by them, even talked about them later. The picture above was taken the other day while Isaac was eating his breakfast. He pulled up my shirt and put his feet on my bump. He started kicking at which I stopped him and said “gentle.” He then gave the baby a kiss and I had my camera. Cool moment.