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8 years married.

It’s been 8 years with this man. Wow. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s been that long, then I look back at how our lives have changed individually and together, and I guess I can see the time. We’ve had 2 homes, a 2 year old son, 19 weeks away from our 2nd boy, 5 job changes, 4 vehicle changes, amongst all the new friends, new church, new challenges and boring days. I am thankful to have had him by my side through it all.  
pri 9Back when we were newly married we dined out a lot. At least once a week, a lot of times after church on Saturday nights. But these days, a nice slow meal is a luxury. The Primavista was our treat this year. It overlooks the city from the westside. Some of our family loves this place. I had been only once for a rehearsal dinner and Doug had never been.

anniversary collage

The food was divine. We started with the Bruschetta which may have been one of the best things I have ever eaten. What you cannot see in the picture are the blends and spices in each of the basil and sundried tomato pestos, caponata and prosciutto. I have thought of this plate many times since and even thought of driving there to pick up on for lunch someday. (Not sure they are even open at lunch… but a girl can dream.)

pri 11

The salads were fabulous as well. I got a Caesar with flavorful dressing and just the right amount. Doug got the special of the night, can’t recall what it was. It was good as well. pri 1 For dinner, Doug’s meal was EXTRAordinary! It was the Scampi Rigano -  shrimp with mushrooms and onion in sherry garlic butter sauce over angel hair pasta. Oh it was soooo good. I was surprised he didn’t get veal because they are known for their veal. He will often order what a restaurant specializes in. I love that about him! For someone so picky about food, he is also daring. And, then I get to try it. If we go back I would definitely order his meal!

pri 2I safely picked the filet. My stomach had been bothering me that day.. (thanks baby). It was good, but just satisfactory, not blow your mind best filet in the city. That was our anniversary a few years back at The Precinct. pri 3 For dessert they brought us a little sundae with a candle. Sweet, huh? This is Doug’s “Are you seriously still taking pictures of our food” face. pri 4 Overall we had a great time. We went home early and went to bed. Crazy kids, I know. But, totally a luxury. And, I slept in the next day. Celebrate good times, COME ON! pri 14I love this man. We are good together. Not perfect, but really good. We are friends, teammates, in addition to the love we share. We have a lot to be thankful for and it is nice to spend time remembering that.