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Way Too Easy Fall Punch

So, have I mentioned that I part-own, manage, teach, and DJ a local Swing Venue, called The SwinGallery? Yep. It is my Thursday hat. I have been dancing almost my whole life and found swing about 14 years ago. I have been in this role for about 12 of those. It is a blast! Anyway, my co-owners call on me at party time to make punch. I try to think up something different depending on the event or season. I take cues from other recipes, but usually make large quantities for our 80+ crowd it is easier just to guestimate amounts and then taste. Nothing says a party for all ages like a non-alcoholic punch, right?

So, now I share with you my way too easy, anyone can do it, I can’t believe it’s that simple..Fall Punch! If you can pour juice, you too can make this punch! (Sorry about the mood lighting, we are just that cool on the mezzanine, pre-party….)

punch 1

  • About a 1/3 of other juices amount ORANGE JUICE
  • 7UP to taste 
  • ICE until chilled
  • Sliced ORANGES to garnish (CRANBERRIES would be fun too!) 

punch 3So that is it! Don’t take it too serious. Dump and sample. Keep it simple, keep it cold. Enjoy!

Punch Lady, out!

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Kid-friendly Juices for Two

Last week I joined 20,000 of my closest friends on a “beans and rice” fast with my church. The goal was to live on sustenance and give out of our abundance – for one week. We pooled together all the money we saved only eating rice and beans to donate to three charities. We raised a BUNCH of money (I’ll update once I am allowed to share the amount).

I wasn’t sure I could eat beans and rice for breakfast, so instead I did coffee and juice. And, since Isaac has been kinda choosy with his eating, I decided to make some homemade juice that he could share. I found some recipes on Pinterest.
juice 1 bannerJUICE #1 – Orchard Dream 
3 apples / 3 stalks of celery / 4 carrots / tablespoon of ginger

Carrots are a great vegetable to juice. And, even thought I am not a huge carrot lover, I know they are so healthy for me. Great for my skin and vision as well as a cancer preventer. It is a great base for juice. I have often juiced apple and carrot together, but this was my first time using the granny smith apples along with ginger. This was Isaac’s first juice and he loved it! He drank it all down while riding with me to work. I wish I had given him a little more in his cup!
juice 2 bannerJUICE #2 - Pineapple Green Lemonade
1/3 pineapple / 1/2 head of romaine lettuce / 5 stalks celery / 1 cucumber / 1 1/2 small lemons

I was really excited about trying his juice. I love lemonade and was happily surprised when left with a very tart (and still sweet from the pineapple) aftertaste. This recipe made a lot more than the first one. So, I literally was drinking it until lunch. I was full but did not want to waste any of it!  Note that my lemons in this picture were large not small, which was fine with me but a little too tart for Isaac (insert cute toddler pucker face here). The next time I tried this recipe, I reduced the lemon and he liked it much more.

juice5If you are new to juicing you might not know where to start. I am definitely not an expert on juicing, but here are some of my personal opinions and tips.

12 Tips for New Juicers
1. Start with recipes that use vegetables and fruits that you already like to eat.
2. Plan on replacing a meal or a majority of a meal with the juice. Vegetable juices are much heavier and more filling than store bought fruit juices.
3. Prep all your produce before you start juicing. Prep the night before busy mornings. Make sure to wash produce before coring and cutting.
4. Drink your juice cold. This works if you juice produce straight from the fridge too.
5. Juice only enough for one day. Start fresh the next day.
6. Add sweetness (like apples or pineapples) to veggies to bring balance.
7. If you don’t love the taste, use a straw and try again. It kinda begins to grow on you.
8. When you can, drink your veggies and eat your fruits.
9. Clean your juicer right away to save scrubbers elbow.
10. Venture out and try adding new produce to the bases that you already like.
11. If you’re juicing for kids, start them young and get them involved in the process.
12. Juice regularly!

Juicing is a great way to get nutrients into your body without having to consume the whole vegetables! Give a try. It is so good for you and you will love the natural energy!

juicing collage2