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A Nasty Game of Peekaboo

photoIt happened. Isaac’s first injury.

It didn’t happen how I would have though….

My boy is active. He is aggressive, fast, and strong. He falls hard but rarely cries. He’s  been climbing on everything and standing up. We have to watch him in the dining room as he can get up on the chairs and up on top of the table. He’s still negotiating how to get down off of things, but that doesn’t seem to stop him.  He also loves steps and I’m nervous that we will leave the basement door open because he wouldn’t be scared to try to go down. But he was not hurt trying these. Instead… a game of peekaboo, a NASTY game of peekaboo.

Isaac loves to get up on our bed so he can look in the mirror at himself. He will play peekaboo with himself hiding behind the footboard. I am always close behind him; I’m afraid he’ll lose his balance and tumble over the end of the bed. This day he was playing his game, squealing and hiding and “boo”-ing. Then…. BAM! I was right behind him so I saw his head hit the footboard. The loud crash, then the crying. He turned to me and I saw blood. I grabbed him and took him the the kitchen. He as crying hard as he rarely does, so I knew he was really hurt. I wiped the blood from his mouth, but more kept coming. I took him into his room and laid him on the changing table to try to get a view in his mouth. I told myself “be calm for him” even though I was freaking out on the inside. That is when I saw a hole – where his front, right tooth used to be, there now was nothing. His gum was fat and my first thought was that his tooth was shoved up into his gum. “Oh my gosh, where is his tooth?!!” I was thinking as I calmly said, “it’s OK honey.” He was still crying and bleeding and it was hard to get a good long look. I brought him back to the kitchen and got a cold wet washcloth to hold on his gum. I sat in front of the TV to distract him so I could call the doctor. It was while I was on the phone with the pediatrician that I thought to look for a tooth or part of a tooth. Oh, and I found it… root and all!


Oh my goodness that had to hurt!! He had to hit our bed so hard!? Poor baby. By this point Isaac was calm, smiling at the TV and drinking water, still bleeding but not as bad. The Dr. wanted to see us and got us in right away. I thought we would be making our first trip to Children’s Hospital for sure. Turns out they will not put the tooth back in as his mouth as it is still growing and it may hinder the next tooth. The kid ejoyed himself at the doctor’s office though.


I still want to get him into the Pediatric Dentist ASAP to get their opinion, but it is likely he will have a little gap until that adult tooth comes in.

I feel so bad for my boy! Will he have a gap until he is 5 or 6? That is so sad right? I know that there are a lot worse injuries and that we are blessed to have a healthy boy, still, I couldn’t help but feel sick last night. Even after he went to bed I couldn’t shake it. The sound of him hitting that bed and the first site of his gap. This kid has ruined me.

I saw this quote today, and I think that it is so true. ‎”Making the decision to have a child – it is a momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone. My heart was breaking over this.

Doug tried to make me feel better by making a few jokes about him really looking like he is from the country now. It didn’t help :)

This mom stuff is hard sometimes.