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March Madness Arrangement

mm banner
It’s March Madness time, friends! And though I am not a super sports entusiast, I am all about the college basketball tourney and filling out my bracket! It must the part in me that loves to complete a worksheet. This project was designed for a work party that I helped throw for 120 volunteers. The goal was for our volunteers to feel appreciated and loved.My goal was to hit the “basketball team” theme without it looking kiddish, stay on budget, be pretty but masculine and of course have the “wow”-factor.

mm1Step 1: Basketballs
I purchased 3 large bags of cutie oranges. I planned to use about 5-6 basketballs for 12 centerpieces. I googled basketball images to make sure I knew how to draw the lines correctly.  I used a regular black sharpie. The sharpie did rub off on my hands but stayed on the oranges well. I let them sit overnight before putting them in water.  The lines aren’t perfect, but the water is very forgiving.


Step 2: Daisies
I had a florist deliver this bulk order of 60 stems. I used about 5 stems for each arrangement.  After filling the glass fish bowls half full I dropped in the basketball. I cut the daisies to sit right above the rim of the bowl. I tried to leave the daisies attached in clusters to help the bouquet look full. I aimed the daisy stems to the middle of the floating cuties.

Here is another view fo the arrangement from the side:mm4 with .comThis arrangement would be fabulous for a March Madness party! Make a cluster of multiple glass vases for a large dining table.  Use a tall cylinder vase with long-stemmed Gerbera daisies for a more extravagant display. One fun surprise is the citrus fragrance the oranges expel in the air after a little time in the water!

Have you ever made a bouquet with fruit or veggies? Limes and lemons are next up in my house this spring!