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My New Sammy – “The BCT”

So, I was craving some bacon the other day and thought I will make a BLT. Unfortunately when I looked we were out of the “L”. Oh man, that made me REALLY want that BLT. So I decided to do a little substitute. Cucumber has a similar watery simple crunch like lettuce… BCT Sammy 1The ingredients of my BCT are medium toasted toast, crunchy bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers and mayo. I lightly salt the tomatoes to help bring out the flavor since they are not quite as wonderful this time of year. BCT Sammy 3

I load it up and wall-ah!  It was so delicious! (Or “de-wish-sus” as my son would say.) I like the cucumber even better than the lettuce. It makes the sandwich more moist. Yummmm! Just typing up this quick blog makes me want to go make another. I usually choose a nice wheat bread for my BLTs, so I am going to make that little switch next time around. And, I am sure that this would be a great vegetarian meal with with some Morning Star veggie bacon strips as a substitute. Try one! It will not disappoint.
BCT Sammy logo