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Change on the Go!

A while back some friends gave us an extra pack ‘n play. We used it on occasion, but it broke and would no longer fold up. After sitting in our garage, unused and unneeded, I decided it was time to donate it. However, Isaac became a fan of it because of the large Sesame Street characters on the inside. We have only watched bits and pieces of Sesame Street a few of times, but Isaac has an Elmo Potty doll and Cookie Monster puppet. They are buds. So just as I started to donate, Isaac grew an attachment to this thing, pointing to his friends every time we passed through the garage. I tried again to fix it with no luck. pad 1

Then I got an idea. Over the summer we would often change Isaac’s diaper in the back of the SUV. Sometimes it was just easier then using one of those plastic bathroom stations. Plus, we had more room for Isaac’s long legs. So I thought, hmm… I could re-purpose the nice, padded, panel that sits on the bottom of the pack ‘n play as a changing pad for our car. At least then, the whole pack ‘n play wasn’t a complete loss. pad 2 The size is nice and long, and the material is nylon so it’s easy to wipe clean. And even though I am a fan of less intentional kid products, Isaac adores the faces on it. pad 3 The pad easily folds in half and tucks in between the floor and the 2nd row seating. Doug thinks it’s kinda silly. But, I’m thinking ahead to next year… It will be nice to have this for baby #2 as well. He/she will be 4-7 months through the summer.pad 4What do you think? Have you re-purposed anything lately?

pad collage 2