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Isaac 2.75

isaac 2.75 with textMy boy. My tall, smart, fun boy! His newest shoes we bought in spring are already getting small. This kid is as tall or taller than his 3 year old friends. He is super strong too.

He continues to surprise me. He is such a fun little person and certainly has his own mind. He is challenging, sensitive, loud, and authentic. He loves his friends, family, and life. This kid doesn’t slow down much. He ¬†bounces from toy to toy, but then will sit and read with me for a half.¬†What a joy he is.

What has surprised me most about him in these last few months is how well he adjusted to his little brother coming into the world. He simply acts like he has always been. He likes him around. He likes Luke to watch him and so desires to communicate and play with him. Some day.

isaac 2.75 collage 1LIKES:
Sandwiches cut into shapes
Running ahead and waiting between the door
Hiding from us – me at the kitchen table, dad under moms dress.
Flirting, hugging and occasionally kissing girls
Ice cream at dairy whip
Picnics at the park
Kings Island with his friends. He rides all the rides he is tall enough to.
Playing outside.
Swinging and spinning, but getting too big for the baby swing.
Riding his quad through the yard. Down and around the tree.
Singing – loving 123s CD
Roaring: at his friends, at Luke. Says he is a lion or spiderman.
Dancing. downtown Cincinnati
Entertrainment junction
His light up Pumas the mailman brought him.
Puzzles, coloring with marker, stickers, bubbles, cars, blocks, TRAINS.

isaac 2.75 collage 2

Easter egg hunt in our yard
Milkshakes at UDF
Beginning time outs in his room

MILK! donuts, grapes, yogurt, popcicles, cheetos, choc chip mini muffins, cheese and pepperoni, orange juice.

isaac 2.75 collage 3WITH HIS BROTHER:
Calls him “Yuke”
Has a baby yuke song
Says “I want to hold him on my tummy” and pulls up his shirt.
Putting toys in his mouth and trying to play with him.
Sings for him.
Luke is starting to get more used to him.