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DIY Costume – Jack Jack Incredible

Yep, I did it! Made my first kid’s Halloween costume. My motivation was for Isaac would look different from the popular stuffed animal looking costumes. No offense to his buddies dressed as cows, pigs, chickens, and monkies.  I also wanted to spend little money, since going to Grandpa and Grandma’s house was the extent of our Halloween festivities. So here is what I did.

Step by Step: DIY Jack Jack Incredible Costume

I looked at some pics online for inspiration. I didn’t find anything on Pinterest, so I searched images for “Jack Jack Incredible”. This was my favorite.

Looked to see what I already had to use: red pajama shirt, red pants, and black socks. Also had an old stretched out hair elastic to use for the mask.

I took my inspiration picture and shopped at the local fabric/craft store for felt. The sheets of felt were $.34 and the black felt was $2.99 (I bought 1/2 yard of that, but you don’t need even half of that).

Back at the ranch (we live in a ranch house, not on a ranch)… I simply cut the shapes and used spray adhesive for the logo.  I chose to roughly stitch the logo onto the pajama shirt so that I could re-use both the logo and the shirt once Halloween is over.

I even made him a Mask, even though I knew he would not keep that on for more than a second. Goal: one picture. Also cut a thin piece of felt to act as his belt.

I think it turned out pretty cute.

Both sets of grandparents didn’t really know who he was, but that is OK. I had my reason for no cape all ready to explain, but no one asked. This is my ONE picture of Isaac in his mask (excuse the poor lighting). I call that success.

Since Halloween was so chilly, Isaac and I took pictures the Friday after, too.