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Labels for My Labels!

After posting this picture on instagram and twitter, a freind of mine mentioned…”you have labels for your labels!” Ha ha!! I didn’t even notice. But, yes as I organized the closet acting as my office, I reserved a whole drawer for labels.labels1

The washi love continues to beat in my heart. To celebrate my victory of the Done, Done Done Dining Room Closet,  I thought it was the perfect time to get my label on.  Super easy… but here are the pics to prove it.

I simply taped right on top of the inserts that came with the containers. Lucky for me the tape was exactly the same size, so no double taping and cutting had to happen. I used a few tape colors to give contrast to the different colors and patterns of the containers.

They I used a label maker to print out the text. Are you addicted to the label maker like I am? It is a good kind of addiction. Don’t worry.
labels5So here are a few that are finished…

Some of my old boxes had lost their label inserts so I had to create new ones. Instead of using mailing labels (1 X 2 5/8) with just the sticky back, I simply cut them out backing and all. That made them more sturdy.  You could use card stock too, I just had lotsa these labels.

labels3I used three colors of washi tape for the labels in the closet. I liked the way the blue popped off of the orange and white items. The orange looked great on the grey and white. And, the grey washi was good to tone down the already bright red boxes.
labels2closet collage labelsIt isn’t rocket science, people. It took 20 minutes and made a huge difference! Label your stuff and then be super proud of yourself. Do it! Then post pics on the Project Momma Facebook Page for all of us to see!