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Sushi Makers!

A couple of friends in our small group took a Sushi class and threw us a Sushi party to pass on their new skills. I was kinda nervous because even when I’m NOT pregnant, I don’t eat raw fish. But Megan promised me there would be cooked fish and even chicken to choose from. sushi1First we prepped the food. You can see the fish, chicken and shrimp on the left and sliced cucumber, carrot and cream cheese on the right. I love that they had traditional items but some items that were not so scary for newbies like Doug and I. 
sushi collage
We all sat around the table with a cutting board and gloves on. The cutting board to help up move and maneuver our roll, and later to cut one. The gloves helped to keep the rice from sticking to our hands.sushi10

Megan took us through the process, giving us the step by step and helpful hints. sushi collage 2 1. Lay out your seaweed.
2. Add the rice and press to the edge of the seaweed.
3. Sprinkle sesame seeds on the rice, this keeps it from sticking to the cutting board when you flip it over.

sushi collage 3

4. Carefully flip it over. Choose 3 items for your roll. I choose chicken, cucumber, and cream cheese. (Yes I am totally safe!)
5. Roll up by hand.
6. Use a wooden placement sheet covered with saran wrap to get the roll super tight. You can see my friend Dawn pulling towards her while holding tight to the other end of the mat.

sushi14Once you have the roll, you use a knife to slice into bite size pieces. It helps to dip the knife in water before each cut to keep the food from sticking. It keeps the rolls nice and clean cut. sushi7

Doug’s first roll had way too much rice. He said it was his size.

sushi13Isaac enjoyed watching and chasing the dogs around the house. We were all having so much fun I lost track of time and kept him up later than we ever have. He got wild and we finally headed out.

Here is my first finished roll. We had several sauces to dip into. Doug surprisingly like the wasabi  mayo mix and I stuck to the classic soy sauce. Yummy!sushi collage 4

Also, Doug got to use chopsticks for the first time.

Overall, it was such a blast. We have fun friends! And, I guess I like Sushi! Is it still Sushi with chicken? I think I will have to try out the new place in Hyde Park, Fusian. They have chicken too!
sushi logo

**Disclaimer: There is a lot to know about eating raw fish. You cannot just go to Kroger and pick up fish for sushi. Please do your homework about sushi-grade fish before trying it at home.