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A Few Drops of Christmas Cheer…

Weekend after Thanksgiving = Christmas Decor! Am I right? By that time I am done or mostly done with my Christmas shopping and ready to jump into making the house festive. This year I was feeling pregnant, overwhelmed with work, and more eager to get to baby prep mode (which I told myself was fine to wait until after the holiday season and heavy workload ended). So I looked at this Christmas decor with a simple eye. I wanted to pull out favorite things but not to get too crazy. So here are a few drops of Christmas Cheer!

Remember those gold floral things from last year’s Christmas mantle? I just dropped them in these three ceramic jars for an easy dining room centerpiece.

cmas dec 6

On the dining room room shelves a few of the breakable items found their home higher than toddler fingers can reach. Down lower, Isaac’s Little People Nativity Set that he got for Christmas last year. At one point we had lost Baby Jesus and his mom and dad. Mom and baby have made it back the manger, but Joseph is still MIA. cmas dec 7In the kitchen is a spattering of some more favorites…
cmas collage 1And the memo board turned into the perfect display for all our picture holiday cards. Isaac loved receiving each one as much as I. He will point to his friends and say their names and even says to himself in our picture “I like your bow tie!” We also hung up his crafts from school and home. Look at those big boy mistletoes!  cmas dec 2

cmas collage 2In the Living Room, I set up my Nativity set. I was surprised Isaac was not interested in it all. He liked his much better and that was fine by me. 
cmas dec 9Stockings from the mantel, some Christmas stories at his reading spot, and a Santa hat. cmas dec 18

On the mantle this year, my nutcrackers, lights, and sleigh. cmas collage 3

I love the ambiance of the lights. Yes, fire nights are simply glorious!
cmas decor 17Last but not least is our tree! Isaac got to help decorate it this year. It actually ended up being a great way to do it. I could hang 4 ornaments to his 1. He would reach as high as he could, meaning I knew where the “line” was. All the sentimental ones went higher than his line. The first few days he was interested in taking the ones he could reach on and off until he found his favorite – the plastic magenta ball. Then he just went for that one each time – on and off, and on and off. He assured me it was purple and his “fay-ber-it” and who am I to argue?! I think we only had one minor casualty when a trolley who lost it’s ladder.

cmas dec 10

There is just something about a Christmas tree at night… am I right? You don’t have to answer. I am right. (Well worth the two trips to Target to get replacement lights).

cmas dec 12

New Year’s day all the decor but the tree came down. The tree got to hang out a few more days. Isaac adored the lights as much as I and we had a sick house. The poor kid is still asking for “more presents” days after the parties ended. I couldn’t take his “Kiss-mas” tree away too soon.


“Thankful” Paint Chip Banner

I soooo wanted to make a “Thankful” banner this year… and I thought maybe it would be great for the fireplace mantel. Time got away from me. I did not have a plan or pin so I pulled the use-whatcha-got strategy. Enter paint chips. Th banner 8I had a bunch of paint chips from a visit to the local home improvement store that had been sitting in a project box for months. I picked out the most fall-ish colors that I had. These are the large, one-color only paint chips. I made a rough letter outline on the back and began to cut them out. TH banner 1 This worked for most of the letters, but once I got to the “N” I realized it did NOT work for the unsymmetrical letters. It was backwards. Duh. At least I only messed up one letter. TH banner2 I wrote and cut the letters chunky and imperfect… on purpose. I didn’t want them to look even.TH banner3Here is how the banner turned out. I hung the letters on my memo board in the kitchen with mini clothes pins. I had not updated the decor since I made it back in February. Now it happily greets me when I walk in.
TH banner4Pretty great for a free naptime craft!paint chip banner


Pinterest Challenge – My Long Awaited Memo Board

winter-challengeIt’s Pinterest Challenge Time! I am joining with bloggers all over the country who are taking the challenge to actually DO WATCHA PIN! Welcome new friends and thanks for stopping by! And, don’t forget to give all of our hosts some love: Young House Love, Bower Power, The Modeled Life, &  Decor and the Dog.

org5For almost 4 years this wall behind our table in the kitchen has been blank, empty and just sad. The wall has a plug in the middle and a vent at the top, so I haven’t been able to decide what I wanted to put there. I almost hung a few small shelves but changed my mind.  I knew I wanted something artistic and functional, but not too busy for our small kitchen. It has stayed empty for far too long!!!

In true Pinterest-addict form, I had been pinning some DIY options for this space. I loved the idea of art that could be switched out depending on the season, or my mood. Here some pins that I had been contemplating:

7c14ff52434a5b091ec99ad70d2c5af5 93dd7c8cfed077c52b3d9e412544b21f 6e4fc3291f6ab0427f83974ac31c6f2c



…… and at my last thrift shop outing, that I told you about here, I found this old framed picture for $6.25. I knew at first sight that the frame was a great size for the bare wall. It sat on the kitchen table for a few weeks waiting for it’s reincarnation…and my butt to find the other supplies I needed.

memo0Then, last Wednesday, Young House Love posted their Pinterest Challenge which was just the push I needed to get this project in gear. I had waited 4 years for this wall to find it’s destiny, and now I had one week to make it happen.

I stopped at Lowe’s on my way home from work, THAT day. I knew that I needed spray paint and chicken wire. The paint was easy, but I wasn’t sure of the measurements of my frame. The chicken wire ranged in price from: $8 to $41! I was nervous that the 24 inch wasn’t going to be wide enough and the 48 inch way too wide. I had not actually measured the frame, so I thought I would wait to do that before purchasing. I snapped some pictures for reference. I also hoped that maybe Doug, my construction-carpenter husband had some laying around. Fingers crossed.


The frame turned out to me 28in X 36in. So bad news was Doug did not have any, AND I needed at least 26 inches to make it across the width. Ugh. I couldn’t to spend $41 on a huge roll of chicken wire that I wouldn’t need. My blogging friend, Lindsey (hildagotrocks) suggested posting an ask on Facebook. She is genius! A crafting friend said come on over and pick it up. Yes! Free! She was familiar with chicken wire and said that her 24 inch width would stretch just enough to fit my frame; it would actually be good to have it stretched tight. Total score on the free chicken wire and the tip! Woo to the hoo!

Later that night it was time to get started, finally. I was super giddy about it. First, I removed the backing and the picture with mat. I was thinking about trying to leave the wire across the back, because it was so old it had frayed pretty badly. But, the glass was too hard to get out with it still attached, so I removed that. I ever so carefully pulled the glass out. Picture me with oven mits shimmy-ing this thing back and forth. The glass was really thin and I was super scared I was going to shatter it. Whew, that was the hardest part of the project. memo1Next, I laid out some newspaper in our garage (with the door open and light on). Isn’t this what all my neighbors are doing at 9:00 p.m. on a Saturday night? Hey, I gotta project when I can (Can project be a verb?). Husband was at a hockey game and my baby was snoozing, so it was the perfect opportunity to spread some paint fumes into the winter air.

memo2I used Rustoleum Universal (for any surface) in flat black. I have to say that I have a new affection for spray paint. It provides such a fast transformation, it really is exhilarating (and I am only kinda exaggerating). I am not yet as daring as my friends at Young House Love, but maybe one day I will spray something bright red.


After an hour, my first coat was dry to the touch. I was able to move the frame before Doug came home. Can’t you just see him backing over this beauty? I often set the oven timer to remind myself of these kinda things. The next day, I applied a second coat, making sure I got the inside lip of the frame.

Once the frame was dry and I had to make a decision on whether I would hang it horizontal or vertical. The air vent could not be covered, but frame would fit both directions. It is just a matter pf preference.  I decided horizontal was the way to go. Of course it would be hung, not just leaning.
memo5 memo4

Evening number two with my project…time for chicken wire! This time I had the Oscars, my husband’s tools, and an extra hand to help me out.
memo6Doug helped me pull the chicken wire tight as we could and I used a staple gun to staple each of the sides to the frame. His hands were a little stronger than mine, so he did the last side. It was pretty easy, just had to watch out for the sharp edges of the wire. I only had one minor flesh wound.

Here is a close up of the back of the frame, you can see that we folded the edges of the cut wire so that it wouldn’t poke out and scratch the walls or my hands.
memo8I did have to get 2 more things. These mini clothes pins were $2.99 at Michaels but with a 50% off coupon they were only $1.50. I may spray paint these black like the frame sometime in the future… maybe not.  I used Sawtooth Hangers ($1.89) attached to the back of the frame, to hang it.

bought clipsNext it was time to hang this baby. Usually Doug does the hammering in this house, but I was anxious to get this baby up for some styling. So, I used my measure with newspaper method. I simply laid the newspaper on top of the frame and taped it together, then measured and drew a large dot with a sharpie where the nail would go.

I hung it up the template doing just a little measuring to make sure that it was centered. Then I hammered the nails into my markings. And, I didn’t even wake the baby!
paper upAnd after a little styling, here we have it…
close upClipped to the board are a few inspirational quotes, some pictures, our meal list, a Charley Harper art piece called “Lovey Dovey”, and a 4 year olds art piece. Just a few things that I love and make me smile. I know that I will be changing these out and updating this often! Another spot to put a hints of holidays.

done 2I am so happy with how it turned out! No more blank wall.

If you are stopping by from Young House Love, you may be interested in the first challenge I participated in – The Macklemore Thriftshop Challenge. Speaking of that, my little pokey pineapple that sits on the tray on the kitchen table has found his purpose. He is secretly holding the mini clothes pins for the memo board! Perfect correlation.

clips homeOnly 2 days until the official launch of this Project Momma Blog! 

Stop back on Friday when I’ll be giving away FIVE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!

DIY memo board - banner