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Isaac 2.75

isaac 2.75 with textMy boy. My tall, smart, fun boy! His newest shoes we bought in spring are already getting small. This kid is as tall or taller than his 3 year old friends. He is super strong too.

He continues to surprise me. He is such a fun little person and certainly has his own mind. He is challenging, sensitive, loud, and authentic. He loves his friends, family, and life. This kid doesn’t slow down much. He  bounces from toy to toy, but then will sit and read with me for a half. What a joy he is.

What has surprised me most about him in these last few months is how well he adjusted to his little brother coming into the world. He simply acts like he has always been. He likes him around. He likes Luke to watch him and so desires to communicate and play with him. Some day.

isaac 2.75 collage 1LIKES:
Sandwiches cut into shapes
Running ahead and waiting between the door
Hiding from us – me at the kitchen table, dad under moms dress.
Flirting, hugging and occasionally kissing girls
Ice cream at dairy whip
Picnics at the park
Kings Island with his friends. He rides all the rides he is tall enough to.
Playing outside.
Swinging and spinning, but getting too big for the baby swing.
Riding his quad through the yard. Down and around the tree.
Singing – loving 123s CD
Roaring: at his friends, at Luke. Says he is a lion or spiderman.
Dancing. downtown Cincinnati
Entertrainment junction
His light up Pumas the mailman brought him.
Puzzles, coloring with marker, stickers, bubbles, cars, blocks, TRAINS.

isaac 2.75 collage 2

Easter egg hunt in our yard
Milkshakes at UDF
Beginning time outs in his room

MILK! donuts, grapes, yogurt, popcicles, cheetos, choc chip mini muffins, cheese and pepperoni, orange juice.

isaac 2.75 collage 3WITH HIS BROTHER:
Calls him “Yuke”
Has a baby yuke song
Says “I want to hold him on my tummy” and pulls up his shirt.
Putting toys in his mouth and trying to play with him.
Sings for him.
Luke is starting to get more used to him.


Luke .25 (the first 3 months)

My baby is 3 months and changing so fast. I have kept track some of his milestones and moments to share with weekly pictures! I did this project for Isaac too (minus the notes). I never want to forget these treasured moments. Did I say it is going too fast?! Oh we love him so!

luke_week 1 logo[ Week 1 ]
Weighed 7 lbs 15 oz at birth, Lost 7 oz in first week
Day 4 – first smile while asleep during “milk comma”1 Jaundice test – billirubin 10.2 – OK!
Sleeping swaddled
Days and nights confused, but sleeping.
His brother loves him. Though he did try to steal his blanket at first sight.
Projectile poop!

luke_week 2 logo[ Week 2 ]
Pedi appt on day 10. Weighs 7 lbs. 14.6 oz.. almost back up to birth weight.
Dr. Broderick says he has big ear canals and is strong
Makes a mess on scale (again) for the nurse.
Crying and grumpy in carseat!
Belly button fell off
First bath in kitchen sink – Isaac thought this funny! Luke did not.

luke_week 3 logo[ Week 3 ]
Propane low, first sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa’s
Mom is re-reading books: Baby Whisperer!
Seeming hungry every 2 hours – I am confusing hunger/sleepy cries
First coos and sounds on-purpose!
Playmat and tummy time
Offered him the paci and he loved it! (uh-oh) Really helps him relax when tired.
Move up to Size 1 diapers
Sleeping 2-3.5 hours at a time
Holding on during nursing like he is helping.

luke_week 4 logo[ Week 4 ]
Slept through dentist with mom
I locked the boys in the car!
Laying in crib semi-awake to fall asleep
Newborn and family pictures taken
First family outing: buy Dad’s phone, skyline & car wash
Tried tummy sleeping in crib unswaddled – then went back.
First 5 hours sleep & 6 hours between feeds!
Visited mommy’s work. Slept most of the time.

luke_week 5 logo[ Week 5 ]
1 month Pedi Appt: 10 lbs (70%), length 22 in (80%), and head 37 in (35%)
Started using swaddlers at night instead of blankets – stronger!
Fell asleep on his own when I had to lay him down crying. (good sign)
Started Vitamen D drops
First small smiles!
First trip to park – Lunken playfield

luke_week 6 logo[ Week 6 ]
First day of spring. Still snowing
Thinking he is overtired and that is why he is crying.
Try putting him down earlier: first yawn or grump. (1-1.5 after feed)
Attended first party – wedding shower.
Following you with his eyes as you move.
Stayed home with Daddy and Isaac first time without mom!
Sleeping 3-5.5 hour stretches as night, up to 6.5 hours between feeds

luke_week 7 logo[ Week 7 ]
Holding head up well
looked at himself in the the phone camera
Smiled after he sneezed
Loves his paci
Letting him soothe to sleep with swaddle and paci
Rocking and bouncing and patting seems too much stimulation when overtired
Congestion and runny nose
Watching for 3 phases of sleep (squirmy, stare, heavy eyes)
Started wake up routine: 7:30 nurse to start his day

luke_week 8 logo[ Week 8 ]
Trying to not put paci in after he spits it out, self-soothe
Mom starts teaching dance again – Daddy with both boys
Facetime mom with both boys!
2 month appt – lots of shots!
Slept 8 hours!
Cut nails for the first time
Family outing for mom’s birthday dinner
Easier to sleep- mom noticing cues!
First sickness (virus) – threw up about 7 times. Poor baby.

luke_week 9 logo[ Week 9 ]
Really enjoying mornings – happy, smiley boy!
Watching and smiling at Isaac as he talks
Last daily segment he takes a short nap in chair, carrier, or held
Up to 5.75 hrs sleep/7.5 between night feeds
2 month Pedi appt: 11.6 lbs (58%), 23.5 in long (80%) – lost a few oz since sick :(
First babysitter – Aunt Katie

luke_week 10 logo[ Week 10 ]
Move up to Size 2 diapers
Really bad gassy day – decreasing my milk intake to see if that affects him
Taking 4 oz in bottles
Breaking out of swaddle at some points
First Easter – did well being passed around. Fell asleep on mom
Slept 7.5 hours / 8.5 between feeds
3.5 – 4 hour between some day feeds
Finding his thumb, mad when he cannot

luke_week 11 logo[ Week 11 ]
Super engaging – smiles and coos in response to your words.
Likes to watch Isaac
…also cries at his screams and sudden movements
Sleeping 9.5 hours! Woo hoo
Blowing bubbles.
Watches TV.
Schedule going well, napping pretty regularly now.
Long nap about 2:15-4:30 daily. Shorts naps other section of day.
Catnap around dinner time in chair, reminds us of dinners with Baby Isaac.
Asleep at 8:00 – 8:30 p.m. bedtime.
Really chubbing up. Loving his rolls.
Tucking himself under my chin

luke_week 12 logo[ Week 12 ]
1st day with Grandma
Slept 11 hours at night!
Turned 180* in crib, broke out of new larger swaddles.
Blowout at target AND lost a paci. Screaming!
Isaac held him 15 minutes while watching Curious George
Gave himself a hickie on his arm.

luke_week 13 logo[ Week 13 ]
Back to work. Transition went well!
Grown out of 3 month clothes, especially sleepers. He’s long!
1st time downtown. Swing dancing with mom at Fountain Square.
Napping so well, having to wake him to eat.
Not needing paci as much, rarely putting back in at sleep.
Smiled at mommy when she came to wake him.
Arms out of swaddle a lot, but not hindering sleep.
Up to 5.5 oz. in bottles


Isaac 2.5

isaac 2.5 collage 1Isaac has definitely hit a growth spurt in these last few months. At 2 and a half he weighs 36 lbs and 4 oz. He has shot up in height too, moving into 3T pants! He is really looking like a little boy, older than 2 and half… he tells everyone he is 5. Is really into birthday parties now. So I had a little half-birthday “purple party” for him at Chick-fil-a. Purple beads, balloons and brownies.

Trains are still his favorite thing to play with. He added several to his collection at Christmas and got a train table the week after Luke was born. Rosie and Thomas are still his favorite but he doesn’t carry them everywhere with him like he used to. He will build “cities” on the floor with his blocks and cars or trains and tracks and “bidges” (bridges). He will find all the vehicles he can. Loves the street signs and has been recognizing them as we drive: railroad crossing, people crossing, and do not enter!

He likes to play “truck playdoh” (always with dad), Hide and Seek, Ring Around the Rosie, and Hokey Pokey. He loves markers and will sit and color pictures for long periods of time. Scribbles and forceful dots. Sometimes he adds stickers by the dozen. At Gama & Papa’s he like to listen to his music and run around the table while singing and stomping. He is very intense about this.  He can sing all the ABCs with a few slurrs and knows most all of the Thomas theme song. He actually knows lots of words to lots of songs and surprises us daily. He likes his musical toys, even the old baby ones that play songs and wants me to tell him the words. I have had to google some of the old nursery rhymes to teach him. He also has a Thomas book with about 8 songs and we ALL know ALL the words. He likes to make an “I”  with pretzels and recognizes his name. He counts to twelve perfectly then mixes up the teens. His favorite number is 5.

isaac 2.5 collage 2Around Christmas he loved the tree and lights as well as his manger scene. We managed to lose Mary and Joseph for most of the holiday but they turned up. He has a blast with the decor styrofoam wrapping and shredded it all over the floor and called it snow. Later that day it did snow. We had a very cold and snowy winter and he kept asking for purple snow (his favorite color). One day he came out snow boots on when he saw the snow at 7:00 a.m. and wanted to build a purple snowman.

He transitioned to his big boy bed after the holidays. He helped pick it out at Sam’s. We mostly read books on it for the first 3 weeks before he was interested in it. He’s say “No, my Kib (crib)”. Then he started napping in it. Finally the first night he said he wanted to sleep there he rolled out of bed. I had rolled up my long pillow under the sheet to keep him in but I saw him on the monitor sit up in bed then head dive right over the side. We got a bedguard right after that and had no other problems.

Isaac 2.5 collage 5Potty training has been going well and he is about 95%! Started going #2 on the potty consistently the week Luke was born (no regression!). We did/do give him suckers for going #2 which was the winning strategy (FINALLY). He still wears a diaper at night, and will move up to size 6 once we are out of the 5′s. Doug taught him to stand up and pee with him but I make him sit. He points out port-a-potties and we drive by asks to go to the bathroom when he sees UDF.

Isaac is more and more independent. Can put on his own underwear and pants if they are layed out. Is working on socks and shoes. Likes to brush his teeth himself, put on his sunglasses, and go to the bathroom alone. He will tell us to “stay here”, and we do… for a minute.

Isaac is still infatuated with Curious George. He knows all the characters and talks about them often. He loves Hundley (dog), Jumpy(squirrel), Compass (bird), and Gnocci (Cat). This has been a great distraction while I nurse, but we are looking forward to getting outside and reducing his TV intake. He wants to do things Curious George does – go camping, to the beach, fly a kite, build a sand castle. I can’t wait for him to experience this stuff in real life.

isaac 2.5 collage 3

Isaac likes group hugs, he will pull you close. He will get jealous when I hug Doug and want to get involved. He thinks it’s fun to Skype with Mama and Papa in Florida and Facetime Mom. He will tell Siri on my phone to “Show me Rosie”. He likes to go to Home Depot with Dad. Krogers, Target and Chickfila with Mom. He is still pretty picky with food but loves milkshakes, donuts, muffins, cheese, and of course his milk. He loves kids and especially older girls. Follows them and will say “Hey geh-yul”.

He cracks us up with the things he says: “oh my goodness”, “oh my goodness sakes”, “blow my nose”, “my fay-ber-ite” (favorite), “xylophone”, “beach”, and counting with misses-hippies. He asked me to “sing a song about mommy”. I said, “well how does it go?” to which he sang a tune… “song about mommy, a song about mommy”. He will also call me mommy honey or mommy dear.
isaac 2.5 collage 6 We began preparing for baby to arrive and Daddy is more involved with bath and bedtime. We really thought he would be missing his mommy time and jealous of the baby. He totally surprised us and loved his baby brother from the start. Though at first sight he tried to take his blanket because it was similar to his. He loves to hold him, give him kisses, eskimo kisses, and loves to be in his face and talk to him. He ‘s tried to pick him up a few times and is learning how to be gentle. He calls him “Yuke” since he cannot say his “L”s very well. Daily he asks him to “Play trains, baby yuke, play trains?” We wants to make sure Luke is with us at all times and included. Not one bit jealous of his new baby brother. It is so sweet.

Adventure, Affection, and Ascension – Isaac at 18 months

18 months Likes:
Trains or things that resemble trains. He says “choo choo” and motions pulling the train whistle.
Chocolate pudding. Sharing with mom at the museum.
Showing his tummy and being naked.
Finding your belly button and tickling (scratching) it.
His knees and our knees. He holds up his pants and laughs about it.
Singing “head, shoulders, knees & toes” with Dad.
Curious George on netflix. Says “Ooh ooh ooh” as his monkey sound.
Books: Easter flap book, Go Dog Go (we found it finally), Curious George, Tub People.
Going to the parks! Loved Lunken, squealing and running down the sidewalk.
Big slides! Loves the adventure. No fear at all.
Brushing his teeth on the changing table.
Saying “um, um, ummm” when something tastes good.
Putting on his shoes and jacket, because he knows that means leaving we’re leaving.
Kissing Judah, Liv and all his friends.
Singing wheels on the bus, saying “round and round” sound to start it.
Singing Happy Birthday.
Dancing to his tape at Grandma’s.
Pointing to things on out car: “wheel”, “door”, “door”.
Pointing to “car”, “car”, “car”… in parking lots.
Giving real hugs and saying “awww”.
Food: blueberries, pretzels, hershey kisses, homemade carrot-apple juice, pepperoni.
Baths! Kicking, splashing, letting the water run, blowing bubbles. 

18 mo. collage 3Dislikes:
Being told “no”.
The sound of the garbage disposal or vacuum.
Being woken up from nap.
When his toys dont cooperate with him.
When he’s not allowed to climb on side tables in living room.
Cold chicken nuggets, banana, food from Mom’s fork.

18 mo collage 2Memories:
Saying “no” but not always meaning it
Haircut at Cookie Cutters, watching Superwhy while in the car
Hitting Great Grandma in the face then hugging her and saying “awww”.
Falling asleep at co-op the day after Easter while being read to.
Drinking a milkshake and saying “brrr”.
Taking a head-dive from truck. Mom is officially done with it in the house.
Saying “two” for two cookies or two crackers instead of one.
Dipping ketchup! (usually refuses to dip.)
Saying “Hi” to people and waving.
Climbing out of pack n’ play at nap at Grandma’s. Saying “Hi” and waving when she came in
Climbing/falling from his crib because he wanted his golf clubs.
Going and getting his towel for bath.
Finding a single M&M hiding in each Easter eggs around the house.
Taking a liking to a bear names Benny at Pottery Barn Outlet. Grandma bought it.

18 mo Collage 1Accomplishments:
All the shapes into his shape sorter
Completing his 2 year old puzzles – vehicles and animals.
Going down the steps to the garage.
Using spoon alone for oatmeal and yogurt. (Still messy)
Poking some with fork.
Coloring and stickering well. Sits at the table for long periods of time with his “table time” boxes.
Reaching the lights to turn them on and off. Saying “on” and “off” both sound like “aw”.

Tooth #10 (his right lower middle) is in.
Tooth #11 (left upper middle) has broken the skin.
Tooth #12 (left front) not far behind.
Taking good solid naps, 2-3 hours
Day light savings time making bedtime about 7:30 now. Up between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m.
Takes longer to go to sleep at night, we think because it’s still light out.
18 mos. shirts sleeves getting short. 24 mos. clothes some fit, some still big.