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Potty Pack

The few weeks ago we began potty training Isaac. I plan to write a post on all that, but until then here’s a short post about how we went from Diaper Pack to Potty Pack. One of my all time favorite baby/kid items is this Skip Hop Pronto Diaper Changing Kit. This is actually my 2nd. When a zipper broke, Buy Buy Baby replaced it for free with a brand new one. They rock like that. potty pack 3 This is what it has looked like the last year or so. While I usually keep a change of clothes and extra diaper in the car, this is easy to throw in my purse (which is actually a bag), instead of carrying a whole diaper bag. When Isaac was little baby I also left the changing mat attached. He outgrew the length, so now I mostly leave it off… thank you easy zipper.potty packNow that we are into potty land, we said goodbye to diapers! I put a few pairs of pants and underwear in the pack along with a plastic bag for the possible messy cloths. I also grabbed a travel size of the moist wipes to have in case of a poop while we are out. 
potty pack 2
It is super handy to grab in and out of my purse when Isaac is with me or give to Doug if he takes him out. And since Skip Hop patterns are kinda hip, you’d have no idea what is hiding inside.

See ya next year diapers!