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Isaac’s Train-themed Party

Isaac is 2 and loving life. Loving life with trains, I should say…

A few months back I started thinking about his party. I thought maybe we’d do Curious George since he loves”Ooh-Ooh-Ah-Ah” as he calls him. Then he met the train table in the toddler room at daycare and he was all about trains. Thomas, you know “The Train”, slowly rolled into this Schraer station. So, I moved from the monkey ideas to a thought of a vintage train party. Cute, right? I began pinning all these sweet ideas. I could easily do trains and leave the whole Thomas theme out. I made an Evite and sent it out.

evite- isaac's partyBut as the party got closer, Isaac’s love for Thomas (and his friends) got very passionate. So much, that we took him to meet said train as part of his birthday present. So, I embraced Thomas and invited him to the party (sigh)… for Isaac. Sadly, I ditched all the vintage ideas, except the cute train T-shirt that I already ordered from Etsy. 2 party isacI approached this birthday party much differently from the last. Year one, I felt like most of the party was about how to host the large quantity of people invited to our house. Preparation was mostly in taking care them, fitting them, feeding them, etc. We had a great time but it was a lot of work! This year, I wanted to focus on the simple things that Isaac loved with the people that love him. So we hosted a casual party on a Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. = Isaac’s prime time. We had it outdoors at a shelter within one of his favorite parks, complete with train to climb. decor 7We had his favorite foods… strawberries, grapes, apples, pretzels, cookies and juice boxes. I picked them up from Sam’s the day before. Easy. decor 5Also from Sam’s, a train-themed cookie cake! We did a cookie cake simply because we knew Isaac would like it better; he is not a big cake, cupcake, or ice cream fan. Sam’s did not have a train theme decor cake, so I asked them to tweak the Cars-themed cake. They made the road into a track and left the Cars figures off. I added my own little train; I had already bought Percy as a gift. He is the green engine below, if you aren’t as immersed in the Island of Sodor and it’s inhabitants. He was brand new and clean, so he made the cake. Sorry, Thomas. decor 4Thomas did leave his mark as the high-maintenance balloon I chased through the park a few times. He is supposed to hover the ground and I thought Isaac would love that. I finally had to tie him up since he would not behave. Isaac loves balloons right now and relates them to a birthday party, because of his Curious George book. One page has a party with balloons and he always skips to it and sings “Happy to you… happy to you.” I knew I had to have balloons for him this year. decor 9I like the thought of the kids leaving with a simple goody bag, so I put together a small sample of some of Isaac’s favorite things. decor 8Look familiar? I stole the idea from my work party snack bag. Inside a sucker, M&Ms, stickers, Curious George fruit snacks, a Thomas temporary tattoo, and a mix CD of Isaac’s Greatest hits. See the label? I copied that logo from the Evite using the an application called Grab. I basically took a screenshot of just the train picture with little man riding inside. So cute and easy!

decor 2The CD had songs that were memorable from Isaac’s first two years. Some songs Doug and I sing/sang to him. Some songs he danced to as a baby, while others he heard on the radio and picked up some words. We love music in our family, and there were memories attached to each of these songs. It is a fun gift idea for kids and their parents, especially since they are not all kiddy songs. You can buy burnable CDs, sleeves, and printable labels at any office supply store. But, I already had these at home because I bought in bulk when they were on sale a few years back. decor 3 I made a few extra CDs for the grandparents and adults without kids who may want one. We played the CD in the background at the party. I set out the goody bags on the gift table along with some leftover party hats from last year.decor 6Overall, I think this party was casual, fun, and still themed without too much work. It was a party for Isaac and the little details were all about him. The weather was great! It was nice to keep it simple and hang out with the people Isaac loves and those that love him!

train theme 2I’ll be back later in the week with some pictures from his party and the rest of his birthday week. Yep, he got a whole week!

Take Me Out…to the Par-ty!

It was party time at work again! You may remember my last themed volunteer bash… during basketball season, when I made these Basketball and Daisy Centerpieces. We don’t mean to be so sporty, but when you add a free Reds game to the celebration, how can you not go all baseball? Home Run.
photo 5

My goal: not too red (the color not the team), not too theme-y, use-whatcha-got supplies, budget conscious as always, and well.. make sure the volunteers knew that they were thought of and created for.

Special DIY mentions:

Plastic tablecloths made into baseballs with washi tape. These cheap-y plastic tablecloths are available at any party story and great for our events like this. Quick clean-up! To get the lines somewhat even, I left the tablecloths folded in half, while adding the detail. I used some dashes of washi tape to quickly mark the line, then I rolled the washi tape on in one long strip to keep the tablecloth from buckling. And, since the tablecloth was white, I was able to flip it over and do the 2nd line right on top as I could see right through. Yes!
photo 1 photo 4

Next up, peanut centerpieces! Please eat the table decor. We reuse and recreate these glass fish bowls for many events. Thank you Hobby Lobby 50% off.  The graphic design was left over from our dessert caterer at last year’s event. Hence, use-whatcha-got!
party2party9And my fave, the “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” snack bags. We only had a quick potluck style cookout, literally 60 minutes long, before everyone had to head down to the game. So, I loved the idea of the volunteers taking something with them to the game… to continue to enjoy.
party6 party10

This was simply a ziplock bag with treats inside. Twizzlers, mints, candy, a baseball temporary tattoo, and of course, cracker jacks! I printed the 100 paper banners and stapled them on each bag. Easy! Well, there were 100 bags… so that means it’s only easy with a team of behind the scenes volunteers to help git ‘er done. Shout out to the FI Prep Team! Woo woo!

We encouraged everyone to stuff their bag with peanuts before heading out. I told you we were gonna eat the table decor!

Overall the decor was very inexpensive and simple to accomplish. It is always fun when I get to be creative at work and I really like how it turned out.
party7party8This decor could be scaled up with white linens or made more kid-friendly by switching out the treats in the snack bag. Either way this a simple twist on a baseball theme!