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My New Sammy – “The BCT”

So, I was craving some bacon the other day and thought I will make a BLT. Unfortunately when I looked we were out of the “L”. Oh man, that made me REALLY want that BLT. So I decided to do a little substitute. Cucumber has a similar watery simple crunch like lettuce… BCT Sammy 1The ingredients of my BCT are medium toasted toast, crunchy bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers and mayo. I lightly salt the tomatoes to help bring out the flavor since they are not quite as wonderful this time of year. BCT Sammy 3

I load it up and wall-ah!  It was so delicious! (Or “de-wish-sus” as my son would say.) I like the cucumber even better than the lettuce. It makes the sandwich more moist. Yummmm! Just typing up this quick blog makes me want to go make another. I usually choose a nice wheat bread for my BLTs, so I am going to make that little switch next time around. And, I am sure that this would be a great vegetarian meal with with some Morning Star veggie bacon strips as a substitute. Try one! It will not disappoint.
BCT Sammy logo

Way Too Easy Fall Punch

So, have I mentioned that I part-own, manage, teach, and DJ a local Swing Venue, called The SwinGallery? Yep. It is my Thursday hat. I have been dancing almost my whole life and found swing about 14 years ago. I have been in this role for about 12 of those. It is a blast! Anyway, my co-owners call on me at party time to make punch. I try to think up something different depending on the event or season. I take cues from other recipes, but usually make large quantities for our 80+ crowd it is easier just to guestimate amounts and then taste. Nothing says a party for all ages like a non-alcoholic punch, right?

So, now I share with you my way too easy, anyone can do it, I can’t believe it’s that simple..Fall Punch! If you can pour juice, you too can make this punch! (Sorry about the mood lighting, we are just that cool on the mezzanine, pre-party….)

punch 1

  • About a 1/3 of other juices amount ORANGE JUICE
  • 7UP to taste 
  • ICE until chilled
  • Sliced ORANGES to garnish (CRANBERRIES would be fun too!) 

punch 3So that is it! Don’t take it too serious. Dump and sample. Keep it simple, keep it cold. Enjoy!

Punch Lady, out!

punch logo