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Our church is spending some time talking about “rhythms” in the current message series. We are being challenged to compare our priorities with how we spend our time.

I often over schedule my life. My lists are too long, my projects are too vast. I feel comfort in the busyness for some reason. And while I don’t want to change my love for efficiency, I do long to rest, play and lose track of time more than I do. Doug and Isaac do help me with that.

rest3Last week, our pastor specifically taked about REST. After reading some verses from the bible I felt challenged to make some changes in my life to include more rest. I really want to “work from rest”… instead of “resting from work”. This means changing some of my daily routine, adding some time to play, and being more intentional with the Sabbath (day of rest). Rest to me is the opposite of work. It’s not just laying around or not doing things, but being energized from things that relax or recharge me. Sometimes that may involve sleep. As a starting point last week, I came home from church and took a nap. I called it “good”. (A little creation /7th day humor.)

If rest is a priority to me, I have to schedule it into my life. So here are a few rhythms I am trying…

  • Turning the lights off and watching TV (without multi-tasking) each evening 10-11 pm.
  • Going to bed at 11:00 weeknights before work, so I can get 7.5 hours of sleep each night.
  • Planning “Fun Fridays” with Isaac, adding a weekly story time with him. 
  • Looking into joining a pool to swim with him this summer. We both love the water. 
  • Taking a nap on Fridays while Isaac naps.


  • Starting Sabbath each week at Isaac’s bed time on Saturday and continuing until Isaac’s bed time on Sunday. That means not doing work for 24 hours! 
  • Saturday nights doing something fun/relaxing: blogging, crafting, movie with Doug, etc. 
  • Social media break on Sundays
  • Nap or read on Sundays while Isaac naps
  • Family time on Sunday: play, parks, easy dinner with extended family, etc.  
  • Make it a point to do simple things I enjoy – read magazines, books, paint my nails, have a glass of wine, etc. 

So as I write tonight (something I enjoy), I am having a glass of cabernet sauvignon (something I enjoy) that Doug encouraged me to try. And, I painted my nails. THAT does not happen every day. I’ve just begun to try these new rhythms, but so far… it is good.