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The February Abyss

feb 1While February was a huge month for our family of (now) four, I cannot quite explain where it went. I know it’s only 28 days, but it felt like 12 to me! I have been writing blogs in my head while I nurse and cannot wait to get them to screen. I even have a few that I wrote pre-baby, that never made it out of drafts. So here is my brain dump of blog posts coming soon…

  • Baby Prep – DONE!
  • My baby logs
  • Basement Project – Phase 3
  • The Potty Training Chronicles
  • Isaac 2.5
  • Luke 1 month (already!?!?!)
  • My recovery spot
  • Luke’s newborn & family pics  (may even do a #tbt with Isaac’s newborn pics)
  • The Living Room (house tour)
  • My baby sleep strategy
  • My birth stories (maybe… I would like to document bits of these monumental days)

feb 2I am just beginning to navigate the world with 2 kiddos. It’s not like I don’t have experience doing this with my nanny kids. In fact I have wrangled more than 2 many times. However, nursing trumps all my strategies. I never thought I would be one of those mom’s with a blanket over a herself hiding baby in public… but here I am. The lack of sleep at night that carries into my patience for the next day was non-existent in my nanny life. Thank God my Isaac is potty trained and adores his brother. I don’t know what I would do if I had to buy and change 2 sets of diapers or deal with jealously/guilty feelings for messing up my only child’s life. It has been so much easier than I expected and as I get more and more sleep, I feel like I am gelling into this mom of two role…and really loving it. I can already picture the day when they are entertaining each other and sharing with each other, quietly, while hugging. OK, so maybe there will be a lot more wrestling and screaming, still, I cannot wait.

P.S. My favorite things about life right now: Meal Baby, maternity leave, and the promise of Spring. Bring it!