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Summer and Stay-cation

ss2I know I have been a little MIA on the blog recently. Would you believe I have been here, but just a little invisible? Yep, I have like 8 drafts of blog posts that haven’t made it out into the real world yet. May and June sorta jumped up in my face and told me who was boss. Yeah, I think that I will have to make a google calendar reminder to myself for next year. It will read “Greta, just when work starts to slow down, life is gonna pick up: showers, weddings, grad parties, engagement parties, work retreat, mother and fathers day, family birthdays and cookouts. Be ready for it. Be ready for IT ALL!” Ha. Is it REALLY the Fourth of July already? So I have been doing (probably what you all have been doing too) hanging on, enjoying the moments and well, not blogging (or finishing my blogs). Sorry ’bout that.

So here is a little catch-up…

Isaac has loved being outside. Fun Fridays are just hat they sound like. A trip to the pool, the park, or a walk/ride on the bike trail. He LOVES it, can you tell?

ss1 ss7 ss4 ss3 I enjoy the being out in the air too. I loved visiting the Christian Moerlein House with some good friends for girl’s night. I learned a valuable lesson that night. Do not try to find parking while a Friday night Red’s game is starting. Ha. ss8 But OH the view, it made all worth the effort to get there. From dusk until dark we watched and heard the sounds of our city. Goregous. Cannot wait to go back.

ss9Any event that we don’t take Isaac along Doug and I have been calling a date. Lotsa summer date nights!! Dancing (at weddings) dinner (at parties) and romance (we bring that along ourselves). After almost 8 years together I still love alone time with this Schraer bear.
ss18Speaking of romance let’s talk my husband’s love language: FOOD! And even though our shish kabobs were a total grill failure… I am loving pasta salad for days.

Milkshakes. This was Isaac’s first celebrating his 1 and 3/4ths birthday. ss16

And, you cannot beat the fresh fruit like these berries! Yummmmm. ss11Isaac’s new addictions: goggles and high heels. Let’s hope it is just a phase. Or else his world will always look blue, and well, heels are hard to walk in… may slow him down on the basketball court or soccer field.


ss17My hair is getting super long which the honey likes.But on hot days, you will likely find it pulled to the side in a messy side bun thing. It’s easy, it works, and it’s out of the way.

ss15Even summer on this rainy July 4th I can appreciate a good summer storm. ss12 Today marks the first of a 10 day stay-cation for Isaac and I. Doug still has to work as he just started a new job. On the agenda? Only 2 things: (1) Pool time including the start if my little man’s swim lessons and (2) Bring the basement back to life. Yep. I am going to steal away nap times and make goodwill drops as often as needed. I am going to purge so much it hurts – not physically, though. It is going to be fun and productive. Not just anyone’s vacation: Project Momma’s! So you better believe I am concocting the plan, taking before pics, and measuring to buy my favorite things ever… CONTAINERS! Oh and if you are worried about me not getting a real vacation this year, have no fear I still have a week and half left. I am sure someone will share their ocean-side house with me sooner or later.

So that is where my mind is at today. Work “away message” on. Let’s do this.