Take Me Out…to the Par-ty!

It was party time at work again! You may remember my last themed volunteer bash… during basketball season, when I made these Basketball and Daisy Centerpieces. We don’t mean to be so sporty, but when you add a free Reds game to the celebration, how can you not go all baseball? Home Run.
photo 5

My goal: not too red (the color not the team), not too theme-y, use-whatcha-got supplies, budget conscious as always, and well.. make sure the volunteers knew that they were thought of and created for.

Special DIY mentions:

Plastic tablecloths made into baseballs with washi tape. These cheap-y plastic tablecloths are available at any party story and great for our events like this. Quick clean-up! To get the lines somewhat even, I left the tablecloths folded in half, while adding the detail. I used some dashes of washi tape to quickly mark the line, then I rolled the washi tape on in one long strip to keep the tablecloth from buckling. And, since the tablecloth was white, I was able to flip it over and do the 2nd line right on top as I could see right through. Yes!
photo 1 photo 4

Next up, peanut centerpieces! Please eat the table decor. We reuse and recreate these glass fish bowls for many events. Thank you Hobby Lobby 50% off. ┬áThe graphic design was left over from our dessert caterer at last year’s event. Hence, use-whatcha-got!
party2party9And my fave, the “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” snack bags. We only had a quick potluck style cookout, literally 60 minutes long, before everyone had to head down to the game. So, I loved the idea of the volunteers taking something with them to the game… to continue to enjoy.
party6 party10

This was simply a ziplock bag with treats inside. Twizzlers, mints, candy, a baseball temporary tattoo, and of course, cracker jacks! I printed the 100 paper banners and stapled them on each bag. Easy! Well, there were 100 bags… so that means it’s only easy with a team of behind the scenes volunteers to help git ‘er done. Shout out to the FI Prep Team! Woo woo!

We encouraged everyone to stuff their bag with peanuts before heading out. I told you we were gonna eat the table decor!

Overall the decor was very inexpensive and simple to accomplish. It is always fun when I get to be creative at work and I really like how it turned out.
party7party8This decor could be scaled up with white linens or made more kid-friendly by switching out the treats in the snack bag. Either way this a simple twist on a baseball theme!

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