“Thankful” Paint Chip Banner

I soooo wanted to make a “Thankful” banner this year… and I thought maybe it would be great for the fireplace mantel. Time got away from me. I did not have a plan or pin so I pulled the use-whatcha-got strategy. Enter paint chips. Th banner 8I had a bunch of paint chips from a visit to the local home improvement store that had been sitting in a project box for months. I picked out the most fall-ish colors that I had. These are the large, one-color only paint chips. I made a rough letter outline on the back and began to cut them out. TH banner 1 This worked for most of the letters, but once I got to the “N” I realized it did NOT work for the unsymmetrical letters. It was backwards. Duh. At least I only messed up one letter. TH banner2 I wrote and cut the letters chunky and imperfect… on purpose. I didn’t want them to look even.TH banner3Here is how the banner turned out. I hung the letters on my memo board in the kitchen with mini clothes pins. I had not updated the decor since I made it back in February. Now it happily greets me when I walk in.
TH banner4Pretty great for a free naptime craft!paint chip banner


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