The Bathroom

Our bathroom, yeah. The one and only in the house. Well, all I can say is the sink, toilet and shower all match. When we were house shopping back in 2009 we saw so many fixer uppers (because I have a handy man). We always marveled at the gems we would fine. This bathroom is super out-dated, but at least it was matching. bath1 While I am not a fan of the honey wood so much, I played with it and the green and off-white tile with the colors in the shower curtain. This shower curtain was one of my first purchases for the house and I was SO excited when I found it at TJ Maxx for $15-ish dollars. It had the greens, golds, tans that would blend with the colors settled in the room and also gave me the idea to bring out the chocolate brown and orange also found in it’s stripes. bath2 The window shade was made for us from a panel of curtains that hung in our rental house’s living room. It was from Target but repurposed into a Roman Shade, by the talented Janet Garner. As a housewarming she blessed us with making some window coverings in a few rooms. I love the texture and it went perfectly with the shower curtain. That was total luck and cost us $0! bath3 I purchased 2 chocolate chenille rugs that same day from TJ Maxx and later found chocolate towels, hand towels and washcloths from Pottery Barn outlet. Best. Towels. Ever. And, so worth the extra couple bucks. At the outlet they are pretty reasonable, but I can’t remember what I paid. Doug and I both really like the old tile. The color is good and it has character, but notice the unfinished concrete trim next to the tub…that is not so pretty. photo 2Sorry for the poor picture, but you can see the architectural detail above the shower. We like that.
photo 1We hung this picture with greens, orange, and deep brown. It was done by an artist in The Philippines. A dear friend who lived as a missionary brought it back for me. Candle holders were clearance from Target, candles also grabbed there.

I’m not too into crosses hanging on the wall, but I like this one. I think it was from Pier One. In the picture above you can see all towels holders and outlet covers are that nice honey wood. A LOT OF WOOD in this bathroom.

The bathroom is small and simple but works. I am happy with what I’ve done with what I had to work with, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to make a lot of updates. We will likely gut the whole thing and start from scratch as budget allows. Here is my list for the future:

  • New toilet, sink, and tub in white.
  • Build a long but narrow open sink cabinet in dark wood, something like this or this or this. This needs to be open to be longer so it doesn’t block the vent on the lower wall next to the vanity.
  • Put a large mirror on the back wall without a medicine cabinet.
  • New light fixture
  • Lighten up the space with greys and white, bright tile, new towels and some bright artwork.
  • Clean out and organize the closet with pretty labeled baskets. (Notice I did not show you a picture of the inside of the closet :)

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