The Master Bedroom

About 6 years ago, I found this quilt set on sale at the Pottery Barn outlet. Have I mentioned that I have rarely spend money at the actual Pottery Barn store? Their quilts are quality – well made and beautiful. I love the gold and blue pairings (though the color is a bit off in the picture below). When we moved to this house, I could not wait to paint our bedroom. (Our previous rental had all classic off-white walls, hard to tell if they were dirty white or painted off-white… yuck). So I picked a simple grey-blue with some sort of ocean name… I will have to look up the name of the Sherwin Williams paint. bedroom 4Though I was most excited about painting this room, it has seen the least amount of attention. We did purchase the rug for this room a few months after moving in… another Pottery Barn outlet find. I think it was $120 after a 60% off sale. It’s perfect for us, because it shows very little dirt even after 4+ years. It’s soft, thick, well-made and could easily move around the house to other rooms as needed. bedroom 9bedroom 10 Every piece of furniture in this room was literally given to us… free. We registered for the lamps for our wedding. A few accessories have wandered in here but not thought of specifically or purchased for this room. Even the white duvet has been around since my single days!

It’s a big room and it feels empty. We actually like having a simple and uncluttered bedroom, but it still feels a little sad.

bedroom 3 Oh, we are a no TV in the bedroom family. Doug is adamant. I grew up with a TV in my room since 3rd grade, but I have since changed to agree with him. There are few things better than those late night random talks with Doug. I love them and doubt as many would happen with a TV in there. bedroom 5 Oh, we did add the black out shades on the windows. They help with all the sleeping in and napping we do. Yeah right. That was our pre-baby life. Actually we still nap when we can, so the shades are appreciated. I miss sleeping in on Saturady mornings! Another bedroom staple, but not shown is a large ceiling fan. We put that in THE day we moved in.  bedroom 7Doug has added trim to every room in the house and painted it white.  As I mentioned we painted the walls before we moved in. Ceilings were painted too. bedroom 2 bedroom 6

The master bedroom has the least amount of updates! See less love than every other room in our house. That should change. So here is a long list of things I’d love to do in this room:

  • Have curtains or fabric covered box window coverings made 
  • Purchase and hang some/lots of art and pictures.
  • Actually put pictures in the frames on the dresser.
  • Buy a more architectural mirror for over the dresser.
  • New and updated sheets.
  • New duvet cover.
  • New night tables that are more functional.
  • Coordinating framed fabric or art behind the night tables.
  • New bed and mattress. As pretty as it is we both hate having a footboard on our sleigh bed. We will likely sell it at some point. Mattress is 8+ years old.
  • Chair or love seat and lamp for reading/relaxing.

No telling when we will get to it, though.

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