Two, Shoe, & Judah – Isaac at 19 months

19 monthsLikes:
Elbows, thinks they are really funny!
Food: Chicken sticks, blueberries, pepperoni,
Wrestling and being tickled.
Looking out the window – tree, car, etc.
Putting on his shoes, “two shoes”! Even trying on shoes while shopping with mom.
Giving kisses and hugs to us and his friends.
Books: The Little Engine that Could, Little Blue Truck, Are you My Mother, Curious George
Show: Curious George
Music: Anything with a solid beat makes him dance. Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker (“Heyyy”) , Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars (“Uhh!”)
Taking a bath, splashing, drinking the water from the faucet.
Sitting in his rocking chair reading books.
Toys: Doggie piano, sound vehicle and animal puzzles,
Being outside! Swinging.
Words: Tress, Judah, keys, some more letters, two

19months 1

Not going outside, when he says “Door!”
Coming inside.
Turning off the monkey show (Curious George)

19 months 2Memories:
Biting into the unfrozen flavor ice packets in the basement with Dad.
Caliou – asking for it.
Being shy when he goes into co-op.
Fake crying and fake laughing – one after another.
Singing “Heyyyy” to the Wagon Wheel song and then signing more when it ends.
Riding on the mower with Dad, but still a little nervous about it.
Saying “Judah, Judah, Judah…” when he is with him and without.
Squealing with excitement when he sees his buddy Judah
Bringing a book to 10 month old Cassie to get her to stop crying.
Falling asleep sitting up in his crib after not napping at grandmas.

19 months 3Accomplishments:
Cleaning up his magnets by himself, putting away in the cabinet.
Points to himself when you say Isaac, also saying his name.
Getting on a school bus!
First story time at JoBeth’s with Livvi.
Helping dad with the broom and rake. Pushing his tractor.
Helping mom with the vacuum, using rag to clean, picking up toys, etc.
Saying 2 word phrases more often, like “Bue shoes”, “Bye Dadda”.

New Crocs size 6-7
Tooth Number 12, upper right middle coming in.
3rd haircut. His hair is growing fast
18 month clothes mostly outgrown. 24 months fit well or big.
Outgrowing size 4 diapers. Next box is size 5.

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