Here we go!

Over the last few years as a full-time mom, I have spent countless hours with my son – playing, creating, learning, exploring, and having a wonderful time.
The long and stressful period of repeated lockdowns and quarantines due to the COVID-19 pandemic gave us the opportunity to bond as never before, and to nurture our curiosity and creativity in new and exciting ways.
Friends and relatives have seen the many projects we’ve created, the foods we have made, and the activities we have done, and expressed interest in seeing samples and instructions in an organized fashion.
On this site, I will attempt to present to the world the best of our efforts (and maybe even some less-than-perfect results!) in the hope that they will inspire others to innovate, to create, and to think outside the box in their relationships with their children.

3 thoughts on “Here we go!

  1. Mazel Tov! The children, parents and grandparents of the world have been waiting to share (and taste) your joy and creativity!


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