About Project Momma

This website and blog were started as a response to many people admiring and asking about the many projects I’ve done with my son. Over the past couple of years, we have created so many things, from foods to artwork to elaborate creations out of toilet-paper rolls. This is my way of sharing our ideas and creations.

It will be obvious within this website that we are observant Orthodox Jews. Many of the featured sections and blog entries will be related to Jewish themes, most notably the section of “Parsha desserts,” in which our weekly food projects relate to the portion of the Torah (Bible) that is read in all synagogues each week. There will be a brief explanation of the target theme in the Torah, as well as a description of how the dessert was made. These, and all parts of this website, are directed to a general audience, and translations and explanations will be provided as often as possible. In addition, readers are welcome to comment or contact me for clarification.

As a rule, we do not post pictures of our son on social media. I will sometimes post photos showing him from the back, but his face will most likely not appear on this website.