Fried Potato Shapes

Fried Potato Shapes

by Adina Frid

This is a fun variation of fried potatoes.
My son loves making and eating these for lunch or a snack.


  • potatoes
  • oil for frying
  • salt (optional)


Peel and rinse each potato.

Use a sharp knife to slice the potato in the direction that will give you the largest slices. (You want to have the biggest possible surface to work with.)

Use cookie cutters (for cookies or for play-dough) to cut out a shape from the middle of each slice.

Heat about a 1/2-inch of oil in a pan.

Fry the potato shapes as well as the outlines in the oil. When the bottoms are light brown (about 5 minutes), flip them over and fry the other side.

Potatoes should be light brown and soft all the way through.

Lightly salt as desired.