Masking Tape Ramp

by Adina Frid

This is a very simple project using only wide masking tape. This project provided my son with hours of entertainment over the years. He invents different kinds of competitions and races for his toy cars and vehicles.


  • wide masking tape OR duct tape OR similar


Find a table of convenient height (so the child can reach the top of the ramp).

Adhere the end of the tape to the table, and carefully roll it out in a ramp to the floor. Adhere the other end to the floor and cut.

Repeat this process, slightly overlapping the second piece over the first, to create a wider ramp.

Repeat once more, ending with three overlapping strips of tape.


In this picture, we used a piece of cardboard to protect the floor. The cardboard/mat should be placed under the table so that it doesn’t move around.